14 nutrition degree jobs (with key duties and salaries)

Updated 24 January 2023

If you're interested in public health and enjoy helping others, you might consider earning a degree in nutrition so that you can pursue jobs in this field. A career in nutrition provides the opportunity to educate people about healthy eating habits and alternative ways to manage their health issues. Learning more about the diverse opportunities available to individuals with a nutrition degree may help you determine if this field aligns with your skills, interests and experiences.

In this article, we explain what a nutrition degree is and explore the national average salaries and primary duties of 14 nutrition degree jobs.

What is a nutrition degree?

A nutrition degree is an educational credential that focuses on dietary health. Most nutrition degrees are bachelor of science (BSc) degrees, although some schools might offer diplomas or more advanced degrees instead. Nutrition is a multidisciplinary academic field, meaning that it draws upon the principles, strategies and research of other disciplines. Some fields that you might learn more about as part of a nutrition degree programme include:

  • public health

  • anatomy

  • food science

  • physiology

  • human health

  • biochemistry

  • pharmacology

  • food marketing

  • genetics

  • kinesiology

  • biomedical sciences

  • dietetics

  • public policy

  • food retail

  • psychology

  • nutritional therapy

  • microbiology

There are a variety of careers designed to help others enjoy the benefits of healthy living. Having knowledge about food and nutrition can put you in many work settings, like offices, labs, hospitals, schools, corporations, restaurants and other places where food exists in some form.

14 nutrition degree jobs

Following are the job titles, national average salaries and fundamental responsibilities of 14 nutrition degree jobs. For the most recent salary information, click on the links:

1. Dietary aide

Find dietary aide jobs

National average salary: £23,752 per year

Primary duties: A dietary aide ensures that patients in a health care setting receive the correct food portions and special dietary requests. They prepare and distribute food on trays and then clear them away after the meal. Dietary aides follow correct safety procedures, report any hazards and provide compassionate interactions with patients.

2. International aid worker

Find international aid worker jobs

National average salary: £24,686 per year

Primary duties: An international aid worker supports developing countries or communities in need. International aid workers frequently provide emergency response relief to individuals or communities after they've experienced significant events, such as a natural disaster or military intervention. International aid workers also often help these communities develop long-term solutions in diverse areas like education, public safety or infrastructure. An international aid worker with a background in nutrition might specialise in providing relief or developing solutions related to food security or public health.

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3. Health coach

Find health coach jobs

National average salary: £24,816 per year

Primary duties: A health coach makes sure people reach their nutritional and exercise goals. Health coaches are energetic, well-organised and good problem-solvers who can manage multiple clients at once and keep them motivated to follow their health plans. Many health coaches help their clients figure out how to implement the advice given by other health practitioners

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4. Chef

Find chef jobs

National average salary: £27,117 per year

Primary duties: A chef prepares and cooks food. Chefs can find jobs in an array of locations, including restaurants, schools, hospitals, catering companies or the Armed Forces. Some of their duties can vary based on their place of employment. For instance, while a chef at a restaurant might focus on creating new gourmet dishes, a chef at a hospital may prioritise maximising nutrients while catering to various dietary needs. A chef strives to create meals that taste delicious, offer a range of nutrients and adhere to all health and safety standards.

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5. Naturopath

Find naturopath jobs

National average salary: £27,699 per year

Primary duties: A naturopath is a health care specialist focusing on natural treatments for medical issues or conditions. These natural treatments might encompass homoeopathy, herbal medicine, acupuncture, osteopathy and nutritional therapy. Some naturopaths may also incorporate medical evaluations to help them accurately diagnose their patients, such as by testing a patient's blood or urine. Naturopaths help their patients devise personalised treatment plans to resolve or mitigate their health concerns. Other duties might include counselling, maintaining diligent patient records, advertising their services or referring patients to other speciality practitioners.

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6. Nutrition assistant

Find nutrition assistant jobs

National average salary: £28,298 per year

Primary duties: Nutrition assistants work with patients to implement nutritional goals and develop nutrition-based programmes. They may help dietitians with patient assessment forms and any other tasks delegated to them. Assistants work in various settings and roles, which have them preparing meals, ordering supplies or helping with athlete education.

7. Food technologist

Find food technologist jobs

National average salary: £29,352 per year

Primary duties: A food technologist helps develop and manufacture food products that both taste good and are safe to eat. They possess thorough knowledge of how nutritional and chemical composition can affect a food product's taste, safety and other features. A food technologist also ensures that these food products meet all local or national manufacturing and safety standards. Additional responsibilities of food technologists can include researching consumer preferences, internally auditing a company's manufacturing processes, designing food safety plans and altering food development plans to lower costs.

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8. Nutritionist

Find nutritionist jobs

National average salary: £36,869 per year

Primary duties: A nutritionist is a health care professional who can assess the health status of a patient and recommend changes in dietary needs. Many patients need help losing weight, managing a disease or alleviating painful symptoms. Nutritionists work with patients to create a wellness plan supported by nutritious meals and continued documentation of progress to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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9. Health educator

Find health educator jobs

National average salary: £37,825 per year

Primary duties: Health educators implement and manage community outreach and youth development programmes to help create awareness of healthy living. They also prepare informative guides, exercise programmes and activities for specific target demographics that support the programmes. Once they've collected data related to the programmes, they can put together reports for funding sources.

10. Community educator

Find community educator jobs

National average salary: £40,190 per year

Primary duties: A community educator develops and facilitates programmes that address a community's needs. For instance, they might run a programme that teaches adult literacy skills or offer childcare services to parents with disabilities. Community educators can help individuals both find short-term relief programmes and develop skills that can help them support their own needs long term.

11. Dietitian

Find dietitian jobs

National average salary: £40,909 per year

Primary duties: A dietitian helps clients foster healthier eating habits and manage medical conditions that affect what they eat. While they share some responsibilities with nutritionists, dietitians have the credentials to evaluate, diagnose and treat various medical conditions or symptoms related to food, such as individuals with chronic digestive issues or allergies. Dietitians can work either for the public or private sector. Other responsibilities might include conducting academic research on food treatments for diseases, advising politicians on public policies related to food manufacturing or human health and creating personalised nutrition plans for patients.

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12. Nutrition writer

Find nutrition writer jobs

National average salary: £40,932 per year

Primary duties: Freelance writers often become nutrition writers once they've become well-versed in food and diet. Many writers receive experience in the field by writing health-related feature articles for magazines and newspapers, then move on to jobs that focus solely on nutrition.

13. Animal nutritionist

Find animal nutritionist jobs

National average salary: £40,932 per year

Primary duties: An animal nutritionist optimises an animal's health through food and nutrients. Also called veterinary nutritionists, animal nutritionists often help farmers and others who work in agriculture to create nutritional plans for their livestock and animals that foster the animals' well-being. Other animal nutritionists may frequently collaborate with policymakers who make laws related to food production, research institutions and animal charities. Specific duties might include analysing the nutritional or chemical composition of animal feed, taking part in laboratory trials, evaluating an animal's physical activity and considering how an animal's condition might affect its nutritional needs.

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14. Medical sales representative

Find medical sales representative jobs

National average salary: £43,023 per year

Primary duties: A medical sales representative sells products made by a medical company to hospitals, clinics and other health care facilities or practitioners. Medical sales representatives often travel in person to the various facilities where they're trying to sell products, although they may conduct some of their duties virtually, such as by cold calling or having video chats with prospective clients. A medical sales representative may sometimes collaborate with other team members to develop new sales strategies that help each team member meet their sales quotas.

Salary figures reflect data listed on the quoted websites at time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.

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