16 Promising Jobs for the Future (With Salaries and Duties)

Updated 11 September 2023

As technology advances, so do priorities in the workplace. Automation and technological development is resulting in the creation of new jobs and changes in existing ones. If you're looking to advance in your career or prepare for a new job, it can be helpful to know which jobs have high growth potential and can ensure employment security. In this article, we list 16 promising jobs for the future, explain their primary duties and explore average salaries.

16 jobs for the future

Here's a list of some of the most promising jobs for the future you may consider pursuing:

1. Nurse

Average national salary: £14.76 per hour

Primary duties: A nurse is a highly trained medical professional who conducts physical exams, draws blood, takes detailed medical and health history and support patients after surgeries, procedures or injuries. Nurses often provide advice and educate patients about the best health care practices. They work in teams of other nurses and often assist doctors and other medical professionals. On a daily basis, nurses record patients' vitals, observe their behaviour and administer medication. One of the most important responsibilities of a nurse is providing emotional support for hospitalised patients.

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2. Tech salesperson

Average national salary: £31,078 per year

Primary duties: Tech salespeople are sales professionals who specialise in promoting and selling tech solutions, such as software applications or hardware. Most tech solutions work at IT and manufacturing companies in a team of other salespeople, engineers and product managers. Their responsibilities include finding sales opportunities, maintaining good professional relationships with clients, presenting products and tech solutions to solve their technological needs and negotiating prices.

3. Game designer

Average national salary: £31,882 per year

Primary duties: A game designer is a creative professional who develops video games for computers and mobile devices. They usually work in teams with other designers, developers, content managers and copywriters. Primary duties in this profession include designing game characters, developing game levels and animating games. Successful game designers typically have extensive knowledge of at least two programming languages and the ability to use advanced design software.

4. Physical therapist

Average national salary: £31,923 per year

Primary duties: In their day-to-day work, physical therapists work with patients assessing their health condition, testing their movement range and diagnosing movement dysfunctions. Primary duties of physical therapists include developing treatment plans and teaching patients therapeutic exercises. Many therapists specialise in one or more areas of physical therapy, such as massage or muscle stimulation. Many physical therapists work alongside other medical professionals, such as prostheticists, helping them fit patients with artificial limbs and support them while they adjust to new medical equipment.

5. Electrician

Average national salary: £18.08 per hour

Primary duties: An electrician installs, maintains and repairs wiring, electrical and lighting systems. They have expert knowledge that allows them to read technical diagrams and blueprints. Many electricians work alongside constructors and find full-time employment at construction firms, but it's also common that they're self-employed and choose to provide services, such as repairs, to individual clients.

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6. Psychotherapist

Average national salary: £36,355 per year

Primary duties: A therapist, or psychotherapist, is a mental health specialist who works with clients and helps them make positive changes in their lives. They support people who went through traumatic life events and need guidance on how to develop better emotional and cognitive skills. Psychotherapists evaluate, diagnose and develop treatment plans for patients with mental illnesses.

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7. Cybersecurity analyst

Average national salary: £36,847 per year

Primary duties: Cybersecurity analysts are computing specialists who ensure the safety of companies' and organisations' software systems. They also protect hardware and networks from cyberattacks and data breaches. It's important for them to understand a company's IT infrastructure and analyse it to evaluate and prevent potential threats. Many analysts work for government organisations, private corporations or even non-profits.

8. Marketing manager

Average national salary: £37,108 per year

Primary duties: Marketing managers are typically responsible for leading a team of other marketers and content creators. Most marketing managers are full-time employees working for one brand, but it's also possible for them to be self-employed and manage marketing projects for multiple clients. Example tasks that they perform daily include brainstorming ideas, designing and implementing marketing campaigns, meeting with clients and creating reports on campaign results.

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9. Financial advisor

Average national salary: £38,977 per year

Primary duties: Financial advisors are business specialists who typically work with individual and business clients, helping them develop budgets and manage their finances. They typically determine financial objectives, analyse risks and help plan expenses. Many advisors work at financial and management agencies and regularly travel to clients. It's also possible for them to guide clients where to invest for short- and long-term gains.

10. HR manager

Average national salary: £40,897 per year

Primary duties: Human resources managers are typically responsible for the whole recruitment process. Example tasks they perform on a daily basis may include analysing employer requirements, developing job descriptions, placing available job offers on job boards, reviewing applications and selecting the most qualified candidates to interview. It's also common for them to plan questions, interview applicants and guide them through later stages of recruitment, such as test tasks or meetings with department leaders.

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11. Flight instructor

Average national salary: £41,781 per year

Primary duties: Typical duties of a flight instructor include developing curriculum and teaching methods, planning tests and working with students to teach them about aviation theory. As part of their daily responsibilities, they also organise and conduct training flights and report on student progress. Typically, pursuing this career requires specialised training and certifications. Flight instructors also need a specific set of skills, including attention to detail, assertiveness and leadership skills.

12. Business analyst

Average national salary: £42,514 per year

Primary duties: Business analysts are responsible for guiding clients on how to take care of their business. Their primary duties include planning budgets, analysing expenses and finding innovative opportunities for increasing revenue or saving money. Most business analysts have at least an undergraduate degree in business, economics or finance. Employers may also require them to have at least a few years of experience in an independent role in the business or finance departments.

13. Robotics engineer

Average national salary: £43,456 per year

Primary duties: Robotics engineers use their numerical and mechanical engineering skills to build machines and robots. Some robotics engineers choose to specialise in one of the available fields, such as medical robotics. Robotics engineers typically have postgraduate engineering degrees and can demonstrate expert knowledge of computer science, electrical engineering or software systems.

14. UX designer

Average national salary: £43,514 per year

Primary duties: UX designers are responsible for designing online experiences for website and application users. They work alongside UX researchers to analyse digital consumer behaviour and develop web applications to meet their requirements and purchasing habits. Thanks to their work, companies, such as online stores, can make their digital tools easier to use and increase revenue. Other than researchers, UX designers also work in teams with graphic designers, content managers, copywriters, product managers and web developers.

15. Dental hygienist

Average national salary: £29.96 per hour

Primary duties: Dental hygienists assist dentists in their daily work. They often perform simple procedures on their own, such as routine check-ups, taking blood pressure or taking and developing x-rays. Dental hygienists who work at smaller clinics may also be responsible for booking appointments, reviewing patients' health history and handling cash. It's useful for them to have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills and some experience in using CRM (customer relationship management) or medical software.

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16. Ophthalmologist

Average national salary: £97,477 per year

Primary duties: An ophthalmologist, or eye doctor, is a medical professional responsible for examining patients' vision and diagnosing and treating eye-related conditions. Daily, they conduct routine eye check-ups and prescribe eye care products, such as medication, drops, contact lenses or corrective glasses. Many ophthalmologists also perform minor surgeries, for example, to remove objects stuck in the eye after injuries.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.


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