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About Infosys

Infosys is a global leader in next-generation digital services and consulting. We enable clients in 46 countries to navigate their digital transformation. With over three decades of experience in managing the systems and workings of global enterprises, we expertly steer our clients through their digital journey. We do it by enabling the enterprise with – 

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We as a company work on latest technologies, enabled by people like you, to help our clients navigate their next through their digital transformation journey. Our people use the latest technologies to create solutions to help our clients and improve the world we live in. What you will be learning and doing at Infosys isn’t just about having a job and doing it well, it’s completely foundational for any career that you may want to explore in the future because almost every business of the future is going to be a technology-powered business. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers - everybody will need to apply technology-led solutions and everybody will need people like you to help them do it. This is what we mean when we say that you will help our clients navigate their next, and when we say Move Forward. Take the world with you. At Infosys, we have a signature strategy to help you move forward. It begins with instilling a deep purpose into your work – it’s all about finding and then building out what’s next for all the industries that we serve. In the process, you will learn and grow. And doing all of this is made possible by navigating further, together as you are helped by dozens of others who share your aspirations and ambitions. Let’s delve a little deeper into what all of this means. BUILDING WHAT'S NEXT At Infosys, we believe that behind every problem there lies an opportunity. We want all our people to cultivate their ability to look at a problem and to see a vision of a different world that solves that problem, and then to plunge into realizing that vision, regardless of the obstacles. People like you at Infosys work on latest technologies – such as, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things, data and analytics, cyber security, blockchain, robotic process automation - to create solutions for the future. A CAREER THAT NEVER STANDS STILL We believe every career is a journey, which is why at Infosys we ensure you have the tools, support and opportunities you need to move forward in your career. Continuous learning is what will accelerate your progress on this path forward. At Infosys, you get the opportunity to learn new skills and opt for different career streams as you move your career forward. This way you are truly prepared for tomorrow. That’s why your career at Infosys offers more than just a career – it offers you lifelong employability for wherever your life may take you. WE NAVIGATE FURTHER, TOGETHER None of the amazing things we do at Infosys would be possible without an equally amazing culture. This we achieve through cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and openness, and a mindset of exploration and applied innovation. A career at Infosys means experiencing and contributing to this culture every day. It means being part of a team where individuals are united by a common purpose to navigate further, together. Also, at Infosys, we are investing our resources and energy into making an impact beyond business. We actively work in the communities that we do business in and extend our CSR activities beyond philanthropy to encompass holistic community development programs. We work through the Infosys Foundation with the underprivileged in India and through the Infosys Science Foundation to recognize outstanding researchers.


None of the amazing things we do at Infosys would be possible without an equally amazing culture, the environment in which to do them, one where ideas can flourish, and where you are empowered to move forward as far as your ideas will take you. This is something we achieve through cultivating a culture of inclusiveness and openness, and a mindset of exploration and applied innovation. At Infosys, we have people from over 100 nationalities operating out of almost 200 different locations. Our global team really does cover the full spectrum of diversity and inclusiveness. For us, building an open, fair, inclusive and welcoming workplace is not just the right thing to do, but a smart thing to do - because with diversity comes new perspectives, ideas, and innovation. We work hard to nurture a balanced workforce where each of us is brought together by our common desire to move forward. Apply today at