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182 questions about working at Card Factory

182 questions
  • I was Assistant Manager here for 4 years. While I was there we had a Manager. I went on maternity leave and when i returned to work he had left. So we had no manger. So when I came back it was just me as part of managment. You get no help from your area manager at all! HR department are a joke they make up the rules as they go along! If you hve a good team thatll do the work youve got no worry. But when you are understaffed nobody wants to help you out ever! People on higher paid grades are bully's. HR take no notice of it at all its just simply your word against theres. The pay is disgusting for the amount of hours and work you do you are never appreciated nor thanked. Area managers have there favourites and thats it everyone else are just spoken to like rubbish. Its not worth the hassle working for a company that dont care about you as a human being espcially when they have no respect for anyone let alone themselves.

    Answered 8 February 2020
  • This company asks an awful lot for VERY little in return. They say it’s like one big family but that’s rubbish, they can make mistake after mistake and just post an apology on the message page, but god forbid you make a mistake as they’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks. A very double standard company that pretends they care for you, but actually don’t give two hoots! Also they offered ZERO support when we came back from furlough, you had to put up with a lot of rude customers who could be quite horrible, but they didn’t care about how you were feeling and your mental health, they just want the money in the till!!! You have to just put up and shut up or leave basically!

    Answered 9 October 2020
  • 15% which is ok. REALLY need to hurry up and get some sort of stuff discount card sorted though, as they don’t do payslips anymore so how are you meant to show proof of employment in another shop? Yet ANOTHER thing that Card Factory are VERY behind with!!!

    Answered 9 October 2020
  • I had an interview at the card factory very informal queastions they asked what whats my greatest achievement? And what would i do if i didnt get on with somebody at work. Manager swearing through out process very unproffesional. When asked if there was any progression, got told im the manager of this store what do you mean. So never stood a chance.

    Answered 11 September 2020
  • Don't leave one person on sales floor for hours and hours while they sit out the back and ignore the bell being rang for help and then moan if you don't call them at busy times! Improve way treat staff!

    Answered 14 March 2019
  • I would like to work at card factory because it is a fun and enjoyable place to work. Every occasion that requires a card, gift bag etc, card factory is my go to. Everyday requires a card or gift as it is always someone's birthday, an occasion such as Mothers days, Fathers day or Christmas so there is never a dull moment. I enjoy working under pressure and in a busy atmosphere where there are alot of customers that I can interact with on a daily basis.

    Answered 8 March 2020
  • Treat your staff better!! Head office staff seem to get endless perks etc that those in store would never get, and yet it’s those people who work in the stores that are working the hardest for rubbish pay! I’d improve pay rates, completely start again with the “help desk” as unless you get one of the one or two that are great, you get fobbed off. Communication needs to be better, clearer, quicker and correct the first time!! I’d ensure all Head office depts work with each other better to tighten up communication etc, too often the right hand doesn’t have a clue what the left hand is doing!?!?

    Answered 9 October 2020
  • I’m on a 4 hour contract and have done 20+ hours in a week. Each week is different and varies too much. One week I was off the entire week and worked weekends, the following week it was the other way round.

    Answered 25 July 2019
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