11 jobs that pay £15 an hour (with skills and duties)

Updated 9 July 2022

Hourly pay for entry-level or low barrier-to-entry work usually varies throughout the country, depending on the industry or location. It's often possible to find a job that pays £15 an hour without an extensive educational background. If you're an aspiring professional without a degree, it may help to know about various jobs from different fields where you can earn £15 an hour. In this article, we examine the jobs that pay £15 or more an hour without requiring specialised degrees and extensive experience.

11 jobs that pay £15 an hour

Finding jobs that pay £15 an hour may be essential to meet the standards of living. Here are eleven jobs from different fields that require little to no prior experience:

1. Care coordinator

National average salary: £23,086 per year

Primary duties: A care coordinator is a healthcare professional who makes sure that patients receive the appropriate medical attention and care. Care coordinators facilitate conversations between a variety of care providers and workers like patient navigators, primary care physicians and additional health care providers. These professionals also provide support to staff in the field. Care coordinators support their clients by keeping track of important information, dates and appointments, and connecting healthcare professionals and patients effectively. Coordinators can help patients get the right treatment by keeping track of their journey from first contact to continuing aftercare.

2. HR advisor

National average salary: £29,966 per year

Primary duties: An HR advisor usually provides employers, recruiters and clients with information and suggestions in improving their hiring practices, dealing with specific laws and regulations and internal human resources workflows. These professionals are often a part of an internal HR department. By learning and understanding the rules and regulations within your organisation, you can provide useful advice to employees and help the management handle a variety of HR challenges.

The HR advisor position requires an ability to connect with employees and build relationships along with a clear understanding of company policy and staffing goals. In this position, they work as generalists, considering all aspects of the company's hiring, ongoing relationship and separation processes. In large organisations, HR advisors may work with multiple managers and department heads, ensuring that each one follows the rules and regulations of the organisation appropriately. Often this position involves direct interaction with staff and HR personnel.

3. Warehouse lead

National average salary: £31,579 per year

Primary duties: Warehouse leads are supply chain management professionals who typically handle key operational responsibilities in distribution centres. Their duties include supervising teams and ensuring their work gets done correctly, safely and timely. An important part of this job is also helping ensure that shipments get handled efficiently, without causing delays. These logistics professionals interact with customers and clients, helping solve delivery issues. A warehouse lead often supervises operational processes like invoicing, maintenance and cleaning.

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4. In-home caregiver

National average salary: £364 per week

Primary duties: An in-home caregiver often provides the people in their care with continuous support in daily living activities. These professionals often provide for the basic necessities and accommodation of the needs of their clients. This can be anything from monitoring their medicine intake and eating habits to routine physical therapy and other forms of care. In case of injury or worsening of the client's health state, caregivers typically refer to healthcare providers.

5. Scaffold builder

National average salary: £17.82 per hour

Primary duties: Scaffolding is an important feature that usually provides access and safety on construction sites. Scaffold builders construct these temporary structures inside and outside of buildings to help construction crews access elevated parts of the building. These builders often take responsibility for the safety and working condition of the scaffolding. By working with the building or restoration crew, scaffold builders determine the height and layout of the scaffolding necessary to accommodate the building site needs. In addition, they typically perform the maintenance and transportation of the scaffolding.

6. Content manager

National average salary: £17.89 per hour

Primary duties: Content managers are marketing and communications professionals who oversee the creation, planning, posting and analysis of a brand's content performance. Working with the marketing leadership of an organisation, content managers often develop the strategy to communicate a brand's values, product advantages and use stories, helping promote the brand's product or service. These managers also oversee content creation, whether through outsourced creative professionals or by in-house staff. Content managers usually spearhead analysis and interpretation of marketing metrics related to the content, such as the number of views, engagement rates and search engine optimisation (SEO) impact.

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7. Pipefitter

National average salary: £18.50 per hour

Primary duties: A pipefitter primarily works on installing and maintaining pipes that carry liquids and gases in industrial, commercial and manufacturing facilities. They usually maintain and diagnose problems with complex piping systems, including those used for heating or transporting hazardous chemicals. The service of these professionals is key to maintaining a variety of facilities and ensuring workers and occupants' safety. With experience and training, the responsibilities of a pipefitter can extend to material selection and project management.

Because they are in demand by employers, pipefitters usually earn lucrative salaries early in their careers. As they advance with experience and practice, they are likely to take on greater responsibilities and more complex tasks. A basic pipefitter skill set includes metal cutting and welding techniques, and a basic understanding of construction methods. More advanced pipefitters incorporate knowledge of hydraulics and specialised equipment maintenance. Their job can involve climbing and lifting tasks and work in cramped and loud quarters or heights.

8. Environmental health and safety officer

National average salary: £35,567 per year

Primary duties: Environmental health and safety officers are typically responsible for monitoring and enforcing health, hygiene and safety rules and regulations within a workplace. A common part of this role is to coordinate preventative maintenance and perform facility inspections to ensure adherence to health standards. In case of an incident or leak, the environmental health and safety officer is also likely to lead the investigation. They may report to the management about the root causes of an incident and identify preventative steps to prevent similar issues in the future.

9. Carpenter

National average salary: £19.42 per hour

Primary duties: A carpenter is typically a skilled craftsman who makes, repairs and maintains wooden objects like furniture or construction elements. Carpenters usually cut, shape and put together wooden parts ranging in complexity. They often take responsibility for key processes in the sourcing, creating and maintenance of wooden components and parts, including the drying, storing and varnishing of finished wooden pieces to ensure durability. Carpenters frequently specialise in a type of wooden product or even related processes like the installation of shelves, drawers and built-in furniture like kitchen cabinets.

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10. Data analyst

National average salary: £32,041 per year

Primary duties: Data analysts often collect, organise and interpret the meaning of data. Commonly applied to a variety of business processes, data analysis typically provides insights into making the running of an organisation more efficient and profitable. Data analysts frequently apply statistical modelling and data visualisation techniques to communicate the insights they have found in the data. Many data analysts rely on several programming languages and computer-based modelling and analysis techniques to process large data sets efficiently. Popular data analysis tools include programming languages like SQL and Python.

11. Tutor

National average salary: £21.34 per hour

Primary duties: A tutor is a teaching professional who typically supplements and improves students' educational performance. Tutors work with individual clients online or in person, focusing on a specific subject or task with particular goals in mind. They may also provide standardised test preparation, music lessons, second language practice or writing and college application assistance. Private tutors often work with students to enhance their learning across different subjects and prepare them for educational qualifications and tests. They may also provide students with tailored tuition and may offer specialist skills, methods or approaches to support individual learning needs.

Salary figures show data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing the article. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location. Please note that none of the companies mentioned in this article are affiliated with Indeed.

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