14 Popular jobs in Tourism (With duties and salaries)

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Updated 25 September 2022 | Published 29 September 2021

Updated 25 September 2022

Published 29 September 2021

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Tourism and related industries, such as hospitality or food services, provide many interesting jobs for those who enjoy working with people or travelling. There are many benefits of working in tourism, such as visiting foreign countries, meeting new people and making someone's holidays a special time for them. If you enjoy supporting others during their travels, a job in tourism in hospitality may be perfect for advancing your career while doing what you love. In this article, we list popular jobs in tourism, mention how much you can make in each profession and explain the primary responsibilities.

What are tourism jobs?

Tourism jobs are directly or indirectly related to supporting others in their travels for business or pleasure. Professionals working in this industry take care of the transportation, accommodation and overall maintenance of those who choose to visit another country or city and travel outside their everyday environment. It's typical for big cities and historically or culturally interesting places to offer many career options for people who'd want to pursue jobs in tourism.

If you're interested in working in tourism, you may consider choosing your specialisation within the industry. For example, you can focus on offering services to domestic or international guests, visitors who travel for business or those who choose to go somewhere during holidays. Most jobs in tourism offer candidates great opportunities for professional growth, including running a hotel, spa or other facilities.

14 interesting jobs in tourism

If you see yourself working with people and supporting them while they travel, here are 14 interesting jobs in tourism you may consider pursuing:

1. Hotel housekeeper

National average salary: £9.33 per hour

Primary duties: Hotel housekeepers, or room attendants, are responsible for maintaining a hotel's cleanliness, including hotel rooms and common areas, providing guests with clean and tidy spaces. Typically, their duties include changing sheets, replacing dirty towels, making beds, vacuuming rugs and dusting other surfaces. Hotel housekeepers work alongside other hotel staff, including hotel laundry employees and floor or hotel managers.

2. Hotel receptionist

National average salary: £9.36 per hour

Primary duties: A receptionist is typically the first person guests see when they arrive at the hotel. Receptionists are responsible for meeting and greeting guests, the check-in and check-out processes, handing over keys, preparing bills and creating a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. Many receptionists work shifts, including morning, afternoon and night shifts. It's also common that they take care of various requests from guests, such as booking local trips or restaurants for them.

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3. Chef

National average salary: £10.44 per hour

Primary duties: Chefs are hospitality professionals who typically work in restaurants or kitchens at hotels and other touristic facilities. They're responsible for preparing produce, making prep lists, creating recipes, developing menus and cooking. It's common for them to lead and mentor less experienced kitchen staff and oversee their work to ensure compliance with applicable health regulations.

4. Tour guide

National average salary: £10.50 per hour

Primary duties: Tour guides are typically experienced tourism professionals responsible for planning tours and travel itineraries, leading individual or group excursions and giving presentations about a place's cultural and historical elements. Most guides know multiple languages and are well-versed in the history of a country or city. It's important that they are up-to-date with local trends and attractions to make the tours as enjoyable as possible.

5. Flight attendant

National average salary: £18,923 per year

Primary duties: Flight attendants are airline employees who ensure the safety of aircraft passengers during a flight. They're highly trained professionals who perform safety checks before takeoff and demonstrate safety procedures. Most flight attendants are also responsible for offering passengers food and presenting and selling the airline's promotional offers, such as scratching cards or lottery tickets, to meet the flight's sales targets.

6. Travel agent

National average salary: £19,031 per year

Primary duties: Many travel agents are office employees who help plan and book domestic and international trips for private or business clients. They typically work at travel agencies and may specialise in a particular country or territory. It's common for an agent to have business deals with hotels, airlines or tour guides and develop interesting holiday packages for their clients. Agents working independently or at smaller agencies may also be responsible for promoting and marketing the business and seasonal offers.

7. Sports centre manager

National average salary: £24,112 per year

Primary duties: Sports managers typically work at various sports facilities and ensure that the place runs smoothly. This may include preparing budgets, day-to-day management of the centre's employees, coaches and part-time staff or working with and developing sports-related technology platforms. Many employers who look for sports managers also require experience working with customers and know how to schedule processes for optimal revenue maximisation from various streams, such as ticket sales or memberships.

8. Sommelier

National average salary: £26,098 per year

Primary duties: Sommeliers are trained wine professionals who typically work at restaurants, hotels or wineries. They have extensive knowledge of the wine production process and make recommendations on food and wine pairings. Sommeliers who work at wineries may be responsible for negotiating with vendors, developing wine menus and assisting guests with choosing the best wines.

9. Restaurant manager

National average salary: £26,328 per year

Primary duties: A restaurant manager is a hospitality professional responsible for the business performance of a restaurant. They manage other restaurant staff, including waiters and chefs, coordinate day-to-day restaurant operations and plan sales levels of a restaurant. Since they ensure that the restaurant runs smoothly and efficiently, they may help resolve any guest issues that may arise.

10. Spa manager

National average salary: £26,532 per year

Primary duties: Spa managers are responsible for the day-to-day operations of a beauty or health spa. They're typically health or beauty experts themselves, which allows them to oversee the work of other employees. Typically, managers also take care of the bookkeeping, finances and preparing an interesting spa offer for the guests. Managers who work at smaller spas may also be responsible for customer service duties, such as booking appointments or scheduling client discounts.

11. Pilot

National average salary: £28,843 per year

Primary duties: Pilots are highly trained transportation professionals responsible for flying an aircraft. Pilots who work in tourism are typically airline employees who transport passengers, determine safe routes, ensure all elements of an aircraft are functional and analyse flight plans against weather forecasts. They work alongside flight attendants onboard and communicate with flight controllers about the altitude and other conditions during flights.

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12. Event manager

National average salary: £29,183 per year

Primary duties: Event managers are hospitality professionals responsible for planning, organising and running an event. They also oversee other employees who prepare the event and make sure everything, from the food and seating areas to lighting and sound, runs smoothly. If you're interested in working in events, you may choose to specialise in one or more types of events, such as weddings, conferences or corporate events.

13. Coach driver

National average salary: £30,152 per year

Primary duties: Coach drivers are responsible for transporting tourists and visitors to and from the location they're visiting and ensuring their maximum safety. Their other duties include checking for tolls and traffic, selecting the safest routes and working alongside tour guides. Many drivers are independent employees, but it's also possible to find full-time employment at travel agencies or hotels.

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14. Hotel manager

National average salary: £31,334 per year

Primary duties: Hotel managers are senior hotel employees who ensure that the place runs smoothly. They typically manage other employees, including room attendants or receptionists and oversee their work to ensure maximum guest satisfaction. Many hotel managers are also responsible for recruiting permanent and seasonal staff, managing budgets and planning maintenance work. Managers working at smaller facilities may also take care of marketing and promoting the hotel on social media and other types of advertisements.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.


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