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About Fedcap Employment

We are part of The Fedcap Group, a New York based charity with a rich history of delivering real change for disadvantaged individuals and communities, influencing policy and delivering life changing support to people. Our main purpose is to advance the social and economic wellbeing of disadvantaged people within our communities - helping individuals – 

About us

At Fedcap, we are all about changing the circumstances and changing the story—and the reality—of the lives of people we serve. We believe that with precise innovations and interventions, we can and will affect change that supports our people to achieve their greatest potential. We are propelled by the belief in our core value - the Power of Possible.

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Lucybeth had been out of work for the last four years as she struggled to find a suitable job that met her needs. Lucybeth is deaf and relies on lip reading and her hearing dog to help her with day to day activities. She is a very articulate and confident young woman who volunteers and gives informational talks in the local area about hearing dogs. The skills she gained from her past experiences were more than enough to help her get a job, however she struggled to secure a role that offered her with the right level of support she would need to carry out the job requirements. Lucybeth worked with our Inclusion Specialist, Summar, who offered personalised care for Lucybeth. Summar completed a vocational assessment with Lucybeth to identify what her support needs were while exploring the jobs most suitable for her. With right level of support from Summar, Lucybeth was able to complete job applications for roles that were more suited to her needs. Lucybeth secured an interview for a job working with students who have disabilities - helping them get into employment. The first stage of the interview was a presentation, Lucybeth felt confident enough to complete this stage herself. Unfortunately, she was not offered a second interview, and this knocked her confidence. Summar met with her to offer reassurance and explore other work opportunities that may work well for her. Lucybeth expressed her ideal career would be working in the Police as she had a Criminology degree. Summar was able to speak with the local Police Constabulary while attending a Job Fair and she explained Lucybeth’s situation and desire to work with them. They told Summar about a new Diversity and Inclusion team that they are recruiting for. Summar is now working towards preparing Lucybeth for this programme to help her start her career. Lucybeth said: ‘’I’m very pleased with my help so far, Summar is very eager to help me look for work and to break down barriers which is very refreshing to see. I am very grateful for the help.’’