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Fellow salary in Cirencester

How much does a Fellow make in Cirencester?

Average base salary

below national average

The average salary for a fellow is £31,412 per year in Cirencester. 2 salaries reported, updated at 25 November 2022

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Top companies for Fellows in Cirencester

  1. University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
    32 reviews19 salaries reported
    £53,200per year
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Highest paying cities for Fellows near Cirencester

  1. Street
    £52,753 per year
    7 salaries reported
  2. Gloucester
    £49,856 per year
    50 salaries reported
  3. Cambridge
    £49,423 per year
    518 salaries reported
  1. Bristol
    £46,661 per year
    649 salaries reported
  2. Poole
    £46,439 per year
    108 salaries reported
  3. Cheltenham
    £45,180 per year
    10 salaries reported
  1. London
    £43,373 per year
    3k salaries reported
  2. Manchester
    £42,678 per year
    165 salaries reported
  3. York
    £41,101 per year
    9 salaries reported
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Where can a Fellow earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Cirencester?


41 job openings

Average £37,732 per year

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