16 Trending Jobs for Creatives (With Duties and Salaries)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 29 September 2021

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There are many well-paid careers available for people who want to use creativity in their day-to-day work and take advantage of their talent, interest and passion for art. From marketers and public relations specialists to tattoo artists and illustrators, job opportunities in the art world are limitless. If creativity is your strength, you may consider pursuing a career in one of those industries. In this article, we list 16 trending jobs for creatives, explain their main responsibilities and explore how much you could make in those professions.

16 best jobs for creatives

Here's a list of 16 jobs for creatives that you may consider if you'd like to pursue a career in the art world:

1. Actor

National average salary: £6.70 per hour

Primary duties: Actors are creative professionals who perform on stage or star in films and TV programmes. Their responsibilities include researching their characters, memorising scripts and learning songs or dances. Actors who are actively preparing for a premiere regularly attend rehearsals. They typically work with other actors, directors, costume designers, makeup artists, stage coordinators and other professionals who collaborate to make a play or film successful.

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2. Stylist

National average salary: £21,050 per year

Primary duties: Stylists are typically freelancers who choose outfits for people for a living. As a stylist, you may choose to work with individual clients, such as senior business employees, helping them find clothing for special occasions or business attire. You may also choose to work on sets, choosing outfits for actors, presenters and other performers. To increase your chances of succeeding in this profession, you may consider learning about colour theory, beauty types, textiles and how to find flattering outfits for different body types.

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3. Photographer

National average salary: £23,881 per year

Primary duties: Photographers are skilled professionals whose main responsibility is to organise photo shoots and take pictures of people, products, places or other things. They have extensive knowledge of photography techniques and equipment, cameras or lighting. Becoming a photographer may be perfect for someone who wants to use their creativity at work and combine it with very specific soft and hard skills, such as communication and time-management skills or the ability to use professional editing software. There are many specialisations available for photographers, including interior or product photography.

4. Fashion designer

National average salary: £26,486 per year

Primary duties: Primary duties of a fashion designer include following fashion trends, collaborating with the design team to develop new ideas and styles that consumers would like and preparing sketches of seasonal clothing collections. It's possible for fashion designers to work independently under their own brand or name. Many successful designers find employment as lead designers at luxury fashion houses or casual fashion brands. They typically work in a creative work environment and regularly collaborate with manufacturers, suppliers or models.

5. Painter

National average salary: £14.67 per hour

Primary duties: Painters are artists who focus on creating works of art on different surfaces, including canvas, wood or glass. They need extensive knowledge of painting techniques and paints, including oil, acrylics, watercolour or gouache. Some painters work on commission, delivering works of art that are portraits or landscapes. Painters who focus on their unique style and vision typically sell their works at art auctions or to art galleries.

6. Illustrator

National average salary: £28,631 per year

Primary duties: Illustrators are creative professionals who, unlike painters, typically use digital tools to create their works. They commonly create illustrations for magazines, book covers, company logos or other elements of brands' visual identities. Most illustrators are self-employed freelancers who work for multiple clients, but it's also common for them to sell illustrations as prints under their own name.

7. Editor

National average salary: £30,503 per year

Primary duties: Typically, editors are skilled writers who have extensive knowledge of one or more languages. They work alongside copywriters and content creators, making sure the texts they deliver meet project guidelines and other requirements. Many editors are responsible for improving and revising content to make it ready for publication in books, newspapers or on websites.

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8. Social media manager

National average salary: £31,497 per year

Primary duties: Social media managers use their creativity to research, plan and execute marketing and content strategies for their clients or the brand they work for. Their day-to-day responsibilities include analysing online community demographics, creating a content calendar, scheduling and publishing posts on social media profiles. Many social media managers work at marketing agencies alongside other marketing executives, graphic designers and copywriters.

9. Advertising specialist

National average salary: £31,630 per year

Primary duties: Typically, advertising specialists work at creative agencies, working with clients to promote their products or services. Modern advertising specialists are digital experts who can design and implement effective social media or ad campaigns. They coordinate communication and media strategies to ensure client satisfaction and increase their revenue or build online communities for them.

10. Interior designer

National average salary: £35,191 per year

Primary duties: Interior designers are creatives responsible for helping clients and investors finish and decorate a place. This typically includes private flats and houses or public spaces, such as stores or offices. Their duties involve creating a creative concept, creating realistic 3D renders of rooms and working alongside contractors and suppliers to ensure interiors are finished according to the project. To succeed in this profession, they need excellent communication and organisational skills and expert knowledge of textiles, materials, colours and interior design trends.

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11. Brand manager

National average salary: £36,692 per year

Primary duties: Brand managers are responsible for designing and adapting a brand strategy to meet the expectations of the brand's target market. With their efforts, they maintain a brand's identity and ensure consistency of its communication channels. It's common for them to work within marketing teams and collaborate with marketing specialists, including content managers or graphic designers.

12. Tattoo artist

National average salary: £37,857 per year

Primary duties: Tattoo artists' primary duties involve designing tattoo concepts, sketching projects and tattooing clients. They're also responsible for sterilising and cleaning equipment and their tattoo stations or booking appointments. Many tattoo artists regularly go to tattoo conventions to keep up with the latest trends in the industry, network with other artists and participate in various contests to promote their work.

13. Public relations officer

National average salary: £38,169 per year

Primary duties: Public relations officers typically work at PR agencies. They're responsible for designing and implementing creative communication and promotional campaigns for clients, such as celebrities or brands. It's common for PR officers to choose a narrow specialisation, which allows them to position themselves as experts within certain niches or industries. Common PR specialisations include music, fashion or lifestyle PR. On a daily basis, PR officers draft and send out press releases, meet with clients to present campaign ideas to them and communicate press information to the media.

14. Singer

National average salary: £20.24 per hour

Primary duties: Singers are stage entertainers whose primary duties include learning, memorising and performing songs. Similarly to actors, their daily responsibilities involve attending rehearsals to prepare for concerts and premieres. Most singers work with managers, producers, dancers, producers and other musicians. It's common for them to travel regularly and go on national or international tours to promote releases of their albums and other musical projects.

15. UX designer

National average salary: £43,514 per year

Primary duties: UX designers are digital creatives whose duties include designing online experiences for application users and website visitors. They regularly meet with clients to consult project ideas and present website or app concepts to them. Most UX designers work alongside UX researchers, graphic designers and web developers. They perform usability tests and create wireframes, storyboards or sitemaps.

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16. Marketing director

National average salary: £72,634 per year

Primary duties: Marketing directors are senior creatives typically responsible for leading marketing agencies and managing a team of marketers, advertisers and content creators. They're typically marketing generalists with years of experience in the field who have extensive knowledge of all areas of marketing and advertising. To succeed in their role, they need excellent leadership, active listening and communication skills. It's also good for them to have great negotiation and analytical thinking skills.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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