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Bank Partners is a market leading independent provider of NHS staff bank management and outsourced staffing solutions, established over 20 years ago to provide temporary healthcare staff more job security than traditional temporary job agencies and a greater degree of control over their own shift rotas. We provide high quality independent staffing, – 
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29 April 2020
We all know the famous song about working nine to five and whilst this may be a common working pattern for most, it doesn’t work for everyone. In fact, the 2019 UK Working Lives Report revealed that 68% of those surveyed would like to work flexibly in a way that is not currently available. For those working in clinical jobs, where the typical shift is twelve hours, the ability to work flexibly is particularly valued. Click below to learn more.

Why Student Nurses Can ‘Bank’ on more experience with the NHS

Student nursing is one of the most challenging but rewarding career paths you can take. However, it can also be a huge financial burden and many student’s nurses find themselves looking for extra work to help out. It can be complicated to find something that fits in alongside working a placement and completing assignments. That’s why working as a nursing assistant through the staff bank can be a great opportunity. So why, when you’re already working hard on your course, would you choose to take shifts as a healthcare assistant on the staff bank? Aside from the obvious financial help there are a number of other benefits to choosing this role. 1.Experience in a clinical setting. If you have never worked in a healthcare environment, this is a great opportunity for you to gain experience of this. Whilst voluntary work for charities such as St Johns Ambulance can be a rewarding, so can gaining real relevant experience within the NHS. Improve your knowledge of best practise and how different departments work. 2.Work with experienced nurses and learn from them. As well as working with a variety of other healthcare professionals, working flexible shifts through the staff bank will allow you to gain knowledge, tips and tricks from experienced nurses. 3.Earn whilst you learn. Many student nurses look to work alongside their training. Why not ensure that your work relates to your future career opportunities? If you choose to work with a Bank Partners staff bank you will have access to free uniform, support, weekly pay and competitive rates. 4.Flexible to your needs. Most staff banks have no limited number of shifts you need to work so you can choose to take them when it suits you. This means if you have assignments due, classes, or plans with friends, you may choose to not work those days to allow for this. It truly is a career that is flexible to you. 5.Work with your local NHS Trust. Working within your local NHS Trust will help you to gain experience of the Trust methodology and ethos. This will really help when you are applying for roles once qualified. Especially if you are looking to apply within the same Trust.

What is an NHS Staff Bank?

Firstly it has nothing to do with the Banking industry where you keep your money. An NHS staff bank is an entity managed by a trust, or through a third party organisation who contracts with healthcare professionals to take on shifts at trust hospitals. The Francis Report of 2013, which drew a focus on patient safety, quality of care and a culture of collective leadership, provided recommendations on the level of nursing staff that is required per patient on all wards across the country. In order to meet these standards, NHS Trusts rely on temporary workers to meet the fluctuating staffing needs caused by staff illness, or increased patient demand. Thanks to this high level of demand across the country for healthcare professionals, staff banks regularly have shifts available for their bank staff.

Pride in our people

Here at Bank Partners, we know that a diverse workforce is an amazing workforce. That is why we are committed to promoting equality and inclusion within all of our staff banks. You may have noticed that many of our staff on site and in our head office wear rainbow badges. This badge symbolises our commitment to inclusion and our promise to always recruit the very best healthcare professionals, regardless of age, race, sexuality or how they identify. We promise to: 1. Never treat you differently because of who you are 2. Welcome diversity in our staff banks 3. Be open so that you can talk openly about your identity with us 4. Support you in any challenges you might face
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