The 15 most common jobs in the UK (with salary information)

Updated 8 September 2023

If you're looking for employment, you might consider some of the most common jobs available. There are many occupations that require different experience levels and skills and various kinds of training. Understanding the types of positions that are frequently open can help you more easily choose a profession and take the beginning steps towards joining it. In this article, we provide a list of the most common jobs in the UK to select from for your career.

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Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.‌

The most common jobs in the UK

The following are some of the most common jobs in the UK:

1. Teacher

National average salary: £17,179 per year

Primary duties: A teacher is a professional who instructs students in various subjects and helps them gain knowledge and skills. They prepare lesson plans, develop educational materials and deliver instruction in a classroom setting. Teachers also assess student progress, provide feedback and create opportunities for them to apply what they've learnt.

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2. Administrator

National average salary: £21,912 per year

Primary duties: An administrator is responsible for managing and coordinating the administrative functions of an organisation. They oversee office operations, such as record keeping, document management and scheduling. Administrators also handle budgets, monitor expenditures and ensure compliance with organisational policies and procedures. Their objective is to create a well-organised, efficient work environment that supports the organisation's goals.

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3. Graphic designer

National average salary: £27,711 per year

Primary duties: A graphic designer is a professional who creates visual concepts and designs using computer software or manually. They develop designs for a range of applications, such as websites, logos, packaging and advertising. Graphic designers work closely with clients to understand their design needs and develop concepts that meet their requirements. Their aim is to create designs that are visually appealing, are effective and communicate a message or relevant information about a brand.

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4. Account manager

National average salary: £33,015 per year

Primary duties: An account manager is responsible for maintaining relationships with clients and ensuring a company meets its customers' needs. They serve as the primary liaison between the organisation and the client, handling enquiries, resolving issues and providing support as needed. Account managers also work to identify opportunities to expand the organisation's business with existing clients and may develop strategies to acquire new customers. Their objective is to build strong, lasting relationships with clients that benefit both the organisation and the customer.

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5. Delivery driver

National average salary: £33,162 per year

Primary duties: A delivery driver transports goods from one location to another. They load their vehicles with packages, drive to the designated locations, and unload the packages for delivery. Delivery drivers might also collect payments and obtain signatures from customers to acknowledge the receipt of the products. Their goal is to ensure the safe, efficient and timely delivery of the packages in their care.

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6. Manager

National average salary: £34,441 per year

Primary duties: A manager oversees the work of a group of employees to make sure they meet organisational objectives. They plan and delegate tasks, monitor progress and provide feedback and support to their team members. Managers also work with other departments to coordinate activities and resolve issues as they arise. Their aim is to create a productive and efficient work environment that helps the organisation achieve its goals.

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7. Executive assistant

National average salary: £35,019 per year

Primary duties: An executive assistant provides administrative support to high-level executives in an organisation. They manage schedules, coordinate meetings and events and handle correspondence and communications on behalf of the executives. Executive assistants also conduct research, prepare reports and perform other tasks as necessary to help the executives achieve their goals. These assistants' objective is to ensure that the executives they support can work efficiently and effectively.

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8. Data analyst

National average salary: £35,207 per year

Primary duties: A data analyst is responsible for collecting, processing and performing statistical analyses on large data sets. They use data visualisation tools and other techniques to identify trends, patterns and insights that can inform business decisions. Data analysts also create reports and presentations to communicate their findings to leaders in an organisation. Their goal is to help the organisation make data-driven decisions that can improve performance and achieve business objectives.

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9. Accountant

National average salary: £35,239 per year

Primary duties: An accountant is responsible for managing financial records, ensuring their accuracy and preparing financial reports for individuals and organisations. They track expenses, income and other financial transactions to make sure they comply with accounting standards and regulations. Accountants also advise on financial matters, such as tax planning and budgeting, to help their clients make informed decisions. Their aim is to ensure that the recording of financial transactions is accurate and that businesses and individuals are financially stable.

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10. Mechanical engineer

National average salary: £36,590 per year

Primary duties: A mechanical engineer applies the principles of physics and materials science to design, develop and maintain mechanical systems and products. They work on a range of projects, such as designing machinery and vehicles and developing heating and cooling systems. Mechanical engineers also analyse data, conduct experiments and perform tests to make sure their designs meet safety, efficiency and performance standards. Their goal is to create innovative solutions that meet the needs of businesses and consumers.

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11. Business analyst

National average salary: £45,132 per year

Primary duties: A business analyst is responsible for analysing business operations and processes to identify areas for improvement. They gather and examine data to provide insights and recommendations to a company's management team. Their primary goal is to help the company make informed decisions and achieve its business objectives.

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12. Project manager

National average salary: £45,999 per year

Primary duties: A project manager is someone who plans, organises and oversees the execution of a project from its beginning to its end. They are responsible for ensuring that the undertaking's completion occurs within the planned scope, timeline and budget. They work with other team members, such as designers, developers and engineers, to ensure that everyone aligns with the project objectives and requirements. The project manager also monitors the initiative's progress and identifies and manages risks and issues that might arise.

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13. Data scientist

National average salary: £50,135 per year

Primary duties: A data scientist is a professional who uses statistical and computational methods to analyse and interpret complex data sets. They work to identify patterns and insights in the data that can help inform decision-making and solve challenges. Data scientists might also develop machine learning models and algorithms to automate processes and make predictions according to the data.

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14. Software engineer

National average salary: £50,274 per year

Primary duties: A software engineer designs, develops, tests and maintains computer software. They work with programming languages and software development tools to create programs and applications that meet specific user needs. They may also collaborate with other computer or software experts, such as designers and project managers, to ensure that the software's delivery is on time and within budget. Software engineers typically have a strong understanding of computer science and programming principles.

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15. Consultant

National average salary: £78,934 per year

Primary duties: A consultant is someone who provides expert advice and guidance to organisations or individuals in a particular field. They often work on a project basis, analysing a client's issue or need and providing recommendations for solutions. Consultants may also assist with implementing these remedies and monitoring their effectiveness.

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