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About Aramark

Aramark (NYSE: ARMK) is in the customer service business across food, facilities and uniforms, wherever people work, learn, recover, and play. United by a passion to serve, our 270,000+ team members deliver experiences that enrich and nourish the lives of millions of people in 19 countries around the world every day. We are recognized as one of the – 

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Our People Power Experiences

Hourly and Seasonal

We have full-time, part-time and seasonal hourly positions at locations across the country. Our exceptional hourly and seasonal employees are the face of Aramark, bringing their personal, attentive, and fresh approach to millions of customers every day. We know it’s their dedicated service that ultimately drives success for our clients and company. It is of our upmost importance that we offer positions that are unique, exciting, and allow our employees to explore their area of interest. We hire thousands of diverse individuals from across the globe, providing opportunities in many different industries. We have part-time, full-time and seasonal hourly positions in: • Food Service • Facilities and Maintenance • Hospitality • Customer Service • Retail • Catering and Event Management • Uniform and Laundry Services We offer our employees a wide range of benefit programs designed to meet their individual needs that support health and well-being. This includes medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, disability, life, retirement, employee assistance, paid time off, rewards and recognition, and more. As part of our employee healthcare strategy, we’re committed to: • Encouraging employees to family members to take action to enhance their health • Building a culture for health and wellness • Providing employees with tools to make informed health care decisions • Offering affordable, accessible and quality healthcare Our hourly and seasonal employees have access to resources and training to support their careers and lifestyles. It’s our way of making sure our employees are met with the same level of service that they give to their customers. *Benefits may vary depending on employment status.

Professional and Management

Food Services We offer the most innovative, exciting food services in the industry, and we’re looking for people dedicated to serving up excellence every single day. • CULINARY • FOOD SERVICE OPERATIONS • NUTRITION AND DIETETICS Operations We’re a large, diverse company that works in many different industries and countries around the globe. We require a talented team of experts to support our everyday operations. • OPERATIONS AND PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT • RETAIL • TRANSPORTATION Facilities We create meaningful experiences around the world with the help of our exceptional corporate staff working behind-the-scenes. • ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES • FACILITIES AND CUSTODIAL MANAGEMENT • BIOMEDICAL AND IMAGING TECHNOLOGISTS • REMOTE SERVICES Corporate We hire the most talented, knowledgeable, and dedicated facilities service experts in the industry. We offer positions in many different industries. • INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY • SUPPLY CHAIN AND PROCUREMENT • FINANCE • HUMAN RESOURCES • MARKETING Sales Whether you’re an inside/outside sales representative or a director of business development, you would have access to a wide range of opportunities. • TERRITORY SALES • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT • ROUTE SALES

Students and Internships

Through internships and on-the-job training, students can start their career off on the right foot. Every year, we search for the best and brightest students from across the country to join our team of talented professionals. Here, they get the resources, knowledge and the training necessary to jump-start their promising professional careers. Whether they are graduating or continuing their education, we provide unique student internships and professional opportunities that expose them to real-life business experiences, a wide-array of industries, and a diverse work environment. That way, as they enter the working world, they’ll do so with valuable experience to look back on. ACCELERATE TO LEADERSHIP Our accelerated leadership program provides recent graduates with resources and hands-on training. STEP UP TO LEADERSHIP College undergraduates can start their careers with our 10-week paid internship program. DIETETIC INTERNSHIP Our dietetic interns have access to resources, opportunities and a large network of fellow dietitians.

Veterans, Diversity and Inclusion

Military Experience? As a service organization, we offer a wide range of career opportunities. From field operations to corporate and support functions, veterans have found a home with us as leaders in our food, facilities, and uniform divisions coast to coast. Today more than ever, we are on the lookout for motivated candidates with leadership skills and the ability to take initiative. Our Partners We are proud to partner with organizations focused on helping veterans find great jobs and build long-term, rewarding careers. We are committed to strengthening our team with members of the military community and we look forward to continuing our partnership with these groups in the future. Diversity and Inclusion Diversity and inclusion are the backbone of our vibrant workforce, it is essential to our success. We employ more than 270,000+ unique people throughout different cultures around the world. Therefore, each one of our employees is unique, so we’re constantly pushing to make sure our workplace is reflective of our diverse group of employees and customers. We want people with different abilities, backgrounds, experiences and orientations to work at Aramark and be successful. We support a culture that appreciates people’s differences along with their similarities. Our diversity and inclusion programs and initiatives are focused around three areas: • Workforce: Our goal is to hire, retain, and develop people with different backgrounds that reflect the communities that we serve. • Workplace: We strive to create a workplace culture that values and leverages our many differences and drives innovation through inclusion. • Marketplace: We partner with diverse suppliers and community organizations so we can deliver culturally relevant products and services. We also have a number of resource groups available to our employees that gives them access to like-minded people with similar backgrounds and interests, including: • Aramark Young Professionals • Aramark PRIDE • Aramark Dietitians • Aramark Women's Business Resource Network • Aramark Salute (Veterans) • Aramark Impacto Hispanic Employee Resource Group • Aramark Rising Sun Indigenous Employee Resource Group • Aramark Leaders & Employees of African Descent (LEAD) • Aramark Thrive Our diversity and inclusion efforts have been recognized by many notable organizations like the Human Rights Campaign, Diversity Inc., Black Enterprise Magazine, CAREERS & the disABLED Magazine and LATINO Magazine.

Training and Development

Training and Development "We consider the opportunity to grow and develop career-enhancing skills one of the most important factors in motivating our employees. It helps them feel engaged, encouraged, and reaffirms that they made the right choice in their employer. Whether you are an hourly employee on the front lines just starting a professional career, or a seasoned veteran in one of our many industries, we strive to offer each person an opportunity to continuously improve and contribute to the success of our company. Our 270,000+ workforce is diverse and widespread with a variety of development and training needs. Our employees are expected to be experts in their field, and we promise this level of professional expertise to our clients. With that in mind, we provide consistent and effective training for all our employees throughout their careers, including leadership development courses for managers, from supervisory to executive positions. With our robust individual development planning process, each employee has the opportunity to build his or her unique road map for success. We support our employee's career aspirations by providing them with the activities and courses they need to expand their knowledge, skills and abilities. We provide hundreds of thousands of hours of training to our employees at all locations and positions. That way, our exceptional employees can expand their knowledge, learn new skills and gain the expertise they need to enjoy a rewarding career."


Safety We’re committed to safety in the food we serve, the places where we work, and our daily operations. "Every day, we create experiences that enrich and nourish people’s lives around the world. It’s also our responsibility to deliver those experiences safely, so we strive to maintain the highest levels of safety for our own people, our customers and our clients. Through our Safety Assurance in Food and Environments (SAFE) principles, we make safety a priority in everything we do. We employ sound policies, rigorous training and processes, and high, consistent standards to meet our safety commitment every day and every time. From the food we serve, to the places where we work, or our day-to-day operations, we make sure safety is an “every-moment-every-day” mindset for our employees. And that mindset extends to every place our people work, whether that’s in a kitchen, a warehouse, an office, or a truck. At a minimum, we comply with every food, environmental and workplace safety regulation that governs our business. Beyond that, we work hard to create a safety culture where all employees can stop any situation in which they feel unsafe. And we’re constantly improving our safety programs so that we can continue to create safer environments today and in the future.

Talent Network

We have a big team here at Aramark. Our dreamers and doers are a talented group of 270,000+ people spread out across 22 different countries. They provide dedicated service to millions of our customers; their expertise and tenacity is what drives our business. We know that when employees feel good about their work and their company, they’ll bring their best. That makes treating our employees fairly, honestly, and respectfully even more important to us. Our diverse team includes a huge variety of employees: • Full-time, part-time and seasonal personnel • Union and non-union employees • Tens of thousands of culinary and food service professionals, including more than 750 registered dietitians • Thousands of facilities management experts • Hundreds of professionals with advanced degrees and technical training, including technicians that maintain clinical equipment, like MRIs and CT scanners Our goal is for each employee to feel as passionately about our company as we feel about them. We want them to trust that we’ll work hard to enrich and nourish their lives. Therefore, we make sure to provide competitive wages and benefits, a safe, open work environment, and lots of development opportunities so that they’ll stay and continue to grow their careers with us. Join our talent network in one of the following areas: Service segments: Food Services ● Facilities Services ● Uniform Services We span various industries, such as: ● Colleges & Universities, K-12 Schools & Districts ● Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities ● Stadiums, Arenas & Amphitheaters, Convention Centers, Conference Centers ● Destinations & Cultural Attractions ● Workplaces & Manufacturing Facilities ● Correctional Facilities ● Remote Workplaces Jobs: Professional and Management opportunities: Food Services ● Operations ● Facilities ● Corporate ● Sales Hourly and Seasonal opportunities: Food Service ● Facilities and Maintenance ● Hospitality ● Customer Service ● Retail ● Catering and Event Management ● Uniform and Laundry Services ● Students and Internships ● Canada Careers ● Dietetic Internships

Our Difference

We focus on enriching and nourishing the lives of millions all over the world, providing a wide range of services—food, facilities and uniforms—to a diverse group of clients in 19 countries. We serve world champion sports teams, Fortune 500 companies, state-of-the-art healthcare providers, and the world’s leading educational institutions. And every day, we dream of ways to do it better through our commitment to innovate along with our passion for excellent customer service. Innovation inspired by you The better we know the people we serve, the greater the experiences we can develop. Whether it’s food, facilities, or uniforms, our proprietary programs allow us to understand the wants and needs of our diverse audiences. Armed with that knowledge, our Service Stars spring into action, combining insights and ingenuity to deliver moments that make a difference. These innovations could be game-changing campus transformations. Or a simpler, quicker way for you to access condiments at the ballpark. In any case, our innovations help create experiences that make an impact. Beyond great service Another key part of what makes us different is something we call service excellence. To us, service excellence isn’t just about providing great customer service. It also means using time-tested practices and proven processes to get it right every day, everywhere, and in everything that we do. It's also about striking the perfect balance between doing something well over and over again, then being responsive enough to the changing needs of clients and customers. It’s being open to the continuing cycle of innovation. Excellent, but never satisfied. Process-driven, but never locked in place. We never stop thinking of new, better ways to get it right when our people impact the lives of clients and consumers every day. Our people make all the difference—we make sure of it Our commitment to hiring, training and rewarding the right people ensures that our employees are more than just hard workers. They’re Service Stars, and that means they can be counted on to go above and beyond, every single day. We understand that many times our people are the face of your business. That’s why all 270,000+ Service Stars receive continual access to professional development and proprietary skills training. The bottom line is this: when you work with Aramark, you can be confident you’ll be collaborating with the right people with the right skills and the right attitude. That’s true whether it’s for strategic expertise, operational excellence or just serving a morning coffee. That’s our commitment as trusted partners and Service Stars. That’s the Aramark way. SEE HOW WE'RE MAKING A DIFFERENCE EVERY SINGLE DAY At every opportunity, we turn insights into innovations, which have an extraordinary impact on our customers, clients and the world around us.