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About Bidnamic

We are a marketing technology firm working at the cutting edge of Google Shopping technology by combining PhD research and development with years of practical Google Shopping knowledge from a diverse team of experts. We maximise revenue and profitability from Google Shopping using our advanced machine learning and deep human expertise. Bidnamic is – 
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Meet the team!

What is it like working at Bidnamic?

"Bidnamic is a forward-thinking company with a huge emphasis on the development of Bidnamic staff and continuous training to help build employees from the ground up to be the best they can be" - Tom Stephenson, Google Shopping Specialist

Encouraging growth within people

“Working at Bidnamic has allowed me the freedom to grow in my role, the continuous training and collaborative environment allows everyone to get to the next level. The respect and teamwork is phenomenal.” - Henry Stocks-Fryer, Head of Customer Success

Rewarding excellence

"Bidnamic is a great place to work, I’ve been given the training and opportunity to grow. We have the freedom to plan our day and be flexible, whether it’s working from home or coming into the office to collaborate." - Laura Burton, Content Marketing Executive