16 types of jobs to help you choose the right career path

Updated 22 February 2023

Thinking about your future career plans can be a good idea if you're still deciding what type of work you want to do. There are many different fields you can work in to build a career that's fulfilling and unique to you. It's often helpful to consider some of the different areas you could work in, so you can decide which profession appeals to you the most. In this article, we discuss various types of jobs and explain why it can be useful to explore different job options.

Why it's useful to explore different types of jobs

Knowing about different types of jobs is useful because it can help you to decide what type of work you want to do. This can guide your decision making regarding your education and long-term career goals. Identifying different types of careers is also helpful because it can give you more options. Understanding what your options are can help you choose a career that you find enjoyable and feel motivated to succeed in. If you want to change your career path, learning about other options can make it easier for you to move into a more suitable role.


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16 types of careers

There are many different types of careers, and each area has many different job roles. Deciding what type of career you want to have can help you when you're looking for work or planning your education and training. To build a successful career, it's beneficial to choose an area of work that interests you. You can then look at specific job roles within that industry and decide what role suits you best. The main types of careers include:

1. Business administration and management

Business administration and management is a popular career choice for many people, as there's a vast range of jobs you can pursue within this industry. These jobs involve managing businesses and helping them to achieve success and reach their organisational goals. While people from a variety of different backgrounds can have a business career, it's useful to have strong business knowledge. Here are some roles you can pursue in this field:

  • administrative assistant

  • operations assistant

  • office manager

  • management consultant

  • business analyst

2. Financial services

Financial services jobs involve money and banking. Some finance specialists work for businesses where they administer their accounts and financial details. Others work for finance-related organisations such as banks or investment companies. Jobs in this area can be lucrative and are often highly competitive. Many finance professionals have undergraduate or postgraduate qualifications. Here are some examples of financial services jobs:

  • bank manager

  • investment banker

  • accounts assistant

  • financial director

  • stockbroker

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3. IT and computer science

If you have an interest in IT and technology, you might enjoy working in an IT or computer science job. Jobs in this area range from providing technical support to users to developing new software programs. Professionals in this field are experts in IT and computing, including troubleshooting. If you're passionate about IT and computers and like staying up to date with technology developments, working in this field may suit you. Here are some jobs you may consider in this area:

  • systems analyst

  • IT support technician

  • web developer

  • ethical hacker

  • software engineer

4. Marketing and advertising

Marketing and advertising jobs relate to digital marketing, traditional printed marketing or a combination of both. Some professionals in this field work directly for companies whilst others work for agencies and provide services to a range of clients. Here are some jobs to consider in this field:

  • social media manager

  • copywriter

  • market researcher

  • marketing executive

  • public relations officer

5. Environmental and agricultural

Environmental and agricultural jobs involve working with animals and land. This is a broad field that includes both science-related jobs and more practical tasks, such as farming or landscaping. Jobs in this area often involve working outdoors. Depending on the role you want, you can enter an environmental or agricultural career from a range of different backgrounds. Environmental and agricultural jobs include the following roles:

  • farmer

  • landscape gardener

  • animal care worker

  • tree surgeon

  • climate scientist

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6. Science and mathematics

If science and numbers interest you, you might enjoy a career in a science and mathematics job. Professionals working in this area often have undergraduate or postgraduate degrees and strong scientific and mathematical knowledge. Some roles involve practical work, such as conducting tests and experiments. Here are some examples of professions in this field:

  • chemist

  • laboratory technician

  • statistician

  • microbiologist

  • physicist

7. Building and construction

The building and construction industry focuses on designing and creating new buildings and developments, in addition to making changes to existing structures. Many jobs in this field require physical work and might take place outdoors, but there are also career opportunities that require less manual labour. Some professionals in this field have university degrees whilst others have completed specialist training or apprenticeships. Some options in this field include:

  • architect

  • bricklayer

  • town planner

  • roofer

  • scaffolder

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8. Art, craft and design

Creative people might enjoy a career working in art, craft and design. Aesthetics are important in these jobs, and you may do a lot of intricate work with your hands. Some people working in this field have little formal training, but for some roles, you're likely to require an undergraduate or postgraduate degree. An interest in art and design is essential for these jobs. Here are some jobs in this professional area:

  • artist

  • photographer

  • interior designer

  • graphic designer

  • fashion designer

9. Hair and beauty

If you're passionate about beauty and style, you might enjoy a career in hair and beauty. These jobs involve designing new styles and helping clients to look and feel good. Some professionals in this field specialise in hair and makeup for theatre or television. Here are some jobs you can find in the hair and beauty industry:

  • hairdresser

  • nail technician

  • makeup artist

  • beauty therapist

  • makeup consultant

10. Education

If you have an interest in learning or teaching, you can consider pursuing a job in education. Some people working in education specialise in a particular field. You might work in an educational institution or provide training for adult professionals. Many teaching jobs also give you the opportunity to take on additional responsibilities. Below are some examples of jobs in the education sector:

  • secondary school teacher

  • early years educator

  • private tutor

  • university lecturer

  • teaching assistant

11. Health care

Health care is a large sector with a wide range of jobs. A career in health care may involve working in a broad range of environments, including clinical settings. Some health care jobs require minimal qualifications whilst others require significant amounts of formal study. Here are some examples of jobs in health care:

  • GP

  • care assistant

  • midwife

  • paramedic

  • physiotherapist

12. Hospitality and tourism

As service industries, hospitality and tourism provide services and facilities to the general public. You can find jobs in a variety of settings, including hotels, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions. Good communication and customer service skills are essential for these roles. Some jobs in this area include:

  • hotel receptionist

  • tour guide

  • cabin crew

  • server

  • catering manager

13. Retail and customer service

Working in retail or customer service is about communicating effectively and providing a positive experience for customers. Professionals in these roles represent the company they work for. Jobs may involve face-to-face contact with customers or providing support over the phone or via email. Some jobs in this area include:

  • sales assistant

  • customer service advisor

  • visual merchandiser

  • store manager

  • train conductor

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14. Transport and logistics

Another possible career you may consider working in is transport and logistics. This involves moving people and products both nationally and internationally. You can find a wide variety of jobs in this field, including roles at major transport or logistical hubs. Roles in this field are available to individuals from a broad range of backgrounds. Some jobs to consider in this area are:

  • courier

  • air traffic controller

  • train driver

  • postperson

  • pilot

15. Manufacturing

Manufacturing is about making products, and many of these jobs involve working in factories and with machinery. It's often possible to find work in manufacturing without any formal qualifications. The products you work within a manufacturing job can vary greatly depending on the area you specialise in, such as food or technology production. Below is a list of various manufacturing jobs to consider:

  • production manager

  • sewing machinist

  • quality control officer

  • garment technologist

  • food packaging operative

16. Law

A career in this field involves upholding and enforcement of the law. This may entail working closely with victims of crime or defendants and convicts. An understanding of the law and the legal system is important. Here are some examples of careers in law:

  • solicitor

  • police officer

  • paralegal

  • advocate

  • judge


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