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Why did you leave your job at Domino's?

56 answers

  • The manager was a drunk and would hardly ever turn up. As assistant manager I found myself doing his job and working almost every day of the week.

  • Management pick on you make you feel small if your not liked you are forced out the management like to have their best employees
    Always constantly talking about you in there launguage (Ashford franchise is run by polish)

  • Management couldn’t organise a birthday party let alone a store. Favourite staff get very defensive when you be blunt and tell them the truth ( which I done many times )

  • Bunch of comedians who think Covid 19 does not apply to them
    ( Halstead branch )

    Certainly would not eat the food

  • I worked in Buxton since 2017 and the main reason was the holidays. They give you when they want not when you need. Also racism is very common over there , and the problems that you need to knkw how many hours you worked because on your payslip will show less . It happened to many ppl that worked over there , sometimes your salary goes in someone's account by mistake . And there is other thing that i seen that made me not to eat from domino's ever again

  • I lost my job because i said things that were a bit rude, my own fault im bipolar. but i had a wonderful management team in newton abbot. She was the best boss anyone could wish for so much hard work talent and brains. i failed the team yes i wish i could go back but im too old for it.

  • This is the worst fast food places i have ever worked at, the management have no respect for any of the staff, as a manager you get treated like a piece of meat, not a person, no job satisfaction, people always backbiting, no respect from staff, not a respectable place to work.

  • The manager favored certain staff members over others, I was expected to be able to drop what I was doing to do another task and then the manager would ask other staff members so I could hear why the original job wasn’t completed, and the job got to the point where I had no physical or mental energy to perform it and I was actually told that I was bringing the team down. I didn’t feel appreciated at all, and I realized just how toxic my situation was when I did my work experience week at a pharmacy, where I was praised every time I did something well - something that I never received at Domino’s. In the summer it gets really quiet and I would be sent home after an hour of work, but to be honest I’d rather not earn any money than sit there and waste my time doing nothing, so I always volunteered to go home simply because of how much that place made me miserable. I was the only CSR in the store for the majority of the year, in a store that needs at least two. The new manager that came in halfway through my time working there came in and instantly started telling me that everything I was and had been doing for the past 8 months was wrong, and offered to “train” me to do it right. I never received that training. It’s a bit humiliating trying to make a good first impression when all they see are your flaws, and it honestly just made me feel like trash and I would dread everyday going there. Once again, no praise, always criticism. “Do this, Do that,” “You’re not doing this right,” “You need to be faster,” “What are you doing!” if a colleague and I were talking, it would always be me who’d get told off, or if they did something, it’s fine, but if I did it then I’d get told off. Plus they abused the “zero hour contract” to the point where I was working at 6pm until “rush” which is essentially 8, or 7 recently because the prices are so high. I realized that it wasn’t work my effort leaving my house at 3:30pm to get there just in time for 5, and that I couldn’t cope with being spoken down upon. I’m the type of person that can be walked on for a certain period of time until I snap and they wish they’d never upset me.

  • Store managers favourite was hassling me. When I made it clear I was not interested he was very abusive calling me derogatory names in front of the whole store. This site won't allow me to say exactly what. I got a final warning despite the fact the other driver put in his statement that I was totally blameless. Couple of weeks later I was sacked on a trumped up charge. I had worked there 10 years and had no previous warnings. I took company to court for unfair dismissal which they settled out of court.

  • Manager used to make sly comments towards me and call me lazy when there was nothing to do. She used to work us to the bone and would want us to get everything 100% perfect so that she could make her bonus, knowing full well that we were working harder than usual with no reward. They cut my hours to the point where I would sometimes go into work and be there for half an hour before being sent home, baring in mind that I have to pay my train fare. The manager also told me that I was “bringing the whole team down” because I stood around and talked when it was quiet (what else am I gonna do if I’ve swept the floor and filled up the boxes?) when she’s the one who would sit in the office and do absolutely nothing while we slaved away for her. She also proceeded to claim that she couldn’t do anything when a creepy man came in and started taking pictures of me. They only care about their staff when it’s convenient to do so, such as when you’re ill, they’ll ask you how you are in case you can’t work for them.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Domino's?