14 restaurant positions and their duties (with salaries)

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Published 12 July 2022

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Restaurant positions can vary significantly, with each role requiring professionals to perform unique duties and responsibilities that are crucial to the success of a business. These roles can range from entry-level jobs, such as a cashier or server, to restaurant management positions. Learning about these positions and duties can help you grow and succeed within the dining and hospitality industry. In this article, we list 14 restaurant positions and their duties, alongside their respective national average salaries.

14 restaurant positions and their duties and salaries

Below are 14 restaurant positions and their duties, alongside their respective national average salaries:

1. Barback

National average salary: £9.32 per hour

Primary duties: Barbacks are bar staff members who assist bartenders during busy periods at a restaurant. They ensure bartenders have everything they need, such as clean glasses, garnishes, wines and fresh kegs. Barbacks also clean up spills, sweep broken glassware and replenish various supplies, including napkins, toothpicks and ashtrays. They usually also take out rubbish at the end of a shift and clean glasses and dishes during the shift. Additionally, barbacks refill ice wells, fill olive, lemon and lime trays and maintain clean bartender stations at the start of their shift.

2. Barista

National average salary: £9.34 per hour

Primary duties: A barista is a professional who primarily makes and serves beverages, such as coffee and tea, alongside snacks, like sandwiches, cookies and muffins. They're also responsible for welcoming customers and taking their orders. Baristas typically clean and sanitise work and seating areas and equipment to maintain a clean environment and follow health and safety regulations. Alongside this, they learn new coffee preparation techniques and check inventory levels so they can reorder supplies. Baristas also package coffee blends, explain menu items to customers and ensure they're comfortable and satisfied.

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3. Dishwasher

National average salary: £9.52 per hour

Primary duties: Dishwashers are individuals who wash and dry cookware, dishware and cutlery in a restaurant. They handle various back-of-house operations, such as sanitising utensils and cleaning dishware, according to the restaurant's policies. Dishwashers also take out rubbish, clean floors and perform other cleaning tasks throughout the restaurant to maintain health and safety standards. They usually also collect dirty dishes and utensils from the dining area, place them in designated cleaning areas and assist with setting up tables.

4. Cashier

National average salary: £9.55 per hour

Primary duties: Cashiers process orders and collect payments from customers in a restaurant. They receive and process payments and issue receipts to keep track of all cash and credit transactions. Cashiers package to-go items, separate tips for restaurant staff, greet and seat guests, take reservations and maintain public areas. They also respond to enquiries, relay orders to the kitchen staff and help solve customer complaints to ensure a pleasant and satisfying dining experience for customers. When necessary, they also help kitchen staff clean and arrange service and kitchen preparation areas.

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5. Bussers

National average salary: £9.68 per hour

Primary duties: Bussers are in charge of clearing, sanitising and resetting tables. They typically work alongside runners and waiters to clear used dishes and utensils when customers finish dining. A busser's exact duties can vary depending on the employer but most bussers replace linen, set tables with tableware and refill customers' glasses. Bussers also ensure that restaurants are well stocked with the necessary silverware, plates, napkins and cups. Their primary role is to provide an ideal customer service experience and ensure that the restaurant remains clean and organised.

6. Server

National average salary: £9.81 per hour

Primary duties: Servers are restaurant professionals who serve food and drinks to customers. They take customer orders, submit them to kitchen staff and bring food out to give to the customers. Additionally, they're responsible for bringing out customer drinks and checking on tables to ensure clients have a pleasant dining experience. They also help customers pay their bills, make correct order changes and keep track of receipts and tips. Servers also answer questions about restaurant menus and upsell food and drinks to customers.

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7. Host/hostess

National average salary: £10.07 per hour

Primary duties: Hosts/hostesses are in charge of looking after guests in a restaurant. They greet and welcome customers that walk into the restaurant, provide them with accurate wait times and take and confirm their reservations. They also observe tables to take note of occupied, dirty or clean tables for effective management. Additionally, they show customers to their tables, provide them with menus and answer their questions. They also liaise with staff members to provide support during busy periods and usually open and close the restaurant.

8. Cook

National average salary: £10.08 per hour

Primary duties: Cooks prepare and cook food items by following recipes created by chefs. They help keep the kitchen area organised and assist other cooks to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. Cooks also monitor kitchen supplies and reorder stock when needed. Alongside this, they help maintain cleanliness in the kitchen and follow health and safety regulations to prevent food contamination. There are various types of cooks, including:

  • line cook

  • prep cook

  • relief cook

  • short-order cook

  • fast food cook

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9. Bartender

National average salary: £10.31 per hour

Primary duties: Bartenders prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks for customers. They mix and garnish cocktails, dispense beers, serve non-alcoholic beverages and follow or create cocktail recipes. Bartenders normally help guests choose menu items while answering questions and taking orders. They also monitor inventories and order supplies to ensure that bars remain fully stocked. Additionally, bartenders handle cash, credit and debit transactions, including ensuring that all charges are accurate. They also keep their work area clean and organised to uphold the establishment's health and safety guidelines.

10. Runner

National average salary: £10.35 per hour

Primary duties: Runners are professionals who help servers and bartenders improve the dining experience for customers. They set tables, serve food orders and remove used dishes from tables. Runners usually perform a wide range of duties, including communicating special guest orders to chefs, helping servers take orders and refilling water glasses for customers. Moreover, runners assist customers with their orders by outlining the available food and drinks items, making recommendations and answering questions.

11. Chef

National average salary: £11.09 per hour

Primary duties: A chef is a culinary professional who's trained in all aspects of food preparation and they often focus on a particular cuisine. They study recipes, gather all the necessary ingredients required to make meals and cook food. Alongside this, chefs plan menus and create recipes while keeping in mind the budget and availability of seasonal ingredients. They also set up the kitchen with cooking utensils and equipment, like knives, pans and kitchen scales, in preparation for cooking. Chefs normally work with other kitchen staff and inform them about daily specials and their responsibilities.

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12. Takeaway counter staff

National average salary: £18,091 per year

Primary duties: Takeaway counter staff, or drive-thru operators, are professionals who take customer orders at a drive-thru or takeaway. They greet customers as they approach the drive-thru window or takeaway counter and inform them of any specials on the menu while answering any of their questions. Additionally, they provide customers with payment information, process payments, hand over receipts and orders and, for those working at a drive-thru, provide information on where they can pick up their orders. They also assist with food preparation and packaging and check food items to ensure quality customer service.

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13. Restaurant manager

National average salary: £28,963 per year

Primary duties: Restaurant managers hire, supervise and train staff members while following the restaurant's policies and guidelines. They're in charge of producing staff rotas and overseeing kitchen operations to ensure everything runs smoothly. Restaurant managers are also responsible for changing the menu, ordering ingredients for the kitchen staff and gathering customer feedback to address and manage complaints.

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14. Sommelier

National average salary: £29,285 per year

Primary duties: A sommelier is a highly knowledgeable and qualified wine professional who specialises in all aspects of wine service. Their responsibilities include supervising the serving of wine, working with the head chef to create wine pairings for different menus and providing recommendations to guests. Sommeliers maintain wine inventories, order wine as required and train other employees on the different types of wine so that they can actively sell them to guests. They also collaborate with winemakers to renew wine selections and organise wine tasting events.

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