How to give two weeks' notice (steps, samples and tips)

By Indeed Editorial Team

Published 12 May 2022

Giving notice before you decide to leave a job may be a standard procedure in most companies. Giving a notice two weeks before your last day is a common practice since it may indicate professionalism and respect. Learning how to give a two weeks' notice can help your transition to the next job be smooth and may allow you to maintain a good relationship with your current employer. In this article, we discuss steps on how to give a two weeks' notice, outline the importance, provide sample letters and share tips to help you write an excellent letter.

How to give two weeks' notice

Learning how to give a two weeks' notice may allow you to notify your employer about your decision to depart from your current employment in the right way. This period may provide you with time to accomplish several objectives, including completing your current work obligations and informing your managers and colleagues on how to perform some of your duties once you leave. Here are steps you may to give your employer a two weeks' notice:

1. Review the company's guidelines on resigning

The resigning process may require you to review your contract on guidelines for giving notice of termination. Depending on the terms provided, it may require you to write a letter of notification. The company guidelines can also elaborate essential details you can include in your letter, such as what activities you can perform before your last day.

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2. Find a convenient time to meet your employer

It may be convenient to resign from your job in person, or you can decide to have this conversation with your employer via telephone or video conference. Your supervisor can view this as an act of professionalism since it may allow them enough time to prepare for our exit. You may also choose to include a human resource representative who can ensure the meeting is constructive.

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3. Prepare for your conversation

Preparing for the resignation conversation can allow you to revise key points and ensure you communicate every important detail. You may decide to practise how you're going to convey your message honestly and clearly by talking to a colleague. Preparing may also require that you formulate a detailed plan for how you may like to spend your last days at work.

In case you decide to move to another area, you may also use this opportunity to ask for permission to spend your last days packing your items. If you're an exceptional employee, your employer may attempt to offer a pay raise or increase your benefits. You can decide to practise what you can say if such a situation arises.

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4. Send a letter

If meeting your employer is a challenge, an alternative may be sending an email or writing a letter. If you're emailing, you can ensure that the subject section clearly shows that your email includes a resignation letter. This may ensure the human resource department reds the letter immediately.

Sections of a two weeks' notice letter

Here are some important sections you can include in your letter:


In this section, you may state your personal information, such as your name, surname and position in the company. You may also include the date and the recipients' information. Here's an example:

Rebecca Shearling
Software developer, Maroon company

Christine Webster
CTO, Maroon company

Greetings and intent statement

You may greet the recipient respectfully using their salutations or job title if you're not familiar with the recipient. The next sentence can then state the letter's purpose, which is to announce your resignation. You may also include your last day of work by mentioning the date which, in this situation, is two weeks from the date you're writing the letter. The reason for resignation may be optional. For example:

Dear Ms. Christine,

This letter serves to announce my resignation from the software development position at the Maroon company. This may also mark the beginning of my two weeks' notice, ending on the 2nd of January.

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In this section, you may briefly express your gratitude for the work experience and thank the employer for the opportunities you have gained during your time at the company. You can also include specific memorable events. For example:

Working for this company and working under your management has been one of the best experiences of my career. I'm beyond grateful for all the opportunities and experiences presented to me in this company. I fondly recall all the workshops that I attended in Brighton and I'm forever grateful for the chances you gave me.

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Transition plans and end the letter

You may choose to offer your help in the transition process during your last two weeks. This may include training your colleagues to perform your tasks before a replacement arrives. You can then end the letter by using the words 'yours sincerely' followed by your full name and signature. An example is:

If there is anything I can do to assist with the transition, please let me know. I can provide potential recommendations to help the company fill my position.

Rebecca Shearling.

Two weeks' notices samples

Here are samples of various types of resignation letters you may refer to when writing your letter:

Notice letter for an entry-level job

To Ian Smith,
Senior sales manager,
VW clothing,

5th November 2021.

Dear Mr. Ian Smith,

I'm writing to officially announce my resignation from the sales assistant position at VW clothing, two weeks from now, on 19 November. Thank you for trusting me for the past year and a half and offering me this position despite my experience. The company and staff have allowed me to experience invaluable growth and gain development skills throughout my time here and I'm very grateful for that opportunity. If you require my help with the transition during these upcoming weeks, please let me know how.

Andy Jones

Letter for a mid-level professional


Claus Michaelson
Head of HR
Villi's Retail Company

03 November 2021

Dear Mr. Michelson,

This letter serves to announce my resignation from Villi's Retail Company and marks the beginning of my two weeks' notice, ending on 19 November. Working for this company has been an outstanding experience and I have felt very valued and appreciated. I'm grateful for having this opportunity, which has played a vital role in progressing my career and working with an extraordinary team that has taught me so many invaluable lessons. I'm available to provide my full help during the upcoming transition process.


Gerald McDonald

Letter sample for a managing position

To Richard Reynolds,
VW Company

03 November 2012,

Dear Mr. Reynolds,

Through this letter, I at this moment announce my two weeks' notice of resignation from the position of senior sales manager at the VW Company. I'm honoured to have had the chance to lead such a fantastic team. I'm proud of all this company's achievements throughout the years. I offer my full help for this transition period and recommend Jane Caesar for the position.


Sarah Stewart

Importance of giving a two weeks' notice

Here are reasons why it may be essential to learn how to give a proper two weeks notice:

  • Shows respect. Writing a two weeks' letter may be a respectful way to inform your employer of your decision to leave your current position. This may ensure that your supervisor speaks positively of your exit from the company and it may increase the chances of using them as a reference for your following job opportunities.

  • Allows the company to plan. Giving notice may allow your employer ample time to conduct a smooth transition into the next phase of your position in the company. They may decide to hire a new replacement or assign your duties to your colleagues.

  • Formalises your resignation. A letter of two weeks' notice may also be an official document for a record of your decision to resign. You may use this document for statistical purposes to understand why employees choose to leave.

Tips on how to give notice

Here are tips that may help you write a good two weeks notice:

  • Use business letter format. This may ensure your letter looks professional. A business letter format may also convey seriousness.

  • Keep it brief. You may include only necessary information on your notice letter and conversation with your employer. A brief letter may also ensure that you include only necessary information.

  • Read letter samples. You may refer to various examples before you can write your own. This may give you an idea of what to say and how to structure your letter.

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