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Physiotherapist salary in Grays

How much does a Physiotherapist make in Grays?

Average base salary

as national average

The average salary for a physiotherapist is £31,344 per year in Grays. 3 salaries reported, updated at 22 August 2023

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Top companies for Physiotherapists in Grays

  1. The Princess Alexandra Hospital NHS Trust
    46 reviews71 salaries reported
    £41,896per year
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Highest paying cities for Physiotherapists near Grays

  1. Harlow
    £41,907 per year
    193 salaries reported
  2. Southend-on-Sea
    £41,035 per year
    55 salaries reported
  3. Brentwood
    £39,772 per year
    33 salaries reported
  1. Epping
    £39,193 per year
    66 salaries reported
  2. Chelmsford
    £36,989 per year
    139 salaries reported
  3. Colchester
    £36,741 per year
    205 salaries reported
  1. Basildon
    £35,201 per year
    125 salaries reported
  2. Westcliff-on-Sea
    £34,921 per year
    119 salaries reported
  3. Clacton-on-Sea
    £31,652 per year
    41 salaries reported
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Where can a Physiotherapist earn more?

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How much do similar professions get paid in Grays?

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