10 delivery driver interview questions (With example answers)

Updated 10 March 2023

Working as a delivery driver is a job with a lot of variety, from stocking restaurants with food to providing companies with parcels. If you're seeking a job as a delivery driver, you might wish to prepare for the job interview. You can do that by learning how to answer possible questions the interviewer might ask you. In this article, we provide ten coming delivery driver interview questions and example answers to help you prepare for your interview.

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Top 10 delivery driver interview questions with answer samples

If you wish to understand what employers look for when asking specific questions and how to impress them, below are ten common delivery driver interview questions with example answers:

1. Is your driving record clean?

By asking this question, recruiters want to be sure you are a responsible and cautious driver. Accidents happen frequently, so the employer doesn't expect you to have an immaculate record. They want to know if you've had any problems with your driving, which are stated on your driving record. Be honest when you answer, as they can check your background if you secure the position.

Example: 'I was involved in a car accident back in 2013. In my defence, the police concluded that the other driver was at fault. Apart from that, I haven't committed any infractions.'

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2. Do you have experience working as a delivery driver?

Employers ask this question to learn about your experience level to see if you match this role. While some companies may require some experience, especially when working with high-value products, others seek delivery drivers with no experience whatsoever. When answering, you may wish to mention any other related experience you've gained, like working with customers, if you lack experience.

Example: 'No, I don't, but I've worked in retail before, so I'm familiar with how people tend to behave and handle various situations. As a result, I can achieve great results handling customers.'

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3. Please tell us about your process of adjusting to travelling routes.

With this question, the interviewer wishes to learn about your own process of regulating and managing your travel schedule. Explain how you could adjust your route in case of an issue. Make sure you present your knowledge of several travel routes.

Example: 'Since I am an experienced driver, I know and am aware of most routes. I also use my GPS to map routes, which helps me to save a great deal of time when driving. If I see that a route I am currently taking has an issue, I immediately change the route, and I never worry about getting lost.'

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4. Tell us about one time your driver skills were truly tested.

Here the employer wants to know how you used your creative thinking and skills to achieve great work. This is the time to speak with confidence about yourself. It's your chance to prove the skills you possess as an experienced driver.

Example: 'I was working as a driver for [mention the name of the company you worked for]. I got a call about picking up a patient that was in a critical state. The place was extremely far away, but since I know almost all the areas in my town, I took all the shortcuts I was aware of to avoid traffic and save time.

I arrived fast at the place, and I took the patient to the hospital using the best route I could think of. I was right in picking the fastest one, as I was at the hospital in almost no time, and I saved the patient in this way.'

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5. What experience do you have handling customers?

Hiring managers ask you this question to ensure you don't have an issue interacting with their customers. Working with customers is an essential part of every delivery driver's responsibilities. Depending on your own position's specifics, you might either see them every single time you make a delivery, or you may only do so occasionally. Your answer to this question can include any delivery experience related to customers or any other work experience dealing with clients.

Example: 'I have gained quite a lot of experience from one entire year of being a delivery driver for [mention the name of the business you worked for]. I interacted with all my customers when handing them their orders, but also at the restaurant, where I helped with various other tasks.

I have also been a cashier at a bakery in my hometown while I was still in high school. I was with them for two and a half years, and in that time, I took orders regularly. I also served customers all the time and sometimes even made recommendations, telling them about what I considered to be the most delicious products.'

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6. What vehicle categories can you drive?

The interview seeks to find out the type of vehicle you can drive when they ask you this. Be straightforward and mention all the vehicles you can drive. Provide proof of your ability to drive all of them.

Example: 'In my over 12 years of experience, I have driven motorcycles, buses, vans and, of course, regular cars. While it's true that I've worked as a car driver for far more years than the rest, I am flexible and can drive any vehicle. I have a great knowledge of it, and I have all the skills that are required.'

7. What made you pursue a career in driving?

By asking this question, the interviewer wants to understand the motivation behind choosing driving as a career. Be straightforward when answering why you chose driving as your career path. Remember to be honest about your reasons.

Example: 'I've always wanted to become a professional driver. Growing up, I developed this passion even more. As a result, I enrolled in a driving school to gain the experience and skills needed for this profession. I love the work I get the chance to perform daily, and I always find that the issues I face at work only challenge me to perform better.'

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8. Are you comfortable working night shifts in case of urgent customers?

In this case, the employer wants to assess your flexibility. Say that you can offer this. Mention that you can always be available in times of need.

Example: 'Driving represents the most genuine passion I have, so I can do it anytime, no matter how inconvenient the time may be. I don't have an issue working at night. I am extremely flexible, so I can ensure you can count on my availability whenever my services may be needed.'

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9. What do you think makes a driver responsible?

In this case, the employer wants to understand what type of driver you are. Explain how a good driver acts, in your view. Remember to be confident when answering this.

Example: 'Driving responsibly requires respecting the traffic rules and not drinking before or while driving. A good delivery driver makes certain that the customer is always satisfied with their services. In the case of an accident, the driver must take full responsibility and solve the problems caused by the accident. In addition, they must have great time management skills.'

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10. Do you have your own vehicle?

The interviewer wants to find out if you have a car and, more importantly, if you can use it in case of an emergency or if the company's car is not working properly. Be honest about whether or not you have your own car. In case you do, mention that you would definitely help by providing your own car for any emergency that may occur.

Example: 'I am lucky enough to have a [mention the type of car you drive]. I use this car when I'm not working to maintain my driving skills. My own car helps me to practise when on holiday. I always make sure I keep my driving standards high when I'm not at work so that when I return, I am in touch with all my skills to ensure great work.'

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