35 e-commerce questions for interview (with sample answers)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 13 November 2022

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There are many jobs in the e-commerce industry that require competent employees with specific skills to ensure customers can shop online easily and comfortably. When conducting interviews of candidates in this industry, employers are likely to ask questions to identify whether candidates have the desired skills and competence. If you've applied for a job in e-commerce and received an interview offer, you can increase your chances of being successful if you review some potential questions an interviewer might ask. In this article, we list 35 interview questions and provide some sample answers you can use as a reference.

10 general e-commerce questions for interviews

Here are ten general e-commerce questions for interviews you may receive no matter what role you're applying for:

  1. How would you describe your work ethic?

  2. Once you begin work, how do you ensure you stay productive?

  3. What are your career goals for the next 10 years? Where do you see yourself?

  4. How would previous managers describe you as an employee and your work ethic?

  5. What professional qualities are important to you and your career success?

  6. What are some aspects you enjoy about working in the e-commerce industry?

  7. What do you know about our organisation?

  8. How did you find out about the position, and what aspects of the job appeal to you?

  9. Do you prefer to work remotely or in the office? Why?

  10. Do you have any questions about the position or about our company?

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10 questions about experience and background

Once you have introduced yourself to the interviewer and they understand more about your basic qualities, you can begin to talk more about your professional experience and background. Here are ten questions that an interviewer might ask to find out about your professional career:

  1. Why did you become interested in e-commerce?

  2. Tell us about some e-commerce brands or shops you've managed or set up.

  3. Have you worked in a team scenario whilst managing an e-commerce brand? How was the experience?

  4. What skills did you use the most in your previous roles?

  5. What experiences have you had in previous positions that you can apply to this role?

  6. What do you believe are your strengths and weaknesses?

  7. During your education, what did you learn that helped you develop relevant skills for the job?

  8. What was a particularly challenging problem you had at work, and how did you solve it?

  9. Have you ever had a job outside of e-commerce? What skills did you learn from it that you can apply here?

  10. What is your greatest professional achievement?

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10 in-depth e-commerce questions

Once you've discussed your background and experience in the e-commerce field, the interviewer may begin to ask you more in-depth questions about your career. Below are some in-depth e-commerce questions for interviews you may experience:

  1. What e-commerce technologies, software or concepts are you proficient in?

  2. Have you ever implemented your knowledge in e-commerce to start your own venture?

  3. What customer service techniques do you use to deal with queries or issues?

  4. Describe a time you launched a marketing campaign for a product.

  5. Have you ever experienced issues with an e-commerce shop you were managing?

  6. Describe a time when you used analytics and metrics to direct your decision-making.

  7. How would you define e-commerce? How do you envision the future of the industry?

  8. Do you pair any other software to assist your e-commerce expertise?

  9. Are you aware of any search engine optimisation strategies to help with e-commerce shops?

  10. Are there any e-commerce business models you take inspiration from?

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5 e-commerce interview questions with sample answers

Here is a list of interview questions you may receive during an e-commerce interview with sample answers:

1. What's one professional challenge you encountered, and how did you handle it?

Interviewers ask candidates this question to understand their decision-making process and discover their professional approach to certain situations. Performing under pressure and finding solutions to problems is a crucial aspect of any job. E-commerce jobs may require individuals to collaborate in a team environment or produce work to a tight deadline, which can lead to potential issues. Strong candidates can contribute positively to projects in a timely manner and work collaboratively.

Example: 'There was one product that had a high bounce rate, and we couldn't figure out the reason for this. I analysed the product page and noticed that the product video wasn't in 1080p, meaning that customers couldn't get a proper in-depth look at the item they were about to purchase. This uncertainty led to them leaving the page without purchasing anything. I edited the video and ensured I exported it in 1080p and reuploaded it. After a week, we saw healthier bounce rates.'

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2. What's your proudest accomplishment in your professional career?

This question helps interviewers observe your professional strengths indirectly. They may also try to find out how qualified you are for the job and whether you can contribute positively to the role with the qualities you possess. You could list formal achievements or awards, such as an employee of the year award that a previous employer gave you or an intangible accomplishment that you cherished during your career.

Example: 'The proudest moment in my e-commerce career so far is experiencing relatively substantial growth with my previous place of employment. During my tenure, I contributed to an increase in sales of 25%, and I was involved in the creation of multiple successful social media marketing campaigns. We created a social media channel, and I helped the content creation team create entertaining videos to promote the brand. I'm confident I can replicate this success in the role I'm applying for.'

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3. What do you believe is the biggest aspect of e-commerce success?

This is a question that interviewers ask to evaluate your industry knowledge and understand any unique opinions or insights you have about e-commerce. E-commerce is an industry with multiple strategies and techniques that can lead to success, so this is a subjective question based on objective analysis. When answering this question, rely on knowledge you may have learned during your education or experiences during your professional career to formulate a response.

Example: 'I believe that the most important thing e-commerce shops can do to grow is to engage in effective branding. If customers can't differentiate your shop and your competitor's, then your imagery, copy or online presence is inadequate. An effective way to grow your brand is to interconnect your social media channels and encourage engagement by posting thought-provoking or entertaining content related to your company.'

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4. What advantages do you think e-commerce shopping has over retail?

Interviewers may ask you this question to understand your opinion on current events related to the e-commerce industry. Many analysts and experts agree that retail shopping is struggling and that customers prefer to do their shopping online instead. This question gives you the opportunity to show your industry knowledge and integrate your own insight into the matter. Prior to the interview, you may find it useful to research statistics and reports on the state of retail shopping to support your response to any questions like this.

Example: 'I think e-commerce has a great advantage over retail shopping, as 95% of surveyed customers in a study claimed that they would purchase their shopping online if it were a viable option. The convenience and ability for individuals to shop for what they want whenever they want creates a competitive market for brands in various industries. I believe that there could be a decline in e-commerce development as technology stalls and it becomes the primary option for shopping.'

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5. How do you stay up to date on current e-commerce trends?

This question allows the interviewer to determine whether you're invested in the role and actively seek to develop professionally. To answer this question, you could state that you stay up to date through first-hand research or through extracurricular education. You could cite news sources, blogs, B2B publications or professional experience.

Example: 'To stay up to date on current trends, I tend to immerse myself in any news or expert opinion I find on the matter. There are a few publications I read frequently, one of which is by the former CEO of a major e-commerce brand that started in the dot-com bubble. His expert opinion and insight on trends and topics allow me to research further and apply to my personal professional career.'

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