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Updated 20 June 2023

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You may be considering work from home jobs for a variety of reasons. Working from home allows you more flexibility in day to day life, the opportunity to work for companies further afield or the ability to pursue other interests while maintaining a consistent paycheck.

We have identified the top 10 work from home occupations in Britain, ranked by annual salaries.  Whatever your strengths, there are several options to explore when looking for a new remote job. 

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1. Freelance quantity surveyor

National average salary: £46,275
Quantity surveyors manage all of the construction costs relating to building projects, and can either work in an office or on-site. Freelancers can of course carry out much of their work from the comfort of their own home, while maintaining regular visits to their construction sites.

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2. Recruiter

National average salary: £27,267
Recruiters are responsible for the screening, interviewing and hiring of new employees for a company. They may also scout university campuses for future graduates, and therefore can spend a lot of time travelling, meaning flexible working is required. 

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3. Freelance artist

National average salary: £97.97 per day
Artists are notoriously poorly paid, but freelance artists, rather than those who work in a studio or for a company, have the freedom to charge clients what they like so can often command more. There’s the added bonus that they can work from home or a private studio, saving on travel costs.

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4. Freelance designer

National average salary: £236 per day
The art and design industry, which covers jobs such as interior designers and graphic designers, is ideal for those who want to work from home, as there is generally little reason to be in an office. Graphic designers, for example, will typically work remotely, liaising with clients face-to-face or over the phone to discuss requirements and budget, and then developing the concept on their computer at home.

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5. Therapist

National average salary: £35,700
Most private therapists see patients in their own home as it is convenient and cheap and clients often enjoy the more informal environment. However, some therapists may be reluctant to see clients at their own residence as they can find it difficult to separate work and life and can become distracted, preferring to rent out a private office or room elsewhere. 

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6. Freelance copywriter

National average salary: £173 per day
Copywriters produce written content for various clients, such as marketing materials for a company website. This can be done at home, and copywriters often combine this work with other freelance writing to bring in extra money.

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7. Personal trainer

National average salary: £28,022
Personal trainers can work in a gym, their own home, public parks and green spaces, or their client’s home. They will assist clients in exercises to minimise injury and promote fitness, and monitor a client’s progress to ensure they meet their personal goals.

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8. Tax consultant

National average salary: £42,532
Tax consultants use their knowledge of tax legislation to provide advisory services to personal and corporate clients, making sure they take advantage of any tax loopholes and benefits. Working in corporate tax usually attracts a slightly higher salary than working in personal tax.

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9. Developer

National average salary: £44,702
Software developers are responsible for designing, installing, testing and developing applications for computers.  While developers usually work in teams with engineers and managers, it is feasible for them to work from home with regular calls to colleagues.

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10. Web developer

National average salary: £36,961
Web developers spend their time designing, coding and modifying websites for clients. Remote work and self-employment are common in the tech industry as the only equipment needed is a good quality computer and Internet connection. Some companies will require their staff to work remotely all the time. 

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Salary figures reflect data listed on the quoted websites at time of writing. Salaries may vary depending on the hiring organisation and a candidate’s experience, academic background and location.


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