What are aptitude tests? Definition and 11 free resources

Updated 11 September 2023

Aptitude tests are a great way for individuals to better understand what types of jobs best fit their interests, personality and skills. These tests can provide ideas about what career path may best suit you. Whether you're currently applying for jobs or you're interested in exploring your career options, learning more about aptitude tests may benefit you. In this article, we answer the question 'what are aptitude tests?', explore different aptitude tests you may take throughout your career and list 11 free aptitude tests you can find online.

What are aptitude tests?

Aptitude tests are exams used to assess an individual's skill set, interests and personality. People can use aptitude tests to determine how likely they are to succeed in a certain activity, such as an academic programme or a career field. Whether you're just entering the workforce or are curious about what a change in your career may look like for you, these tests can provide useful insights about what type of job would best suit you.

Career aptitude tests can also give you an idea of the type of work environment you might do best in. Employers may also use aptitude tests during the interview process to examine a candidate's ability to perform in a specific job role and their ability to learn new skills through training.

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Types of career aptitude tests

There are many types of career aptitude tests available. Each type measures a different factor that can affect your career choice and overall job satisfaction. It's often best to take multiple types of career aptitude tests to get a well-rounded idea of what kind of job would suit you. Here are some of the most common types of career aptitude tests:


A skills-based career aptitude test measures your skill level in a specific area. For example, if you're a writer, an employer may use this type of aptitude test to assess your writing style and ability to use proper spelling and grammar. Employers often use skills-based career aptitude tests to determine whether a candidate has the training and expertise to meet the job requirements.

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Personality tests

These tests base results on your unique personality. For example, how you make decisions and how well you work under pressure are all components of your personality that can influence what type of career you may enjoy. Personality tests can also provide you with a deeper understanding of how you communicate with others and what type of work environment you may prefer.

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Many people find they perform best in a job that's related to their unique interests. For example, if you're interested in animals, pursuing a career as a veterinarian may be a great idea for you. Career aptitude tests that analyse your interests can provide you with job suggestions suited to your unique interests to help you find work you enjoy.


Understanding your values can be helpful when determining which career you want to pursue. A career test based on your values may suggest that you consider jobs that align with both your personal and professional values and cater to what motivates you in the workplace. People who have jobs that match their personal values are often more satisfied with their work.

11 free career aptitude tests to help you find your next career

There are several career aptitude tests available that you can take online. Many of these tests are free and only require a short amount of time to complete. The following are 11 of the most popular free career aptitude tests you can take today:

1. 123 Career Test

123 Career Test is a simple and easy-to-use career aptitude test that helps identify careers that best match your personality. It also suggests which work environments would best suit your particular needs. This test requires you to select 'yes' or 'no' based on your preferences for various pictures of people performing work-related tasks. Then it suggests careers based on your results.

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2. Keirsey Temperament Sorter

The Keirsey Temperament Sorter helps to identify your specific temperament within the work environment and your personality type. Based on your results, this test labels your personality as either guardian, artisan, rational or idealist. After you complete the assessment, you can access a free description of your temperament and personality profile with the option to pay for a complete report.

3. TestColor

In this test, you complete a two-part selection process in which you choose various colours. After you complete this process, you can access an initial analysis of your personality and career aptitude based on the colours you select. You can also purchase a more in-depth analysis of your results and further career suggestions based on them.

4. Human Metrics

Human Metrics combines methods from both the Typology Central Jung Personality Test and the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator. It's used to rate your personality based on both test scales. This test provides you with various suggestions for your career, personal development and other business-related assessments.

5. PathSource

PathSource is an app for your mobile device that provides you with career options based on your personality and interests. This app also provides an extensive database of jobs based on academic achievements such as different degrees. You can also research universities based on various factors such as financial aid and subjects offered.

6. MAPP Career Test

The Motivational Appraisal Personal Potential (MAPP) Career Test is an assessment that provides career suggestions based on your personality. It also helps you determine where your career motivations lie and the top vocational categories where you'd likely excel. This test takes only 22 minutes to complete, and over eight million people worldwide have used it to enhance their careers.

7. 16 Personalities

16 Personalities uses the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator to help you develop a deeper understanding of yourself. This test uses the same 16 personality types as the Myers-Briggs model, which measures the following qualities using a sliding scale system:

  • Extraversion and introversion

  • Sensing and intuition

  • Thinking and feeling

  • Judging and perceiving

16 Personalities also provides you with tips to help improve your personal and professional relationships based on your results. While the test itself is free, some of the other tools 16 Personalities offers require a fee to unlock.

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8. Truity

Truity offers several personality tests that allow you to explore your career, home life and relationships. Some models they use in these tests include the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator, the Big Five Model and the Enneagram Model. Truity also offers a career profiler tool to help you identify potential careers where you may find success. While a condensed overview of your results is available for free, Truity charges a fee to unlock your full report if you want access to more in-depth information.

9. CareerExplorer

If you're interested in learning about different career options, you may benefit from using CareerExplorer. This free platform provides tests you can use to assess your career values, personality type, interests, capabilities, preferred work environment and preferred social environment. After you complete your assessment, CareerExplorer uses their library of over 1,000 careers and degrees to match you with a customised career path that aligns with your core strengths, interests and personality.

10. CareerFitter

CareerFitter offers an online career test that assesses four key dimensions of your personality. These dimensions include:

  • Energy

  • Perception

  • Decision style

  • Planning

The assessment contains 60 questions and takes approximately 10 minutes to complete. The free career report includes details about your core strengths, the career field you may consider and your leadership style. It also provides information about how much money you can earn in different career fields and the steps you can take to begin your career journey.

11. MyPlan Values Assessment

MyPlan offers a free value-based career assessment to help you identify what is important to you in a job. This test focuses on uncovering your underlying needs and motivations, so you can choose a career field that aligns with your personal values. The MyPlan Values Assessment consists of 20 questions and takes approximately 12 minutes to complete. The results can help you find a career that matches your values and provides high job satisfaction.

Tips to prepare for an aptitude test

Here are some tips to help you prepare to take an aptitude test:

  • Practise taking aptitude tests. Use a search engine to find free aptitude tests online and practise taking them to familiarise yourself with the types of questions they typically include. You can also reach out to the recruiter of the organisation you're interviewing with to find out what type of aptitude test they use to ensure you practise answering the right types of questions.

  • Be honest. When completing your aptitude test, try to answer each question honestly. This can help you identify what types of roles you're best suited for and provide recruiters with an accurate assessment.

  • Limit distractions. If you're taking an aptitude test online, try to block out distractions by turning your phone off and muting notifications on your computer. Finding a quiet space to take your aptitude test can also help you focus and improve your results.

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