14 sports and leisure jobs (with average salaries)

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Published 21 April 2022

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The sports and leisure industry offers a wide variety of jobs in sport, health, recreation, education, sales and fitness. The jobs have different requirements and benefits. Learning about sports and leisure jobs can help you determine which job you want to pursue and prepare you to meet its requirements and fulfil its responsibilities. In this article, we discuss different jobs in the sports and leisure industry, highlighting the average salary and primary responsibilities.

14 sports and leisure jobs

Here's a list of 14 examples of sports and leisure jobs to consider:

1. Sports photographer

National average salary: £25,611 per year

Primary duties: A photographer may work for different entities in various industries including sports and leisure. They take photos during an event and capture significant moments and the emotion of a game or competition. Sports photographers may work for a specific magazine, newspaper, organisation or sports team or as freelance photographers or photojournalists. Some of the responsibilities of a sports photographer include editing photos, travelling to games or competitions, maintaining photographer equipment and working with journalists to meet deadlines and use photos correctly.

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2. Sports coach

National average salary: £24,369 per year

Primary duties: A sports coach provides instruction and encouragement to help individuals realise their potential in a specific sport. Sports coaches may teach relevant skills, techniques and tactics, advise on health and lifestyle and assist with sports promotion and development. They may also monitor performance to provide constructive feedback and encouragement to help enhance performance. A sports coach also develops training programmes, performs administrative tasks and gives advice on health and lifestyle issues. Typically, they work for fitness centres, holiday camps, schools, national sports bodies or sports councils.

3. Sports centre manager

National average salary: £24,111 per year

Primary duties: A sports centre manager oversees the general operations of a recreation or leisure centre, such as recruiting, training and supervising staff. They also manage budgets, fulfil administrative tasks, maintain customer service standards, ensure health and safety compliance and promote or market the business. Sport facility managers may also deal with enquiries, emergencies and complaints. As part of the management team, they may also organise and deliver activities and programmes.

4. Diver

National average salary: £8.84 per hour

Primary duties: A professional diver performs underwater search and rescue, cleanup, salvage or recovery operations. They also inspect and maintain diving equipment like harnesses, masks, helmets and air tanks, and monitor dive depths and lengths to ensure safety. In addition to inspecting and maintaining equipment, they may also inspect and repair the condition of ships, buoy systems, docks, underwater cables and pipelines.

5. Sports analyst

National average salary: £31,939 per year

Primary duties: A sports analyst is a professional who provides expert insight and commentary on a sporting event. They may use statistical modelling and data to communicate relevant information and trends to their audience. Depending on their employer, they may provide information via several mediums like radio and television and interview athletes or coaches before, during or after an event.

Other responsibilities may include travelling to cover a particular event or breaking news about sports such as the transfer, retirement or injury of a player. They may also appear as guest analysts on various television and radio programmes to discuss various sports topics.

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6. Sports referee

National average salary: £15.25 per hour

Primary duties: A referee is a sports official who officiates sporting games or competitions. They also judge performances in a competition to establish a winner, keep track of time and start or stop play as necessary. It is the responsibility of a referee to enforce the rules of games and penalise participants as necessary. Referees may settle complaints or claims of infractions by participants. They may also communicate with other officials to regulate play and signal infractions. Some referees inspect participants' equipment to ensure their safety.

7. Football coach

National average salary: £14.19 per hour

Primary duties: A football coach manages the sporting activities of the team such as coordinating the team's travel plans and teaching all aspects of the game during practice to develop and evaluate a player's performance. The club management may task a football coach with recruiting and maintaining players to create a competitive team. They may also assist with hiring, training and supervising an assistant coach. Typically, coaches possess efficient communication, attention to detail and time management skills in this role.

8. Lifeguard

National average salary: £9.35 per hour

Primary duties: A lifeguard typically works at water parks, rivers, swimming pools and beaches to ensure the safety of water sports participants and swimmers. Lifeguards conduct constant surveillance to prevent accidents and assist in emergencies by explaining and enforcing rules and providing first aid. Depending on their employer, their duties can also comprise assisting with swimming lessons, maintaining cleanliness and orderliness in the area, drafting activity reports and providing customer service.

9. Sports manager

National average salary: £22,710 per year

Primary duties: A sports manager is a professional who schedules or organises events for a league, sets and monitors financial goals, formulates team qualifications, reports issues to supervisory boards and maintains records and statistics of games. The manager also ensures that the winning teams receive their awards or compensations. The manager may also seek partnerships and sponsorships in professional leagues to promote the sport.

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10. Sports physiotherapist

National average salary: £35,730 per year

Primary duties: Sports physiotherapists work as part of the medical team including sports scientists, team doctors and other sports professionals. Their work may involve identifying the cause of an injury, examining and diagnosing injuries, creating individual treatment plans, maintaining players' accurate treatment records and helping set a timeline for an injured player to return to sporting activities. A physiotherapist may also discuss a player's ambitions for the future, help them maintain a good physical form and advise on how to avoid injuries in the future.

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11. Martial arts instructor

National average salary: £21.82 per hour

Primary duties: A martial arts instructor schedules and plans classes, delivers practical instructions and creates a safe environment for students to practise. The instructor may conduct one-to-one or group lessons to provide instruction on various martial arts techniques and discuss their theories and history. This may include how to practise discipline, respect and proper use of techniques in and out of the classroom. They may also help promote community safety by providing self-defence demonstrations to the public and organising and leading relevant events like grading, camps, tournaments and workshops.

12. PE teacher

National average salary: £134 per day

Primary duties: A physical education teacher educates and engages students, individually or in a group, in various sports and physical activities. The teacher prepares and records all physical education activities in the lessons and evaluates students' abilities to help them improve. A PE teacher may also teach students about safety while engaging in physical activities like exercises. They typically develop various physical activities and sporting programmes, for example, coaching the school team in a specific sport.

13. Swimming instructor

National average salary: £15.36 per hour

Primary duties: A swimming teacher or instructor helps adults and children to learn and develop proper swimming skills. They may also work with swimming teams and professional swimmers to enhance their skills. Other responsibilities of a swimming teacher include implementing rules for swim sessions, monitoring students to prevent accidents, teaching students about life-saving and first aid skills, planning swim sessions and ensuring the tidiness of the swimming area.

14. Yoga teacher

National average salary: £33.52 per hour

Primary duties: A yoga teacher or instructor conducts classes for individuals or groups on yoga poses and meditation. They may determine a student's level of practice using a visual assessment to help them improve. A yoga instructor also demonstrates poses and techniques to students to help them achieve precise alignment. They may also motivate students and suggest recommendations to help students improve their practice.

Salary figures reflect data listed on Indeed Salaries at time of writing. Salaries‌ ‌may‌ ‌‌vary‌‌ ‌depending‌ ‌on‌ ‌the‌ ‌hiring‌ ‌organisation‌ ‌and‌ ‌a‌ ‌candidate's‌ ‌experience,‌ ‌academic‌ background‌ ‌and‌ ‌location.‌


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