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Infectious disease physician salary in Sheffield

How much does an Infectious Disease Physician make in Sheffield?

Average base salary

arrow down11%
below national average

The average salary for a infectious disease physician is £39,765 per year in Sheffield. 15 salaries reported, updated at 12 September 2022

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Top companies for Infectious Disease Physicians in Sheffield

  1. Lewisham and Greenwich NHS Trust
    76 reviews6 salaries reported
    £98,207per year
  2. £96,155per year
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Highest paying cities for Infectious Disease Physicians near Sheffield

  1. Blackburn
    £95,407 per year
    242 salaries reported
  2. Southampton
    £64,573 per year
    9 salaries reported
  3. London
    £49,190 per year
    273 salaries reported
  1. Manchester
    £47,639 per year
    54 salaries reported
  2. Leicester
    £43,203 per year
    21 salaries reported
  3. Sheffield
    £39,765 per year
    15 salaries reported
  1. Bristol
    £38,581 per year
    26 salaries reported
  2. Liverpool
    £31,553 per year
    57 salaries reported
  3. Coventry
    £28,445 per year
    145 salaries reported
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Where can an Infectious Disease Physician earn more?

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