10 Jobs With Motorcycles (With Salary and Requirements)

Updated 5 May 2023

If you're passionate about motorcycles, there are many career paths you can consider choosing. From mechanics and restoration technicians to brand ambassadors and mechanical engineers, the automotive industry is a dynamic field with job openings for candidates with different skills and qualifications. Essential motorcycle-related skills you may consider improving include the ability to perform routine checks, complete repairs and work with clients. In this article, we list 10 interesting jobs with motorcycles, explain their primary duties and highlight what employers might require from you if you decide to pursue these careers.

10 jobs with motorcycles

Here's a list of 10 jobs with motorcycles:

1. Delivery driver

National average salary: £30,793 per year

Primary duties: Motorcycle delivery drivers are responsible for driving around town and making deliveries. Most delivery drivers find employment at restaurants or takeaway companies. Depending on the type of employment, they may also be responsible for handling and changing cash.

To find work, delivery drivers typically need a driving licence and at least some experience in customer service and handling money. It's important for them to have excellent interpersonal skills because how they act during deliveries may impact the company's or restaurant's reputation. Although most employers provide their drivers with motorcycles or motor scooters, some drivers may use their own vehicles for work.

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2. Motorcycle brand ambassador

National average salary: £23,694 per year

Primary duties: A brand ambassador represents a company and works as the public face of it, promoting the company's products. The initial goal of their work is to create brand awareness for a brand through organising and attending events or designing and implementing promotional campaigns online. They try to reach new audiences and potential customers to educate them about the products and show the advantages of using them.

Becoming a motorcycle brand ambassador may require that you have an established community of followers or readers. Brands typically choose experienced influencers as their brand ambassadors because this allows them to minimise campaign risks and increase the chances of making the ambassador's work successful. If you're interested in pursuing a career as a motorcycle influencer and have partnerships with automotive brands, you can consider starting a blog or video channel where you'd show your passion for motorcycles.

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3. Motorcycle restoration technician

National average salary: £26,813 per year

Primary duties: Restoration technicians who work in the automotive industry typically help clients restore their old motorcycles or cars. If you're a motorcycle enthusiast who enjoys performing repairs, you can consider repairing, restoring and selling vintage motorcycles for a profit. Other duties you may be performing in this profession include liaising with motorcycle part suppliers, manufacturers or individual buyers.

Restoration technicians need excellent knowledge of modern and vintage motorcycles and automotive engineering, which allows them to perform successful repairs and restorations. It's also important for them to have excellent communication and interpersonal skills. If they work independently or are self-employed, they typically also take advantage of time-management and organisational skills to plan their work and complete projects on time.

4. Motorcycle journalist

National average salary: £26,080 per year

Primary duties: Motorcycle journalists typically work for television channels or newspapers, writing about motorcycles and trends in the automotive industry. It's also common for them to work with and interview representatives of motorcycle companies and manufacturers, delivering in-depth stories about the history of their brands. Many motorcycle journalists focus on testing and reviewing new products, which can be an interesting highlight of this profession for someone who's a motorcycle fan.

Typically, journalists need excellent written and verbal communication and creative writing skills. Finding full-time employment at a newspaper or magazine may require that you complete a journalism, marketing or literature undergraduate degree. Many freelance journalists are self-taught professionals who write and produce for multiple media channels.

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5. Police officer

National average salary: £28,339 per year

Primary duties: Police officers are typically responsible for patrolling streets and monitoring traffic on highways and roads. Many police officers use vehicles to perform their duties, including cars and motorcycles. The advantage of using a motorcycle for an officer is that it allows them to arrive at crime scenes or accidents faster.

To become a police officer, you may choose one of a few available routes. For example, you can consider completing a three-year Level 6 apprenticeship. The Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship (PCDA) offers you on and off-the-job training and prepares you for working as a police officer. Some other routes may include word-based programmes for graduates with an undergraduate degree or pre-join training for people who've not studied at universities.

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6. Motorcycle detailer

National average salary: £34,048 per year

Primary duties: Most motorcycle detailers are responsible for providing assistance to other store or facility employees. Their day-to-day duties may include washing and detailing motorcycles, assisting with motorcycle set-ups or maintaining and checking the inventory of parts, equipment or motorcycle batteries. They also assist and help customers make important purchasing decisions.

Detailers assist other store employees, which means they typically need great interpersonal and problem-solving skills. It's also important for them to have experience in customer service. To become an independent detailer, you may consider an entry-level position at a motorcycle shop or dealership first.

7. Motorcycle driving instructor

National average salary: £32,232 per year

Primary duties: Common duties of driving instructors include preparing lessons and teaching students about traffic regulations and proper techniques of using a motorcycle. They administer and grade tests, develop the curriculum and organise practical training. The main responsibility of an instructor is to prepare students for passing national driving exams and getting an official licence.

You can become an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI) if you're 21 or over, have held a driving licence for at least three years and agree to go through a background check. It's also important for aspiring ADIs not to have too many penalty points on their licence. Typically, becoming a driving instructor also requires that you have a trainer and take both the theory and driving ability tests.

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8. Motorcycle mechanic

National average salary: £32,126 per year

Primary duties: Primary duties of a motorcycle mechanic include building and assembling motorcycles, repairing parts and components. They typically work with many clients performing routine oil checks, inspecting machines and diagnosing issues. Unlike restoration technicians, mechanics typically work with modern machines.

If you're interested in becoming a motorcycle mechanic, you may prepare that most employers might require that you've passed your GCSEs or have completed a relevant college course, such as a Level 2 Diploma in Light Vehicle Maintenance and Repair or a Level 3 Diploma in Vehicle Technology. You can also start working in the field while you're still studying by finding and completing an apprenticeship.

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9. Motorcycle manufacturing engineer

National average salary: £36,436 per year

Primary duties: Manufacturing engineers are highly trained professionals who typically work at production companies. They typically have extensive knowledge of the technical field and production processes. As a motorcycle manufacturing engineer, you may be responsible for designing and developing motor parts to ensure maximum machine functionality and efficiency.

If you'd like to become a manufacturing engineer, you may consider choosing an undergraduate engineering degree. Choosing to complete a Master's degree next is a great way to ensure you can specialise in a given area of mechanics or engineering, such as motorcycles. To succeed in this role, you may improve your numerical skills and technical knowledge. It's also useful to have great organisational and analytical skills.

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10. Motorcycle sales manager

National average salary: £38,979 per year

Primary duties: Motorcycle sales managers typically work at motorcycle shops or dealerships. Their responsibilities may include developing sales strategies, negotiating with clients and advising them on making important purchasing decisions. Most managers are also responsible for leading and managing a team of sales assistants and executives. Sales managers working for smaller brands may also perform duties related to marketing, promotions and social media management.

If you're considering becoming a sales manager, you may consider finding an entry-level position in sales first. Most employers require that their sales managers have at least a few years of sales and customer service experience. It's also common that they require a degree in business, marketing, communications or a related field.

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