15 people-person jobs (with salaries and primary duties)

Updated 17 January 2023

Finding a profession that suits your personality well can lead to a more rewarding and successful career. If you're introverted, a career that doesn't involve much interaction might feel more comfortable. If you're an extroverted person, though, it's worth considering jobs that place you in situations where you interact with and work alongside others regularly. In this article, we define people-person jobs and provide a list of 15 jobs, along with their average salaries and primary duties.

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What are people-person jobs?

People-person jobs are ideal for those who enjoy socialising with other people or are naturally extroverted. These careers place you in scenarios where you interact with the public or customers in a direct and personal way. These careers might also place you in collaborative environments where you work with others on projects or tasks. Regardless of their industry and specific requirements, these jobs suit individuals who enjoy interacting with other people in some capacity.

15 people-person jobs to consider

Take a look at the following jobs list if you're interested in working alongside other people:

1. Teacher

National average salary: £16,421 per year

Primary duties: Teachers work in primary or secondary schools to educate students. This rewarding career places you in a very social environment, so it suits extroverted people. Depending on the age group and level they teach, teachers oversee a broad curriculum or specialise in a particular subject, such as maths. Teachers help students learn about subjects but also help them develop social skills and advance toward various career paths.

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2. Administrative assistant

National average salary: £20,109 per year

Primary duties: An administrative assistant works in an office environment to perform various administrative duties for an organisation. Their work usually involves establishing and maintaining work schedules for employees, responding to calls from customers and connecting them to the right department or area of the organisation. They might also create emails for the office workforce to remind them of upcoming meetings or updates to the business. Administrative assistants have a fast-paced role in the office that focuses on supporting colleagues and helping them with their day-to-day duties and tasks.

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3. Sales associate

National average salary: £22,195 per year

Primary duties: A sales associate works in retail environments to help customers find products or services. This customer-facing role requires good rapport-building skills and the ability to provide professional customer service. Sales associates inform customers about different offerings, guide them toward relevant products or services and discuss pricing options. They look to bring value to both the organisation and the customer, making it an excellent job for extroverts.

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4. Event planner

National average salary: £26,159 per year

Primary duties: Event planners work on behalf of their clients to design, plan and organise various special events and gatherings such as weddings, conferences and shows. They work closely with clients to understand what the event requires, decide on a location or venue and liaise with vendors to provide certain elements for the event, such as catering or entertainment. An event planner not only creates the event but also ensures that everything runs smoothly on the day. They work to meet tight deadlines and budgets while collaborating with others to facilitate a successful event.

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5. Publicist

National average salary: £26,338 per year

Primary duties: Publicists work with clients to manage their public relations and image. They devise campaigns and create resources to promote their clients through press releases, public speaking events and other engagements. The role requires a good understanding of different demographics, marketing strategies and strong networking skills. Publicists might work with individual clients or with an organisation to help manage their public image.

6. Recruiter

National average salary: £27,304 per year

Primary duties: Recruiters work in the recruitment industry to help clients find suitable job opportunities. They work closely with people to understand their experience, qualifications and skills before finding desirable job openings for them. Working as a recruiter is a client-facing role that involves regularly interacting with people on both sides of the recruitment process.

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7. Nurse

National average salary: £32,265 per year

Primary duties: A nurse works in the healthcare industry to help patients and assist medical teams across various medical environments. Nurses tend to work closely with patients to collect information, perform basic medical treatments and provide follow-up consultations. This hands-on career involves helping patients directly and supporting medical staff on a daily basis. Alongside medical care, nurses also help patients and their families by providing emotional support.

8. Community manager

National average salary: £33,733 per year

Primary duties: A community manager works for an organisation to manage and oversee the relationship between the organisation and the surrounding community. They might create posts on social media or in local newspapers to roll out marketing campaigns targeted at the community. The role also involves directly interacting with individuals from the community to understand their needs and find ways of addressing them via corporate strategy. Community managers also work closely with an organisation's senior leaders to devise new community engagement strategies.

9. Compliance officer

National average salary: £35,034 per year

Primary duties: A compliance officer works for an organisation to ensure they follow all of the laws, regulations and guidelines that might impact the business. Their work requires comprehensive knowledge of the organisation's activities to know the most relevant legislation or guidelines. They also work with employees to help them understand the legal intricacies and compliance issues in their line of work. Compliance officers understand the latest regulations and legislation, which helps them keep the organisation up-to-date with their legal duties and obligations.

10. Physical therapist

National average salary: £37,867 per year

Primary duties: A physical therapist is a healthcare specialist who performs physical therapy treatments for patients. They create bespoke treatment plans for patients to identify and address specific issues like mobility, posture or pain management. Much of their work focuses on helping patients recover from injury or restore strength following surgeries. This person-focused job requires compassion and an understanding of the difficulties individuals face due to pain or chronic conditions.

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11. Sales manager

National average salary: £38,719 per year

Primary duties: A sales manager focuses on generating the most sales possible for their organisation. They tend to work with a team of other salespeople and work to meet strict targets and measure key performance indicators. Sales managers roll out different sales strategies and campaigns to generate sales and reach desired markets. In many cases, sales managers spend a lot of time mentoring other salespeople to help them improve their sales strategies and skills.

12. Marketing manager

National average salary: £39,306 per year

Primary duties: A marketing manager is a senior marketer who maintains various marketing campaigns and procedures. They devise new marketing campaigns, perform research on customer demographics or industry trends and look for the best way to use marketing budgets to drive engagement and boost revenue for their organisation. A marketing manager normally works with a team of other marketers to roll out and analyse campaigns.

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13. Operations manager

National average salary: £40,458 per year

Primary duties: An operations manager works in human resources and oversees an organisation's human resource protocols and processes. They help organisations recruit and train new employees and roll out strategies to improve how the human resources team operates. They work with key stakeholders to address any issues in recruitment and, in some cases, collaborate with other organisations to devise new and innovative human resources strategies.

14. Construction manager

National average salary: £52,450 per year

Primary duties: A construction manager works in the construction industry and manages the project from start to finish. Their work involves supervising the work and guiding the project towards successful completion. This requires budget management and establishing good working relationships with contractors and other employees working on the project. They also ensure the worksite is safe and complies with the latest health and safety guidelines. In some cases, construction managers recruit and hire employees for the construction project.

15. Dental hygienist

National average salary: £54,455 per year

Primary duties: A dental hygienist is a dental professional who focuses on teeth cleaning and general oral hygiene. This job requires good social skills and the ability to support patients during dental procedures such as teeth cleaning, scaling and polishing. They also provide various resources to patients to ensure they clean and floss their teeth properly. Dental hygienists tend to work in a team alongside dentists to provide comprehensive dental care to patients.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at the time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.‌

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