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Redundancy in Birmingham
on 16 September 2021
Diversity supportive, Productive, Firm but Fair Management
I loved working here. The Team Leader role has evolved from being a "Leader" of teams to becoming more technically aware and able to coach accordingly.
Claims Handler in Birmingham, West Midlands
on 9 January 2022
Relaxed atmosphere but poor management and very poor collaboration between teams
Relaxed environment and colleagues are friendly and helpful but you will only be promoted if your face fits and you aren’t seen as a trouble maker which is basically when you point out the errors in managements plans.
Team Leader in Birmingham, West Midlands
on 23 May 2020
Good Company
Good company to work for. Enjoyed building relationships with other areas of the business and leading a team. Very interesting role especially in my role as team leader. This gave me a good incite into the management side of business. Enjoyed accompanying surveyors to various risks.
Customer Claims Handler in Birmingham, Trinity Park
on 17 November 2018
Must read before considering.
The expectation of Claim Handlers to manage calls and your own portfolio of claims is stupidly unrealistic. When applying you're told over the phone by the recruitment team that you will be handling your own portfolio of claims but they fail to tell you that in reality you're priority will be answering incoming calls, until you're invited for an interview. Managing both is impossible due to the volume of calls, and management (senior managers and team leaders) are blind to this. The pay is a grave injustice when compared to the amount of work management expect from you. Unless you're desperate for a job, my advice would be to look elsewhere, this job will negatively impact you psychologically aswell as your social life. From day to day you'll start by logging into your phone (be aware, if you're a few minutes late, this will be noted even though you're highly likely to stay after your shift ends if you're stuck on a call. This can range anywhere from 15-45+ minutes. Management have an evasive attitude to this) from the get go you're expected to prioritise any calls waiting. At the same time you're expected to look at "New claims" that have been assigned to you from the day before and other work items in your portfolio. How you manage calls and workload at the same time? I don't know. If you're unable to do this you're made to feel incompetent in your role. Their expectations are physically impossible. Also, over the course of the day your breaks, lunches etc are monitored by codes on the phone you log into. There comes a point that you're afraid to leave your seat to go to the toilet because management will question you about this. You're also expected to take up other opportunities in order to "progress" further in your role. This means extra work on top of you're existing workload. You will join a team of typically 10 people (some will see sense and leave before they're up on the "floor") and will train together at the beginning and possibly stay as a team going forward unless you're needed to fill gaps in other teams. Training is barely relevant to your job role. Once training is completed, you'll be taken to your floor and assigned a poor excuse of technology which they refer to as you're computer and telephone. A very noisy, unclean and uncomfortable environment that quickly becomes unbearable. There is only a handful of genuine people that are willing to help, the rest will not hesitate to step on you to impress management. Be careful and trust a few, do this and you'll survive long enough to see past the false nature of the company. Management will come across as understanding and supportive but in reality they couldn't care less, to them you're another number that's easily replaced. All your hardwork is considered effective leading skills of of your team leader, do not expect to be commended for your efforts therefore making your development difficult. You're also encouraged to contribute ideas to help improve the efficiency of the work you do. Don't bother, this entails a process long enough that you'll forget or made to feel stupid at the end. Managers will have their favourites and they will be prioritized over you. This is blatantly obvious from the first day on the job. Doesn't take long to realise that managememt share bonds outside of work with their favourites making it impossible for anyone that doesn't associate with them to progress in the workplace. Best you'll get is false hope. The company values are heavily contradicted. Not only are the staff mistreated but customers also. Customer claims are not actioned as promised, unless they call in wanting to complain about the lack of action taken on their claim. Majority calls are customer complaints because of the poor decisions made by management resulting in you having to take the brunt of the customer's frustration, not that management care. Truth be told, you cannot do your job, assess claims as you should, manage claims as you should and treat customers as you should (fairly) simply because you are not allowed to as you're are not given the time to do so. If you do take time to do your actual job then you are considered to be "shirking" and management will quickly highlight this. The Directors really need to intervene because a company as credible as Allianz should not be run by a bunch of amateurs. There's a lot more that can be said but to conclude, if you value self respect then don't bother considering this job. Save yourself the disappointment and stress, and look elsewhere.
Motor Claims Handler in Birmingham Trinity Park UK
on 3 August 2018
Nightmare scenario
If you are looking to work in claims - prepare yourself, this is not best practice in the way Allianz manage their workload. You will be plugged into a phone all day, every day and the calls are relentless. You may have just taken a complex claim which requires some time to work. You will not be given any time to work it. You are dealing with people's cars - their pride and joy. You wish you could help them. Before you have finished dealing with that claim you will be expected to take another call, then another, then another, your case load of claims build up very quickly and you end up with a series of poorly handled claims, as you have not been given time to properly work on them. To make matters worse, you are given at least 5-10 new claims a day to work inbetween calls. The only problem is it is quite rare there is time in between calls and when there is, it is normally less than 60 seconds. If you are lucky enough to get some time it is probably best spent going back to the claim call you took earlier to finish it of, not start working another claim. Claims are not properly addressed until the customer quite rightly complains about delays or actions not being taken to progress them. A lot of the calls you take are not even for the department you work in, and at times you will feel like a switchboard. I have seen top level management truly embarrass themselves by running across the call centre floor begging and shouting at you to take calls but you and everyone else is already on a call so that's too bad. Cringe. Eventually unless you are very thick skinned you will find the above pressures month in, month out, will wear you down and you will realise life is too short and get a better job. They have a high staff turnover in their call centre for a reason. You pass their internal written exams and they promise they will pay for you to get a qualification. They never materialise either. Not enough in the budget but there will be next year or the year after that. The management look at stats not quality of claims handling. Some team leaders and some senior claims handlers literally talk down to you and when you approach them they look at you like are beneath speaking with you. A very them VS us culture. The people that have worked there a long time and all know each other are the worst offenders for this. Other departments are not co-operative as I imagine they face similar pressures. Allianz does not have a culture of internal customers and being spoken to the way you would expect to be spoken to. They are always trying to improve things and I think they do know the above problems exist, but in the time I worked there no one was able to come up with a solution to the calls vs workload issue. If you want a good and positive career in claims don't work at this company in this region. You are better than that.

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