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3.3 out of 5 stars.
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About interr

Interr is a specialist security and consultancy company within the retail, corporate, hotel, hospitality and leisure, education, and residential sectors. Interr has 20 years experience in providing professional security services to our clients both in the UK and overseas. Interr are commitment to understanding each of our clients as unique brands. We – 

Corporate, Retail, Hotels & Leisure and Special Events Security

Interr achieved a rating in the top 5% of Approved Contractor Scores as noted by the Security Industry Authority and is a member of ACS Pacesetters. We were recognised for our achievements at the ACS Pacesetters Achievement Awards on the 4thJune 2014. At this same event, an Interr security officer also won the ACS security officer of distinction award for his outstanding commitment to his work.