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Why did you leave your job at Card Factory?

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  • I was Assistant Manager here for 4 years. While I was there we had a Manager. I went on maternity leave and when i returned to work he had left. So we had no manger. So when I came back it was just me as part of managment. You get no help from your area manager at all! HR department are a joke they make up the rules as they go along! If you hve a good team thatll do the work youve got no worry. But when you are understaffed nobody wants to help you out ever! People on higher paid grades are bully's. HR take no notice of it at all its just simply your word against theres. The pay is disgusting for the amount of hours and work you do you are never appreciated nor thanked. Area managers have there favourites and thats it everyone else are just spoken to like rubbish. Its not worth the hassle working for a company that dont care about you as a human being espcially when they have no respect for anyone let alone themselves.

  • Was bullyed out by lazy manager who thought being screamed at was exceptable over a gift bag I might add! Never appreciated for the hard work and long hours, never given a 5minute break of the till to get drink so was always dehydrated in the summer ended up having a stroke at 39yrs old it got worse from then on I was forced to leave with a load of lies said about me to HR now unemployed probably will be given a rubbish reference for any other job I try and get its a joke of a company with poor management and greed.

  • I was transferred due to moving out of the country but would definitely go back to the one in eltham a brilliant place to work.

  • No praise ever for managers. Treated like piece of dirt by higher management. Company scared of sales assistants incase taken to tribunal or HMRC. Keep managers in line by making you aware that they will be all over your shop, give out disapplinaries and let you know that your position could change if you don't keep in line.

  • Being treated like a piece of dirt.managers are task delegates not allowed to manage. Since put on stock market everything goes to investors and staff running around like loonies doing more and more tasks with less hours. Never ever any praise given.

  • First day and no induction as Athena in-house system unavailable. Put immediately at work on balloons inflation for customers and card restocking. No uniform, No break, No training. Manager rude, smoking, swearing and totally disorganised.
    card factory please note as a qualified balloon artist CBA via Qualatex and NABAS you're system of allowing balloons to be sent out without weights is ridiculous and environmentally irresponsible.

    Cannot continue to work in such idiotic environment.

  • Bullying went on not enough pay and wouldn't give you time off if you needed it

  • Seasonal Christmas temporary job . Worst job ever . Rude , lazy nasty management and staff. Avoid at all cost.

  • Was pushed out because I wanted to work the same hours I was working before maternity leave.

  • Taken on as a christmas temp, promised at the interview job may become permanent, that was a lie, end of the contract it was see thanks no claims to be family orientated, i'm a single parent and they knew this but was still expected to work late evenings, thank god my child is old and sensible enough to take care of herself after school if i'm not the group interview arranged by the jobcentre, manager and area manager where there, they said single parents wouldn't be expected to work past the latest time possible they could manage...i'd said 7pm because the location required me to use public transport and i don't drive....they were like okay, that's workable....different story when i got the job......i was rotad on for a 1-8.30pm....i spoke to the manager and total change of was well everyone else can manage so you can....his first management position, moved up 6 months before from keyholder apparently, had his little minions who crawled up his backside, they were his favourites because they were permanent staff....he would talk loudly about the temporary staff and their work rate to them, make snide comments and generally blame the temps for everything, not a great company to work for if you have young children and limited options for one respect it did me a favour not being kept on, i've since moved on and have a job i enjoy in my hometown..

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Card Factory?