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Midwife salary in Henley on Thames

How much does a Midwife make in Henley on Thames?

Estimated salaries

above national average

The estimated salary for a midwife is £44,491 per year in Henley on Thames. -1 salaries reported

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Top companies for Midwives in Henley on Thames

  1. Medicspro
    15 reviews5 salaries reported
    £65,199per year
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Highest paying cities for Midwives near Henley on Thames

  1. London
    £43,253 per year
    2.8k salaries reported
  2. Ashford
    £40,729 per year
    48 salaries reported
  3. Derby
    £40,728 per year
    45 salaries reported
  1. Oxford
    £39,266 per year
    88 salaries reported
  2. Reading
    £39,197 per year
    165 salaries reported
  3. Kingston upon Hull
    £38,286 per year
    38 salaries reported
  1. Bicester
    £37,237 per year
    25 salaries reported
  2. Leicester
    £36,906 per year
    103 salaries reported
  3. Peterborough
    £36,657 per year
    114 salaries reported
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Where can a Midwife earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Henley on Thames?

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520 job openings

Average £48,993 per year

Obstetrics and Gynecology Physician

Job openings

Average £74,656 per year

Registered Nurse - Operating Room

42 job openings

Average £28,445 per year

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