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Painter salary in United Kingdom

How much does a Painter make in United Kingdom?

Average base salary


The average salary for a painter is £16.95 per hour in United Kingdom. 20.5k salaries reported, updated at 27 November 2023

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Top companies for Painters in United Kingdom

  1. The Shore Group
    109 reviews111 salaries reported
    £19.69per hour
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Highest paying cities for Painters near United Kingdom

  1. Cambridge
    £18.28 per hour
    142 salaries reported
  2. Bristol
    £18.21 per hour
    437 salaries reported
  3. Coventry
    £16.82 per hour
    160 salaries reported
  1. Southampton
    £16.79 per hour
    95 salaries reported
  2. London
    £16.66 per hour
    781 salaries reported
  3. Glasgow
    £16.35 per hour
    455 salaries reported
  1. Cardiff
    £16.27 per hour
    183 salaries reported
  2. Liverpool
    £15.68 per hour
    200 salaries reported
  3. Oldham
    £15.50 per hour
    19 salaries reported
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Where can a Painter earn more?

Compare salaries for Painters in different locations
Explore Painter openings
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