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Kennel Assistant monthly salaries in the United Kingdom at Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs

Job Title
Average salary
£1,100 per month
Meets national average

Salary estimated from 2 employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

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I wouldn't

I spent about a year here, and while the staff members are wonderful and the whole operation does feel like your working with family, the management is horrific. Every staff meeting (once a month), we'd ask for specific changes (having more information on room cards from reception, to please stop accepting un-vaccinated dogs and throwing them in Iso, please make changes to the cattery), and every month, nothing would change. The Owner/Manager would change up the routine so often it was impossible to keep track, but wouldn't listen when you said this and would expect you to stick to it. They made kennel hands run shifts, with little-to-no training, and no extra pay. I left after I was put on a shift as a team leader, with no training nor pay rise, and left understaffed (which, given we're working with potentially dangerous animals, is against government legislation). When we finished over an hour late, I informed my manager, who then proceeded to ignore my messages and talk about me behind my back to other staff.Multiple of the staff had health issues that required immediate and complete rest while I was there, to which the higher ups essentially went 'figure it out yourself then' when we ask about taking them off the rota.Not to mention, we're given the tiniest carpark and expected to fit upward of 8 cars in it, but have to avoid blocking two gates AND get told off for parking outside the boundaries of it, but are given no other option for parking given that the road outside is the 505.Through all of this, I must admit I do still miss working with the team there quite often, - 


Some of the staff, lots of dogs to cuddle and play with


Unpaid overtime, managers don't listen, talk behind staffs back, refuse to implement changes staff ask for because they think they know best
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Fun and physical

Working with animals is my dream job and having the oppertunity to work with dogs and cats for so long was a great experience to have and to learn different things.


Good hours


Very tiring
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Draining place to work

Overall I was so excited to work there as I worked at a kennels previously. My experience was very different. The owners don't want to take any advice on improving the state of the kennels or cattery and were much more invested in their cafe at the front of the site. While I was there on 2 occasions dogs got out due to poor fencing (not high or secure enough). The cattery during the summer is like a sweat box! After I left after 6 months I was told a cat died of heat exhaustion. During the winter it would leak as the roof isn't properly maintained (baring in mind there is electrics within the cattery). I would never suggest anyone to work here unless you want to be belittled and made to feel like your not good enough.


Dogs & cats


Too many to state.
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How much does a Kennel Assistant make at Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs in the United Kingdom?

Average Country Boarding for Cats and Dogs Kennel Assistant monthly pay in the United Kingdom is approximately £1,100, which meets the national average.

Salary information comes from 2 data points collected directly from employees, users, and past and present job advertisements on Indeed in the past 36 months.

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