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Physiotherapist salary in Chessington

How much does a Physiotherapist make in Chessington?

Average base salary

as national average

The average salary for a physiotherapist is £39,508 per year in Chessington. 23 salaries reported, updated at 15 November 2023

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Top companies for Physiotherapists in Chessington

  1. First Community Health and Care
    8 reviews29 salaries reported
    £41,656per year
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Highest paying cities for Physiotherapists near Chessington

  1. Guildford
    £40,842 per year
    166 salaries reported
  2. Leatherhead
    £40,091 per year
    68 salaries reported
  3. Chertsey
    £39,434 per year
    48 salaries reported
  1. Epsom
    £39,182 per year
    207 salaries reported
  2. Walton-on-Thames
    £38,948 per year
    49 salaries reported
  3. Woking
    £38,019 per year
    49 salaries reported
  1. Camberley
    £37,996 per year
    91 salaries reported
  2. Farnham
    £37,686 per year
    77 salaries reported
  3. Redhill
    £37,469 per year
    146 salaries reported
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Where can a Physiotherapist earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Chessington?

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Learning Disability Nurse

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Average £19,568 per year

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