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If you were to leave Card Factory, what would be the reason?

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  • This company asks an awful lot for VERY little in return. They say it’s like one big family but that’s rubbish, they can make mistake after mistake and just post an apology on the message page, but god forbid you make a mistake as they’ll come down on you like a ton of bricks. A very double standard company that pretends they care for you, but actually don’t give two hoots! Also they offered ZERO support when we came back from furlough, you had to put up with a lot of rude customers who could be quite horrible, but they didn’t care about how you were feeling and your mental health, they just want the money in the till!!! You have to just put up and shut up or leave basically!

  • Appalling place to work. Couldn't possibly exist on these wages. No respect for staff. Management believe once you accept the job they own you!
    This job will seriously affect your health. Please look elsewhere.

  • For the amount of work you do and what you put up with you are not paid enough. Area managers especially during the coronavirus are constantly changing the rules of what staff can and can’t do regarding customer service and health and safety. Unless you are manager or assistant manager you will always work part time hours. Your store are set unrealistic targets to meet for the day and area managers do not listen as to why you can’t meet targets, they think all shops no matter the area they are in can meet them.
    Job says you can be flexible but this is not true as you are expected to drop everything if you are needed. You can’t spend time with family over Christmas as this is a busy time for the company but it seems managers, area managers and anyone up top can have this time off. Company does not care about the staff working in the shop. You go through a lot of stress and work darn hard and you receive no praise but manager gets a bonus at Christmas.

    Generally a good job if it’s your first job. Ideal for school leavers/uni students to make some extra cash.

  • Snappy manager who had a short fuse, she was Jekyll and Hyde and it was like standing on egg shells around her constantly. They make you look stupid in front of customers, you have to do stuff THEIR way and if you don’t then it’s wrong, even the simplest thing she would dictate. Manager always came down with an illness so she could go home early. Constant maliciousness towards other staff, bullying other staff. 30 year old woman (manager) had the brain capacity of a vindictive 16 year old.
    Took a toll on mental health the way I was treated. When I left it was the biggest weight off my shoulders ever.

  • Zero work/life balance. As a single parent I get to see my son on average an hour in the morning and an hour at night during busy periods and that's on a good day. Shifts changed or lengthened sometimes without being asked first and so it's difficult to plan anything outside of work.

  • Not paying a pension to staff that are clearly on enough that covers the criteria of getting one !. Then when you ask you get spoken down to like a piece of garbage by accounts ! All higher management need to realise were all human and all capable of doing each others jobs ... no one is better then anyone .

  • I would nt want to leave the card factory but as it's only reason so job ...I would love to be have a permanent job..once the Christmas rush is over my time would be up

  • Treated like piece of dirt by higher management

  • Card factory are horrible to work for, they expect to much from staff, this is nothing against the managers or any member of staff but on the company as a whole. The standards and targets are too high especially for little stores who have to compete with other stores locally. Also no sick pay and weekly hours are inconsistent. And for people who require stability it is terrible. Once had a full day planned then had a phone call asking me to work at 7:30 am

  • Management regularly come in to work hungover!!! Expected to stay on tills whilst management and 3rd key holders mess about in the back - they treat it like the school kids that they act as. Any problems they have caused they blame on anyone else but themselves. Completely unprofessional. Area managers bully store managers so much they leave too. AVOID AVOID AVOID if you have any self respect.

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  1. If you were to leave Card Factory, what would be the reason?