16 Part-Time Jobs That Pay Well

By Indeed Editorial Team

Updated 11 February 2021 | Published 25 August 2020

Updated 11 February 2021

Published 25 August 2020

For people who have childcare commitments, need extra income or want to focus primarily on their education, part-time jobs offer a good way to keep earning money. You can choose from plenty of part-time positions that make the most of your skills and education, while others are jobs you can start without any additional training. There are also many traditionally full-time positions that employers might be looking to fill part time. In this article, we review a list of part-time jobs worth considering.

High-earning part-time jobs

Here are 16 of the most commonly available part-time jobs, all of which pay above minimum wage.

The salaries listed below are national averages. Your wages will depend on factors such as how many hours you work per week, your level of previous experience and where you are in the country.

1. Delivery driver

National Average Salary: £7.34 per hour

Primary Duties: A delivery driver carries packages to customers safely and securely. They plan efficient routes to maximise deliveries per hour. They answer customer queries when needed, and they ensure a professional experience from both the shipper and the delivery company.

Requirements: Most delivery companies will provide you with a vehicle, but you must have an appropriate licence to drive it. This is often a Category B licence with no penalty points.

2. Sales assistant

National Average Salary: £8.28 per hour

Primary Duties: A sales assistant welcomes customers to the store and help with any queries. They explain to shoppers the benefits and features of various products and upsell where possible. They operate the till and process card transactions, and they maintain a clean shop floor and restock as required.

Requirements: Sales assistants need a friendly personality above all else. Experience is desirable but not always essential. Good product knowledge is essential, especially in stores selling high-value items like fashion and technology.

3. Bar staff

National Average Salary: £8.39 per hour

Primary Duties: Members of the bar staff deliver a high level of customer service and maintain a safe environment for patrons. They serve quality drinks and food, keep the bar area clean and maintain an accurate cash drawer.

Requirements: Most jobs require previous experience of bar work or a hospitality environment. Because it's a customer-facing position, employers also often look for energy, enthusiasm and great personalities.

4. Teaching assistant

National Average Salary: £68.99 per day

Primary Duties: A teaching assistant helps the teacher deliver the curriculum to each class. They offer extra support to pupils in small groups or one-to-one sessions, and they provide additional supervision to ensure class discipline.

Requirements: You don't typically need teaching experience for this role. You don't even need a degree, although graduates are generally preferred. However, you should have excellent communication skills and an enthusiasm for helping children. Applicants must pass a background check, and some additional training may be required if you intend to work with special needs children.

5. Warehouse worker

National Average Salary: £8.96 per hour

Primary Duties: Fulfill orders by picking stock from shelves. Help with deliveries by moving shipments to shelves. Observe high standards of health and safety and keep walkways clear at all times.

Requirements: Warehouses often need more workers during busy times like Christmas, so these part-time jobs require you to be available when the warehouse needs you. For some warehouse roles, you might be required to have a forklift operator licence.

6. Personal shopper

National Average Salary: £9.14 per hour

Primary Duties: A personal shopper works with customers to understand their personal shopping preferences, creating a shopping basket that suits their tastes. They may also recommend additional merchandise that they believe may interest their customers.

Requirements: Retail and customer service experience are essential for personal shopper part-time jobs. You should demonstrate an up-to-date knowledge of fashion while maintaining a conscientious and customer-oriented attitude.

7. Beauty consultant

National Average Salary: £9.23 per hour

Primary Duties: Beauty consultants offer guidance to customers looking to accentuate or update their look. They also work with customers to help them decide on products that will complement their beauty regime.

Requirements: You'll need NVQ level 2 qualification in a subject such as makeup, as well as plenty of direct salon experience. Many beauty consultants are employed by cosmetic companies and are expected to hit sales targets each week. To achieve this, it helps greatly to have strong interpersonal skills.

8. Brand ambassador

National Average Salary: £9.49 per hour

Primary Duties: A brand ambassador embodies professionalism and brand personality as an interactive, customer-facing representative. They distribute marketing materials like samples, flyers or coupons. They also answer questions about their brand or product and inform customers about upcoming specials or events.

Requirements: A GCSEs or equivalent is preferred. You should also have a strongly developed sense of self-discipline and interpersonal skills. A genuine enthusiasm for the brand is a major asset.

9. Caregiver

National Average Salary: £9.90 per hour

Primary Duties: A caregiver travels to patients' homes to help them perform essential daily tasks. This might include assisting them with washing, getting dressed and eating. A caregiver can also organise medications, perform light housework and do some shopping when required.

Requirements: Previous experience is helpful, but it's not always required for entry-level roles. You'll need to be kind, patient and empathetic to the needs of your clients. Some agencies may require you to have a full driver's licence with your own vehicle to allow you to travel between appointments.

10. Bus driver

National Average Salary: £10.75 per hour

Primary Duties: A bus driver carries passengers along a designated route, keeping to the city's or bus service's timetable. They help passengers enter and depart from the bus, and they answer any questions they may have. Bus drivers also check tickets and occasionally manage cash payments.

Requirements: You'll need to have the correct PCV licence and training for the vehicle you'll be operating. Public buses require you to have additional training to understand the routes and company protocols. Other requirements include a good disposition and excellent knowledge of the roads in your area.

11. Mail carrier

National Average Salary: £10.81 per hour

Primary Duties: Mail carriers design and follow an optimal delivery route for their rounds. They are responsible for delivering all mail safely and obtaining customer signatures where required. They also deal with incorrectly addressed mail and pick up mail from postboxes.

Requirements: Most Royal Mail postmen and postwomen work their way up through an apprenticeship. However, you can apply directly for part-time roles, especially during busy seasonal periods. A clean driver's licence is essential for routes that require driving.

12. Tour guide

National Average Salary: £11.24 per hour

Primary Duties: A tour guide walks clients through the tour route as outlined by the company. They maintain an outstanding customer experience for tourists with a positive, enthusiastic attitude, and they answer questions related to the tour sites.

Requirements: You should have thorough knowledge of your tour area so you can answer all questions that tourists will ask you. Proficiency in a second language is also helpful. Some tour jobs require you to drive a bus or another tour vehicle. If so, you will need the appropriate licence.

13. Babysitter/nanny

National Average Salary: £11.48 per hour

Primary Duties: A babysitter assists parents with childcare during the day and in the evening. They often prepare food, perform light cleaning and do laundry. They may also help children get dressed and take them to school if the parents request it.

Requirements: All babysitter and nanny part-time jobs require a full CRB check. You may also need a clean driver's license if the children require transportation to and from school or extracurricular activities. Previous experience is often preferred, and you must be available when the family needs you.

14. Freelance writer

National Average Salary: £96.64 per day

Primary Duties: A freelance writer creates content for clients, including blog posts, articles, white papers, presentations and advertising copy. They often work with marketing and communication teams to promote brand values, and they must meet deadlines and provide high-quality copy.

Requirements: You'll need to have an excellent command of the written word with a track record of strong writing and a portfolio of clips published under your name. A marketing background can help, along with a good understanding of the client's industry.

15. Tutor

National Average Salary: £16.88 per hour

Primary Duties: Tutors offer one-on-one education support to students on specific topics, helping them prepare for exams such as GCSE and A-levels. They create a personalised learning plan to help students reach their academic goals.

Requirements: Tutors typically focus on one subject, so you'll need to be an authority on that particular subject. An A-level is a minimum, although a 2:1 degree is preferred. You'll typically need to pass a background check before working with children, and you should understand how to effectively help students overcome learning obstacles. Knowledge of the United Kingdom's examination system is essential.

16. Massage therapist

National Average Salary: £18.46 per hour

Primary Duties: A massage therapist provides massages to their clients based on needs, complaints or problem areas. They guide clients through their service offerings and help them choose the types of treatments that would benefit them most. They also listen to clients and adjust their massage techniques to meet their needs.

Requirements: Most massage therapist part-time jobs are dependent on experience and will require you to have an ITEC (Level 3 RQF) Diploma in massage therapy. You can earn more by focusing on a particular type of massage, such as deep tissue massage or hot stone massage. If you are working for yourself, you may require some public liability insurance.

Meta: Part-time jobs provide flexibility to spend time with family or pursue other passions or sources of income. Take a look at some of these jobs that allow for a part-time schedule.

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