10 retirement jobs from home (with duties and salaries)

Updated 22 December 2022

Retirement is one of the most significant steps people take in their careers, going from a following a regular work schedule to relaxing at home throughout the day. While some prefer the calm lifestyle of retirement, others spend their time on a few side jobs, earning extra money while keeping busy with something they enjoy. You may benefit from working during your retirement, as it keeps you active on quieter days. In this article, we discuss what retirement jobs are and provide a list of ten retirement jobs from home, including their average salaries and primary duties.

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What are retirement jobs?

Retirement jobs are positions you might consider taking up after officially retiring from your main job. There are a few key aspects of most retirement jobs. The first of these is the amount of necessary investment into the role. Retirement jobs have less time investment than other roles, primarily because the roles are going to people who may only work some of the time. Retired people rarely seek a 40-hour-a-week position, so some degree of flexibility is necessary. Many of these positions are also freelance, adding to the flexibility available to the employee.

Retirement jobs also have a distinctly remote element. This means completing the tasks in your home rather than travelling to an office or another workplace. By staying at home, you're able to sit back and enjoy your retirement in the comfort of your own environment. Enjoyment is another fundamental part of working from home, as actively enjoying the work increases your chances of engaging with it rather than passively completing the set tasks. Alternatively, some retirees choose positions in new industries to learn new skills.

10 retirement jobs from home

See a list of ten retirement jobs from home below:

1. Journalist

National average salary: £26,189 per year

Primary duties: This position entails contacting people from across the world, learning more about emerging news stories and developing a full picture of all of the relevant facts in the area in question. Journalists then write comprehensive accounts of these stories for publication, working in collaboration with others and publishing their pieces according to specific content deadlines. Journalists sometimes work as editors, adjusting pieces for their colleagues.

2. Graphic designer

National average salary: £26,958 per year

Primary duties: Designers receive briefs from their clients and take on board all of the recommendations and advice they have for the final piece of graphics work. The designer then creates the piece of work, adding their own personal style and preferences before sending it back to the client. After receiving feedback, the designer changes the work in line with edit requests before publication. Some graphic designers work as specialists in their field on bespoke pieces of software or hardware.

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3. Video editor

National average salary: £27,251 per year

Primary duties: Video editors receive the raw video files they're editing along with a brief from their client, which states the overall tone of the final product and what the client expects from the piece. This meeting may take place over a video call. From this point, the editor changes the pacing and content of the work, with colour grading ensuring that the video looks as good as possible. Editors then present the piece to the client before making any adjustments. In some cases, video editors modify and define the tone and narrative of a piece of video footage.

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4. Copywriter

National average salary: £30,007 per year

Primary duties: This role includes taking on briefs from clients and writing content on their behalf. This may be in the form of on-site content, emails that an organisation sends to its customers or blog posts that aim to increase engagement levels with customers. Copywriters work for either a specific copywriting organisation or as content writers for a standard company, maintaining a consistent internal tone. Private or freelance copywriters find their own work rather than receiving assignments from a hiring organisation.

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5. Editor

National average salary: £31,190 per year

Primary duties: This position entails taking work from a series of contributors, whether they're independent authors publishing their own books or a series of writers for a news website, where the editor adjusts their work so that it's appropriate for the publishing organisation. This includes resolving issues with spelling, punctuation and grammar. Senior editors sometimes set publishing schedules and briefs as a wider job duty, defining the future direction of an organisation's content. Some editors are responsible for hiring, firing and reprimanding writers depending on performance levels.

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6. Sports analyst

National average salary: £32,010 per year

Primary duties: This position includes looking over previous games and analysing every sport, from chess to rugby union. The position entails judging the performances of every competitor on the pitch, board or field and finding potential mistakes and areas for improvement in the future. Different sports analysts have unique responsibilities depending on the requirements of the organisation they work for, from on-field performance improvement to recruiting the right competitors in the future. Some sports analysts offer live analysis, both for broadcast purposes and to improve the performances of a team throughout the game.

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7. Stock trader

National average salary: £35,639 per year

Primary duties: Stock traders are responsible for tracking shifts in financial markets, finding investment opportunities for their clients and acting on them in a way that increases the value of their portfolio. Some stock traders have clients that they trade on behalf of. Others trade with their own money, which is an attractive prospect for people looking to increase their wealth and take personal responsibility for their income throughout retirement. Some stock traders have meetings with their clients, discussing their investment portfolio and goals for the coming financial period.

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8. Tutor

National average salary: £36,292 per year

Primary duties: Tutors have a selection of clients that they work with, teaching children and young adults a range of different subjects. Most tutors specialise in one area of education, such as English, maths or science. Individual tutors focus on a level of education in addition to a subject, preparing different students for a specific qualification that they're working towards, such as their GCSEs. This role also involves looking after the welfare of young people. Private tutors are responsible for getting their own clients and growing their businesses.

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9. Financial analyst

National average salary: £36,599 per year

Primary duties: Financial analysts receive sets of financial data from their clients to assess the strengths and weaknesses of an organisation and make a series of recommendations. Some financial analysts work for third-party organisations. Analysts may examine the finances of external businesses, learning more about how other organisations behave financially and understanding whether they're worthy of investment. Financial analysts also create reports for their employers, presenting the ongoing status of an organisation's finances and projections for the next financial period.

10. Author

National average salary: £41,994 per year

Primary duties: Authors write pieces of fiction or non-fiction literature for publication. Upon writing an initial draft, authors are responsible for making edits to the piece at the request of their editor. Some authors complete marketing campaigns in the later stages of the publication process, which involve talking to local media outlets. The majority of these appearances may take place remotely without needing to leave home. Authors are also responsible for marketing their work online through their social media presence.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate's experience, academic background and location.

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