14 Jobs for Retirees: Responsibilities and Salaries

Updated 11 September 2023

After dedicating years of your life to working, going into retirement is very much well-deserved rest. However, some people may feel the need to go back into the workforce, either due to financial reasons or to occupy their time. If you're retired but interested in going back to work, you may be searching for jobs that suit your lifestyle. In this article, we provide a list of the best retirement jobs and give you a few reasons to go back to work after retiring.

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Best jobs for retirees

Here are a few jobs for retirees you may want to consider:

1. Substitute teacher

National average salary: £16.46 per hour

Primary duties: A substitute teacher performs the instructional and management functions of the primary teacher when they are absent for a day or more extended periods. The roles of a substitute teacher include taking attendance, maintaining a safe and orderly classroom environment and supervising students in and out of the classroom. Substitute teachers are also responsible for observing and recording student behaviour and for written communications to the parents of the students. Having a Bachelor's degree is highly preferred when seeking a substitute teacher job.

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2. Driver

National average salary: £11.74 per hour

Primary duties: A driver is responsible for transporting clients or packages from place to place promptly. This job involves loading parcels into your vehicle, using a navigation system to map your route and delivering your packages or clients to their destination. Drivers may work night and weekend shifts to accomplish their tasks while professionally interacting with clients. If you're adept at driving and navigation, this is a good retiree job to consider.

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3. Concierge

National average salary: £10.39 per hour

Primary duties: A concierge is a person who acts as the first point of contact for guests in an organisation. Concierges make sure that guests in an organisation have a pleasant experience and make dining or entertainment reservations. They also arrange transportation services and provide entertainment activities and locations in the area. Concierges also work with other service employees such as porters, cleaners, waiters and valets to ensure that everyone follows the applicable laws and guidelines of the organisation.

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4. Babysitter

National average salary: £12.99 per hour

Primary duties: A babysitter or a caregiver is an individual who is responsible for performing primary caregiving duties and supervision functions for children. A babysitter functions primarily when the guardians or parents of the children are away or unavailable. The roles of a babysitter include entertaining children, helping children with their homework, transporting them to and from school or other activities and preparing snacks and basic meals for them. This job is a good option for people who have excellent conflict resolution skills and a friendly personality. If you're great with children and love to take care of children, babysitting could be an excellent job for you.

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5. Secretary

National average salary: £13.86 per hour

Primary duties: A secretary is an individual who helps to keep an organisation working smoothly. The secretary has the responsibility of taking care of administrative and organisational tasks. Their duties include answering phone calls, taking messages, scheduling appointments, filing and collating reports. Secretaries are also responsible for facilitating communications between various departments in an organisation and providing personalised support for other employees. A secretary can work in any office environment with a front desk through which general information and operations pass. This job is particularly recommendable for people who have excellent time management skills and can organise and multitask.

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6. Retail worker

National average salary: £9.60 per hour

Primary duties: A retail sales worker assists customers with purchases by finding out what they need and helping them select products. They also increase sales by engaging customers by showing and demonstrating the merchandise. A retail worker records sales, receive payments, processes and packages purchases, preparing them for takeout or delivery. Retail work is an excellent job for a welcoming person who is good at working cash registers and applying up-selling techniques to increase sales.

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7. Tax preparer

National average salary: £18.10 per hour

Primary duties: A tax preparer submits tax forms on behalf of their clients to pay the correct amount and maximise their client's return by the stipulated deadline. They inform clients of the tax preparation process. This job entails interviewing clients about their income and expenses, auditing their account details based on the information provided. Tax preparers are also responsible for negotiating and acting as liaisons between their clients and HM Revenue and Customs.

8. Caretaker

National average salary: £10.81 per hour

Primary duties: A caretaker is a person charged with maintaining homes or buildings. They ensure that a building and its grounds are safe and in good condition at all times. These buildings include houses, flats, schools, gyms, shopping centres and community centres. This job is a good option for people who are adept at problem-solving, basic DIY skills and general maintenance skills. Organisation and scheduling skills are vital for this job, and related knowledge or experience in cleaning, gardening, building maintenance or plumbing. The caretaker job is one of the most popular jobs for retirees.


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9. Real estate agent

National average salary: £14.13 per hour

Primary duties: A real estate agent is responsible for using their knowledge of local real estate markets to help clients buy, sell or rent residential and commercial properties. Such agents are also responsible for acting as an intermediary between property owners and potential buyers. Their duties include meeting with clients to show them properties they may like, discussing their ideal price points and preparing necessary paperwork like closing statements, ownership deeds, contracts and measurements. A real estate agent is also supposed to establish a good relationship with local lenders, appraisals, home inspectors, contractors and legal attorneys.

10. Office clerk

National average salary: £6.70 per hour

Primary duties: An office clerk is an administrative worker whose responsibilities include various basic office tasks. These include typing documents, answering phone calls, filing records, recording data and taking messages. Sometimes, office clerks also help with processing student applications, performing general bookkeeping, agenda preparations, taking minutes and keeping track of inventory.

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11. Translator

National average salary: £13,02 per hour

Primary duties: A translator interprets written or spoken material into one or more other languages while ensuring that meaning and context remain intact. This job entails thoroughly reading through or listening to material in one language, understanding the material's message and context and then converting it to another language while preserving the original meaning. If you're fluent in two or more languages, this is an excellent job to explore.

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12. Plumber

National average salary: £17.92 per hour

Primary duties: A plumber is a professional who fixes and maintains the plumbing system of buildings and homes. This job requires expertise and experience, and it involves fixing broken pipes and drains, installing and upgrading plumbing constructions. This job is one of the more uncommon jobs for retirees as it can be strenuous.

13. Petsitter

National average salary: £12.93 per hour

Primary duties: A pet sitter cares for various pets while their owners are away on vacation, at work, or unavailable. Pet sitters supervise pets and give them food, water, groom them and take them to necessary vet appointments. They also administer medication, take pets out for walks and provide companionship. Petsitting is a job excellently suited for people who love pets and are good at taking care of animals.

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14. Tour guide

National average salary: £10.64 per hour

Primary duties: A tour guide is responsible for planning travel itineraries, and getting customers familiar with local landmarks and locations by vehicle or foot. They also ensure to entertain and keep the touring group safe at all times. A tour guide's responsibilities include welcoming visitors to the tour, planning itineraries, scheduling visits, purchasing tickets to exciting places and planning other fun activities. This job is a good option if you're great at connecting with people and familiar with your local attraction spots.

Why get a job after retiring?

Jobs for retirees usually are a great medium to improve income and utilise time, especially for the elderly in this population. After taking a step back from the workplace and going into retirement, it's normal to seek other ways to spend your days and feel fulfilled. You can do this by getting a job suited to your skills and new lifestyle while providing options for better financial stability. Here are some reasons to get a job after retirement:

Social activity and lifestyle benefits

You're staying active by getting a job after retirement, and this helps you stay socially connected and mentally stimulated. Working gives you a much-needed sense of being a part of something and gives you a sense of purpose. It's an excellent way to stay engaged and have anticipated positive effects on long-term health and well-being.

Financial stability

Most retirees have enough income or savings to take care of their essential needs. However, many things can affect these carefully calculated numbers, such as inflation or long-term health care and medical costs. Getting jobs for retirees may become necessary when they need extra income to care for themselves and their basic needs.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.‌


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