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Updated 10 November 2022

Published 27 April 2022

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There are many career pathways open to hospitality management graduates, with opportunities to venture into different industries. From working in spas and hotels to working in a restaurant, there are many openings for these qualified professionals. Knowledge of the job opportunities available can help you effectively plan your career and secure one of these roles. In this article, we talk about jobs for hospitality management graduates, their potential salary and their main duties and responsibilities.

Prospective jobs for hospitality management graduates

There are many jobs for hospitality management degree holders. Hospitality management typically involves overseeing short- and long-term operations at leisure facilities, such as restaurants, resorts, hotels or spas. These professionals may also specialise in a particular niche, such as finance, food service or customer service. Many of these roles have duties in common, such as developing strategic plans for their organisation and managing a hospitality team.

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Categories and roles in hospitality management

Hospitality management jobs typically include various categories, such as tourism, food and beverage, event planning, guest relations, entertainment and leisure and finance. Here are roles to consider:

1. Tour guide

National average salary: £10.39 per hour

Primary duties: A tour guide prepares itineraries for holidays or tours. These could include public or private tours of famous museums, towns, cities or ancient sights and other fascinating places. Tour guides entertain guests, facilitate activities and explain what guests are seeing, requiring them to have extensive knowledge of each location.

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2. Travel agent

National average salary: £22,488 per year

Primary duties: Travel agents help plan trips for individuals, couples or groups. This may involve booking flights, hotels or cruises, arranging car hire or excursions and making reservations for events and resorts. They usually work closely with the public and spend a lot of time talking to their clients to decide on their destination, travel arrangements, accommodation and other requirements at their chosen location.

3. Catering assistant

National average salary: £9.46 per hour

Primary duties: Caterers serve food and beverages at business meetings, weddings, celebrations and conventions. A catering assistant may help with the event schedule and set-up. They may sometimes assist with marketing and sales activities. Roles like this connect the food and beverage industry to hospitality management, and typically share spaces in event venues, such as conference and banqueting centres, restaurants or bars.

4. Sous chef

National average salary: £28,662 per year

Primary duties: Managers of restaurants or hotels regard a sous chef as the second-in-command in a standard kitchen, just behind the head chef. They prepare ingredients, cook dishes and are usually familiar with different cooking styles, for example, Italian, French and fusion. A sous chef works closely with the head chef and monitors kitchen activities and food preparation.

5. Pastry chef

National average salary: £27,337 per year

Primary duties: A pastry chef prepares many different baked goods such as pies, bread, biscuits, cakes, desserts, chocolate and confectionery. They also train junior bakers and create and update recipes and menus. Often, they help manage the kitchen and its supplies and ensure that everyone who works in the kitchen abides by the health and safety protocols.

6. Head chef

National average salary: £33,396 per year

Primary duties: A head chef is in charge of the kitchen operation, and all employees in the kitchen report to them. They create menus, select specials, determine portion sizes and the appearance of meals, and decide which equipment is necessary and which ingredients to keep in stock. Head chefs may also manage kitchen costs within a set budget, oversee the kitchen team, maintain safety standards in the kitchen and forecast food trends, especially in the restaurant sector.

7. Wedding coordinator

National average salary: £22,448 per year

Primary duties: A wedding coordinator manages everything associated with the smooth running of a wedding. This role involves interacting with clients to ensure the experience meets their expectations, liaising with suppliers and attention to detail. They also manage the catering, the facilities and the entertainment and they maintain a close relationship with the couple. Their role begins many months or years before the wedding and is pivotal on the day itself, as they ensure everything proceeds as planned.

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8. In-house event planner

National average salary: £25,441 per year

Primary duties: Event planners coordinate all aspects of a professional event or meeting. They help book clients, select meeting locations, arrange transport and handle all details of an event. They inspect the event venue and details to ensure it meets the client's requirements and costs. Hospitality management jobs in event planning may also include working with a budget, being flexible and being able to multitask.

9. Event specialist

National average salary: £27,478 per year

Primary duties: Event specialists represent a company at marketing events or trade shows to promote their products or services. They help boost awareness of the business, connect with prospective customers and create and remove displays. They also give feedback to management following each event.

10. Housekeeping supervisor

National average salary: £10.12 per hour

Primary duties: A housekeeping supervisor manages the housekeeping team at a hotel or resort. They allocate tasks amongst employees, order supplies and recruit and train new employees. They also ensure the cleanliness of the hotel, control staff costs and other house related tasks.

11. Sommelier

National average salary: £28,313 per year

Primary duties: A sommelier is an expert in fine wine with extensive knowledge of wines and grapes. They help guests to pair the perfect wine with their food. They also create and update wine listings for the organisation they work with and promote wine-based events.

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12. Concierge

National average salary: £10.11 per hour

Primary duties: A concierge helps guests plan their outings and entertainment while on holiday. They usually work in hotels and resorts, helping visitors to organise activities, making restaurant reservations and carrying out other requests. They may also assist in areas like guest transportation, housekeeping duties and lifestyle management.

13. Spa director

National average salary: £28,176 per year

Primary duties: A spa director works in the entertainment and leisure category. It's their responsibility to manage the daily operations at a beauty or health spa. This includes the employees, customer service and payments. The employer may also require spa directors to oversee the profitability of their establishment.

14. Casino host

National average salary: £9.66 per hour

Primary duties: A casino host works to ensure customer satisfaction when they come to the casino for leisure and helps players get the best experience during their visit. Their daily routine includes recognising regular customers, offering them incentives and ensuring they return. They develop relationships with high-value customers and encourage them to stay longer, spend more and visit more often.

15. Sales coordinator

National average salary: £22,878 per year

Primary duties: Sales coordinators work in the finance team of a hospitality organisation, such as a hotel or resort, to support sales representatives and ensure a profitable pipeline of bookings. They make sure that the sales team meets or exceeds the company's sales targets. Sales coordinators also manage individual employees, handle administration and provide incentives for the sales team.

16. Account executive

National average salary: £28,659 per year

Primary duties: An account executive typically manages customer relations, ensuring a positive ongoing relationship between the company and their clients. In addition, they perform duties like establishing business goals, monitoring sales and overseeing the sales team.

17. Director of sales

National average salary: £73,136 per year

Primary duties: A sales director supervises all sales-related activities in a company. Managing the sales teams and forecasting potential sales are part of their primary duties. They also report to both external and internal stakeholders as needed.

18. Restaurant manager

National average salary: £28,166 per year

Primary duties: A restaurant manager monitors all activities in a restaurant. Their jobs typically include supervising employees, implementing effective processes and procedures, ensuring great customer service and maintaining stock levels. They also recruit, train, manage and motivate staff as necessary.

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19. Front desk manager

National average salary: £32,418 per year

Primary duties: A front desk manager oversees all activities at the front desk of their restaurant, hotel, resort or other hospitality venues. They keep the front office or desk tidy, train staff and schedule work shifts. They also give visitors a warm welcome and ensure they have a great experience.

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20. Hotel manager

National average salary: £31,578 per year

Primary duties: A hotel manager oversees all operations in the hotel. They typically perform tasks like setting and maintaining budgets and training and supervising employees. Hotel managers are usually also responsible for future business planning.

21. Operations manager

National average salary: £42,051 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager oversees all operational activities in an organisation. They help motivate and lead employees, and they monitor and promote the company's culture. They also collaborate with internal and external stakeholders to meet goals.

22. General manager

National average salary: £38,568 per year

Primary duties: A general manager handles all aspects of a business. Typical general manager duties include overseeing the business's short- and long-term operations and monitoring budgets and costs. They also help train and supervise new employees.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.


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