17 Jobs That Involve Travel

Updated 28 September 2023

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If you wish to travel and make a living at the same time, there are many great professional opportunities for you to consider. Some jobs require extensive training, while others provide training on the job. You can also find a travel-oriented job that aligns with the skills and interests you already have. In this article, we outline a list of exciting jobs that involve travel.

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Jobs that involve travel

Here's our list of jobs that involve travel:

1. Tour guide

National average salary: £13,683 per year

Primary duty: A tour guide has an expert knowledge of their local area or an attraction. They accompany their clients to various tourist sites, giving them historical perspectives and interesting facts about the place. Tour guides need to have excellent communication skills and the ability to manage large groups. Though large companies hire some tour guides to run and plan travel programs, most of them are freelancers. Freelance tour guides move from one place to another depending on the seasons.

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2. English teacher abroad

National average salary: £14,291 per year

Primary duty: English teachers who work abroad teach students how to write, speak and read English. The key requirements to be an English teacher abroad are a bachelor's degree in English and teaching experience. English teachers working abroad work on a contract basis and can shift from one job to another. This job offers you the chance to visit almost any country since English language skills are in high demand globally.

3. Travel agent

National average salary: £17,909 per year

Primary duties: Travel agents help people plan and choose their holiday destinations. They have experience travelling to various places and the expertise to guide people through those areas. They work with a budget provided by their customers to plan the holidays. They also offer advice to customers on the best places to visit, hotels to stay in and airlines to fly.

4. Blogger

National average salary: £19,683 per year

Primary duty: Bloggers write on different subjects, such as food, fashion and travel. They get most of their income from marketing and advertising products. As a travel blogger, you can work with various tourism companies and businesses to market their locations or amenities. Freelance bloggers write about their personal travel experiences and make money through affiliate marketing or as brand ambassadors.

5. Flight attendant

National average salary: £19,740 per year

Primary duties: Flight attendants ensure that passengers are safe and comfortable during a flight. Their duties include ensuring that the cabin is clean, administering emergency medical care and providing customer and hospitality services.

As an entry-level flight attendant, you may start on reserve status, where you're required to report to work on short notice. With time, your status changes to a senior flight attendant, allowing you to have a more regular schedule. Most flight attendants work 12 to 14 hours a day, with an average of 65 to 85 hours a month. The length, layover and destination of flights determine attendants' schedules and the places they get to explore.

6. Photographer

National average salary: £23,927 per year

Primary duty: Photographers capture events and portraits, perfecting lighting and composition to satisfy clients' wishes. Most photographers' jobs involve travelling, even if just around their local area. For longer trips, clients may cover photographers' travel expenses. Some photographers work as freelancers, covering events and news stories all over the globe. Others travel to take artistic photos people purchase as decorative works.

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7. Event planner

National average salary: £24,362 per year

Primary duty: Event planners coordinate events such as weddings, celebrations and professional conferences, ensuring they meet clients' requirements and demands. They travel wherever the events are to ensure everything runs smoothly. Some event planners are permanent employees of companies, while others are freelance event planners who operate their own businesses.

8. Journalist

National average salary: £25,910 per year

Primary duty: The role of a journalist is to gather information and present it in the form of written, audio or visual media. Journalists conduct research to make sure news is accurate and that they deliver it in a balanced and sensitive manner. Depending on the job, they're required to travel to different places searching for stories that interest and influence people. A journalist may have the opportunity to travel to other countries from time to time, especially if they work in a foreign bureau. Those who work for local radio stations or newspapers travel within their respective regions.

9. Interpreter

National average salary: £28,289 per year

Primary duty: Interpreters translate sign language or foreign languages for non-speakers. They might work with written or spoken communications and provide literal translations or more nuanced interpretations. They accompany government officials and businesspeople during negotiations and other meetings. They also translate in settings such as major conferences, events, places of worship and court trials.

10. Pilot

National average salary: £30,840 per year

Primary role: Pilots fly commercial and private passengers and cargo all over the world. They communicate with air traffic controllers to ensure they follow safe flight paths and account for changing conditions. These licensed professionals receive intensive training in physics to understand the dynamics affecting flight, and they extensively practice flying in simulators and as copilots before operating planes independently. Most airline pilots work for airlines or freight companies.

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11. Lorry driver

National average salary: £32,583 per year

Primary duty: Lorry driver transport materials from manufacturers to retailers and distributors. Depending on the company, they may travel over long distances or just in their local area. They are also responsible for inspecting their vehicles to ensure they are safe for use. Lorry drivers can either work for a company or own their vehicle and operate as independent contractors.

12. Training specialist

National average salary: £33,066 per year

Primary duty: The role of a training specialist is to help employees develop and grow their careers. They help organisations' employees collaborate more successfully through team building, leadership education and skill development. Most training specialists are freelancers who offer expertise on specialised topics or serve specific industries. They primarily travel to different cities, where they lecture to and work with different companies' teams.

13. Sailor

National average salary: £35,079 per year

Primary duty: Sailors work on onboard vessels such as cruise ships, cargo carriers and rescue vessels. They navigate and guide a ship to dock and anchor, measure water depth, look out for any obstructions and assist passengers in the vessel. Sailors are often out at sea for long periods of time, travelling between ports in different countries.

14. Ski instructor

National average salary: £35,079 per year

Primary duty: Ski instructors give both indoor and outdoor ski lessons. Thanks to different ski seasons around the globe, ski instructors can travel from one country to another in search of snow sports and mountains. Most places require ski instructors to have certification before they offer any classes. Ski instructors get to work with students of all ages and skiers of different skill levels.

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15. Architect

National average salary: £43,729 per year

Primary duty: Architects design blueprints for construction projects, remodels and alterations. Architects train for years to develop the skills and knowledge to draw and design safe, functional and sustainable buildings. Though most architects spend their time in the office, specific projects may require them to travel. For example, if the construction project is in another city or country, they have to travel often to monitor the progress of construction.

16. Telemedicine physician

National average salary: £59,377 per year

Primary duty: Telemedicine physicians provide consultations over video conference, meeting with patients from all over the world. They can travel and work with communities in different countries while maintaining a stable base of patients. Telemedicine physicians can send prescriptions, offer diagnoses and make referrals as needed.

17. Consultant

National average salary: £79,912 per year

Primary duty: Consultants research issues facing businesses and offer action plans to improve operations and profitability. They usually specialise within a certain industry or consult on a specific aspect of business, such as management, law or organisational structure. Given that their knowledge is often niche, they're likely to have clients beyond their local region. That gives them a chance to travel worldwide, working with clients in cities all over the world.

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