15 jobs with high satisfaction for every experience level

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 30 November 2021

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Having a job with high satisfaction can provide a deeper sense of fulfilment and purpose in a person's life. It can offer increased motivation and productivity in your work, and higher morale and a positive outlook in your personal life. Looking for a role where you receive support from management, a positive work environment and strong working relationships is more likely to provide you with job satisfaction. In this article, we discuss 15 jobs with high satisfaction, their average salary and their primary duties.

What are jobs with high satisfaction?

Jobs with high satisfaction are roles that satisfy a range of criteria. The criteria that make work satisfying can vary between roles, but the most common are doing meaningful work, receiving recognition for your effort, having a positive work environment, being good at your work and having supportive coworkers. Work-life balance, career development opportunities, financial compensation and limited stress are all important too. Whether you're just starting out in your career or searching for a more advanced role, there are a range of opportunities that can provide high satisfaction.

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High satisfaction jobs that require little to no experience

Here's a list of jobs that may require secondary education, but generally require little or no previous work experience:

1. Landscape labourer

National average salary: £10.73 per hour

Primary duties: Landscape labourers are responsible for the installation, improvement and maintenance of softscape and hardscape projects. Softscape projects are living items that landscapers tend to, such as grass and sods in yards, perennial flowers and succulents in flower beds or the shrubs and trees. Hardscape projects are nonliving and decorative pieces, such as wooden or metal edging and brick or stone ornamental pieces. Landscapers are patient, precise and business-minded individuals who work with their hands and use hardware when required.

2. Postperson

National average salary: £11.74 per hour

Primary duties: A postperson delivers the post on their predetermined routes, either on foot or by driving to each address. They have a straightforward list of duties as they deliver packages and letters to the addresses of the customers on their routes. They either leave the post in boxes, push it through slots or gain signatures as proof of their deliveries. A postperson may carry the post for private businesses or for the general public, depending on the needs of the organisation they work for.

3. Construction labourer

National average salary: £11.23 per hour

Primary duties: Construction labourers work with specialists of other trades like electricians, engineers or plumbing consultants to support the various aspects of construction. They may pour concrete, set and bind wooden boards or lay drywall, brick or stone as the project demands. Construction crews often work in standard phases of preparation, demolition (if necessary) and the actual construction efforts. They ensure a strong foundation, sturdy structures and may even assist with the aesthetics of a project.

4. Welder

National average salary: £16.94 per hour

Primary duties: Welders may work in a shop or at the client's location to assist with various aspects of construction or maintenance. They work with heavy machinery to cut, shape or bind metals in their projects. They follow strict safety guidelines and maintain the proper training and standards of quality craftsmanship and uniformity in each weld.

High satisfaction jobs that require some experience

These jobs typically require some training in a university technical college (UTC) or university. Apprenticeships or other on-the-job experience also may also be a requirement. They include:

1. Cabin crew

National average salary: £16,897 per year

Primary duties: Cabin crew ensure the comfort and safety of passengers throughout the duration of a commercial or private flight. They inspect emergency equipment and maintain the cleanliness of the cabin and the supply of food or beverages for passengers. Before each flight departs, they offer an orientation to passengers on the correct use of emergency equipment and the direction of emergency exits. The job offers frequent travel across the country or world and a flexible schedule with the other staff.

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2. Nursing assistant

National average salary: £20,001 per year

Primary duties: Nursing assistants support registered nursing staff and medical personnel. Assistants perform basic medical and clerical tasks along with a variety of customer service roles, and often work rotational shifts. Effective and empathetic communication with patients is essential for a nursing assistant.

3. Human resources (HR) assistant

National average salary: £21,503 per year

Primary duties: HR assistants perform various administrative duties, including keeping accurate records for employees, directing the hiring and onboarding process and conducting applicant and exit interviews. They may compile information regarding a company's budgetary or staffing needs, run reports or conduct surveys with the current staff. They also create and provide presentations concerning employee health and safety, the company's aspiring culture or health and compensation benefit packages offered by the company. Their work is typically in an office setting, though they may travel to other work settings or conferences to perform the duties of the job.

4. Dental nurse

National average salary: £22,442 per year

Primary duties:

Dental nurses assist the dentist in varied aspects of a patient's visit, from administrative tasks like scheduling of appointments or reminders, ordering supplies or answering phones, to disinfecting and preparing areas for dental treatment. They also prepare, clean and sterilise dental instruments, equipment and materials, and provide assistance to their professional colleagues and support to their patients during dental treatment procedures. They keep records and accept payments, along with assisting the dental care team with any other essential functions.

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5. Physical therapist assistant

National average salary: £22,802 per year

Primary duties: Physical therapist assistants aid specialists with various aspects of rehabilitation and treatment. They may work in an office, at a rehabilitation centre or even travel to patients' homes to offer support. They work with qualified clinicians and focus much of their time and energy on patient development. Students interested in physical therapy, nursing and social or occupational therapy often gain experience as physical therapy assistants.

6. Library assistant

National average salary: £18,833 per year

Primary duties: Library assistants work closely with librarians to organise and maintain a library's inventory and help patrons with any questions and requests they have. Their roles and responsibilities vary depending on the library's size and specialisation. Common tasks include assisting patrons in locating books and resources, checking books in and out, organising books and materials, assisting with IT requests and carrying out various administrative duties.

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7. Paralegal

National average salary: £23,239 per year

Primary duties: Paralegals assist lawyers with court preparation, research and various administrative duties. They serve an essential function of a legal team by providing the necessary support for a high standard of legal expertise. They may deliver documentation, investigate details of a case, fact-check and proofread documents, write up reports and conduct research for different cases. In certain offices, they may also serve in a receptionist's capacity, answering calls and directing clients.

8. Veterinary technician

National average salary: £26,151 per year

Primary duties: Veterinary technicians provide assistance to the veterinarian staff and help clients over the phone or in-person to support the wellbeing of their pets. They maintain an understanding of veterinary rules and regulations and support the care team by keeping records, running tests and assisting with the postmortem process for pets. Veterinary technicians may work with financial teams to assist clients with payment collection or registration.

9. Electrical technician

National average salary: £30,881 per year

Primary duties: Electrical technicians work closely with engineers and construction teams to test and modify electrical circuits in buildings. They might specialise in certain settings in the private or public sector, such as residential, corporate or laboratory buildings. Additional common responsibilities include building specific instruments, collaborating with others to solve circuitry issues and inspecting buildings to check for code compliance. They may work with other teams to ensure that the inner workings of the structure or project meet all regulatory standards.

High satisfaction jobs that require advanced experience

These jobs require a bachelor's or master's degree and several years of work experience, plus an extensive range of skills and knowledge:

1. Psychiatric nurse

National average salary: £33,733 per year

Primary duties: Psychiatric nurses, also known as behavioural health nurses, specialise in mental health conditions for children or for adults. They collaborate with psychiatrists, doctors and counsellors to assist with the patient's diagnosis and help carry out a plan of care to increase the quality of the patient's life. Psychiatric nurses also educate patients' families and provide access to support groups.

2. Probation officer

National average salary: £43,556 per year

Primary duties: Probation officers work with adults or children who have broken the law and are under probation or parole. They're responsible for providing offenders with resources for rehabilitation and finding jobs and housing. They also ensure that offenders stay within the guidelines of their parole and develop a plan for future success. Probation officers may work exclusively with adults or juveniles or perform more general work with all types of individuals.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.‌

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