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An extremely mixed bag

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I've been working for Itutor group for nearly a year now, and it has been a roller coaster of highs and lows, the result of which has left me pretty frustrated and disappointed with the experience.I've decided to split this into categories rather than general pros and cons, as there have been such swings in all aspects.1) HoursI am a CELTA qualified teacher with 6 years experience. When I started work here, I used to get 5 hours teaching a day without fail. This, however, was often in one long block with only 5 minutes break between classes. I was desperate for a break by the end. Hours would fluctuate between months. One month I'd do fine, the next quite significantly less despite still having good ratings (see pay).About a month ago I took a week off (my first bit of holiday since starting despite the odd day here and there). Since returning, my hours have reduced drastically (2-3 a day now). The company hates you having any time off, and punishes you for doing so.You have to do weekend work (at least 4 hours) but the way they structure the mandatory hours means that unless you want to wake up at 6AM on Saturday, you will be teaching seven days a week, as you can only book 3 mandatory hours on either Saturday/Sunday at normal teaching times (I'm UK based, other countries will vary).With most of the school around the world closed due to Coronavirus, I imagine a huge amount have migrated online, and so they can literally pick and choose or discard teachers as they see fit now.PayThe company works on a ratings system. Students can rate teachers out of 10, and teachers - 


OK pay, flexible hours


7 day working week, sneaky tactics, fluctuating hours, toxic ratings system
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used to be better and now awful

I've been working for the company for 3+ years, it was ok and I was happy with the paymet. Now they have cut the hours and base pay.the worst company to work with.


flexible hours


no teacher support, low payment
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Strange and unprofessional

I was very excited to work for this company, the largest English company in the world but have been left very disappointed. The interview and application were ok but after that everything is wrong. They require you to download various software onto your computer, some to allow remote access to your computer for servicing IT faults etc before you can start work. Well, my new mac refused the software saying their software was outdated and could put credit card numbers at risk. I contacted Itutor who ignored my messages and sent out generic unuseful mails. I persisted by buying a new windows laptop and this also refused the software. I got as far as buying the required red polo t-shirt and having a basic it check where they check your background (they require you print out their logo and put it all over your background) and headset. I had purchased a new headset that covered both ears with a separate mouth speaker. They stated this wasn`t good enough and suggested a list of those that were, usually very expensive. Further they promised a high salary per hour but reports coming through say the actual payment per hour is about a third of what is said. I`ve found them very unresponsive, and completely unprofessional in approach and direction.




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Great option during pandemic

I have taught for 12 years in classroom and I miss my students during the pandemic. Most of my students are in China and I teach students of various age groups. This is a good job to make extra money in the early morning hours. The compensation structure was better when I started, but still remains relatively fair.


Good materials and platform, easy interview process


I’m not a young man. Keeping track of all the updates was challenging at the beginning, but it isn’t that hard either.
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Excellent employer

ITutor has given me the flexibility to work at my own home and to choose hours which are suitable to me.I work full time for iTutor as a consultant/recruiter and I really enjoy meeting all the students.Whether it is an adult or junior class The students are really great and I have a lot of fun.iTutor has given me my dream job of working full time from home.


Full flexibility of working hours.


Not teaching the same students weekly.
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seems great at first but cracks appearing

Initially I was given a lot of classes but after a month working there I now seem to get far fewer, meaning I waste hours being online, waiting to see if a student books in last minute. I think it's unfair that I'm paid the same regardless of how many students there are per class, whether it be one or five - the latter being much more stressful. I like the flexibility of the timetable, but having to work both Saturday and Sunday is a little harsh. I would rather work all of my 5 mandatory hours on one day, rather than it take up the middle chunk of both days. Overall, it's a good job to do in the short term and if you're very adaptable, but I don't feel as though the company values its teachers enough.




unfair pay
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Avoid working for this Company

Please avoid working for this Company. They are money-grabbing and care nothing about professionalism or real education. The Management and admin processes are poor. Worse still has to be the pay for teachers or consultants as they refer to them. They advertise huge sums in terms of salary when in reality they are paying circa £6 to teach a 45 minute lesson. They will expect you to advertise their Company at your expense. They also expect you to wear a red top to match their Company theme at your expense. They will expect you to buy props, realia etc and not reimburse the cost. As for the god awful ratings system that they use, it's laughable. They are completely unprofessional and treat their staff like dirt, They also promise lots of work when in reality you were lucky if you get 3 or 4 lessons per day that's circa 2 hours max at a rate of £6.00 means you're earning £12 per day! The bonus is a £1 if you're lucky. If you teach 45 minute lessons you only get a bonus if the students leave feedback of 7 or above! So effectively you're teaching for about 90p per student - these are slave rates. Without any warning and for fickle reasons they will deactivate your account and force you to do extra training (thanks to the ratings system), they will also impose fines for fickle reasons. You have to work 1 whole month and 11 days before you get paid for just one month, so you've worked 11 extra days before salary is paid. It's more like an internment camp than an education provider - they are more concerned with profit making and control, forcing their ideals than actual education. - 


I cannot think of any


Very low pay, odd hours, even odder ratings system, no work!
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I was fired for yawning- seriously

I worked at iTutor Group for a few months and generally got good ratings and feedback from the students. A student reported me for yawning. Yawning as in the involuntary reflex. I received an email stating how 'unprofessional' it was to yawn more than once in a 25 minute session and my account was immediately terminated. They are allowed to do this as all their employees are technically 'self-employed'. Pros: - Good hourly rate when teaching kids (25 minute sessions) or if you get high ratings when teaching adults (45 minute sessions). - It is more flexible than a regular job. -The students are generally very interesting and eager to learn. Cons: - Fired for yawning and my account was terminated with no notice. - Sometimes on unpaid standby for many hours for only a few hours teaching, (they can schedule a class up to one hour before it starts). - Ratings are important and children are given power over these ratings.


The salary per hour is good.


They can and will fire you for minor reasons if the students complain.
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Horrible company to work for

They lie about the pay. They advertise one salary and you get way less. For UK teachers the pay is 6.90£ per hour for 45 min lessons and 5.29 for 25 min lessons plus bonus but you will end up teaching for £6.90 per hour because they will force you to teach demos or other lessons that you don't want to. Poorly written lesson materials and very boring but they promise their clients that they will have fun. Your job is mainly entertaining
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Lies and exploitation - avoid

Do not fall for the promise of £14-16 per hour like I did! As an experienced teacher of 3 years, I have never been so lied to and misinformed throughout the whole application process as I found out in the end that the salary was just £6.92 per 45 minutes of class. TEFL TEACHING EXPLOITATION AT ITS FINEST. AVOID AVOID AVOID.
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No guarantee of work

Work is allocated based on availability and reviews from clients I made myself available for 50+ hours a week during all peak hours and got 10 paid hours in 5 weeks of work with iTutor. My average review was above company average and I was fully qualified. The sessions themselves are very good to work with as the system gives you a huge amount of direction. There is a an amount of pre session planning but mainly based on how you want to deliver the session, everything else is planned - discussion topics etc. The online portal is fairly straightforward too. But with no hours made available and them still heavily recruiting it makes little sense to work with iTutor at this time.
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Hit and miss - Ideal for lockdown.

I am fairly new at itutor. As we are currently in Lockdown I jumped at the chance to get any sort of work to do from home, but I was a little late with the idea. You do have to fork out a bit of initial investment, so I would say only bother doing this if you are deadly serious about seeing it to completion. They suggest high wages initially but this is not the case, especially when beginning. You will most likely earn around the average minimum wage for your country when you begin. Then you will see an improvement as your experience increases and your technique improves, but this is not guaranteed due to the bonus system. The base rate is fairly low, which requires you to insist on asking for feedback from your students. This is fairly easily achieved as long as you show enthusiasm and smile and are generally pleasant in class. A rating of 10 can add 60% to your rating so it is easy for your base rate to double or even potentially triple or more. Pros: -Put the effort in and you can achieve good ratings and good pay. -Fairly flexible time schedule - ideal for lockdown right now (If you submit minimum 'fixed schedule primetime' hours and then use the additional hours to schedule in more work). -Students are generally very pleasant. -Lesson plans are all made for you, just turn up, review the lesson and begin. Cons: -Low scores make it possible to get lower than your base rate which is a danger and seems very unfair and undervalued (this is rare). -Lessons don't always fill. And you have to stay on call which feels like an unfair waste of time. -Apparently - 
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Barely get any hours and if students forget to rate you the money is poor

The advertised rate of pay is hardly ever achievable. It relies on all your students rating you 10 stars after each lesson. Some students (or their parents) do this but many students forget to rate you and this effects your pay. Student regularly don't turn up for the class and this also effects your rate of pay. You book in the hours you are available to work but this does not guarantee that you will get any lessons. You are given "scheduled" lessons during your available time. I find that I make myself available for around 4 to 5 hours everyday and I get "scheduled" between 1/2 an hour to 2 hours each day. On the positive the lesson plans that the company provides are good and because of this you don't have to do a lot of lesson planning. My students have all been friendly and pleasant. I have worked as an online teacher for other companies and I have found this one of the worse.
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Good Bad and Ugly

Pros: Work as much as you want, when you want (providing it covers their teaching hours) Work from home Digital Nomad lifestyle Teaching material often supplied (although quite poor quality) Cons: No security - many get fired without notice Endless recruitment resulting in less work because teacher to student ratio is wrong Often no more than part time hours Drastically below minimum UK wage - despite the bonus structures which they are keen to take off you There is a severe lack of communication with these companies, the language barrier is a huge problem Work culture is drastically different they don't have any kind of HR you can raise issues with. Personally I have been promised a promotion several times and then they decided against it without discussing the reasons - despite having met the criteria. I have been asked to do a TEFL AGAIN from another company even after they approved my certificates The work ebs and flows quite dramatically, one month you might make just enough the next month nothing at all.
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You get out what you put in

Many accept the salary and hours and then go to complain about just these!! There are obviously no travel costs to consider and the longer you are with the company, the more your salary grows. They do seem to take care of committed employees and there are chances to progress with the company if you wish. the tutor reps are good and help you if needed.


Working from home, flexible cancellations without penalty


Cultural differences can lead to miscommunication
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Slave rates of pay, not enough work, poor communication

Avoid working for this Company at all costs. They have very little work and slave rates of pay but they expect a lot in return. You have to buy your own red shirt (at your own cost), you have to have a background with their logo (at your cost). For forty-five minutes of teaching you will get less than seven pounds and if you get rating of seven or less they take money away instead of paying a bonus. The Company expect you to leave positive/high feedback for low level students, creating a glass ceiling, naturally the students find the lessons hard and then blame the consultants. They cannot communicate well, they brush any problems raised, under the carpet. The payment is on the 11th of each month so you have to work circa 6 weeks before you get paid. You get fined if you cancel lessons even if your ill. There is no sick/holiday pay. It's like an internment camp.


Work from home


Low rates of pay, not enough work, poor communication
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Great place.

Great company.. Always paid on time and Teaching adults interesting and fun. Reviews are mixed but generally fair marks.. Good support also. Been working for them one and half years.. Great pocket money.
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Great job, as long as you don't take it too seriously.

You receive unjustified low ratings regularly, which may affect your income through your benefits / incentives. However, despite this, it is a great company to work for. The job security is low and management are not very good at helping to solve your problems.
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Good and bad

Overall the job is good, choose days to work, take time off when you like, teaching is fun Bad points feedback system, not everyone gives you feedback and this affects your pay. Sometimes a class will be less than minimum wage. Not enough hours during term time.
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Flexible hours but shocking pay

I will start with the few positives of this company, which include a flexible working schedule, good communication (if you had an issue) and nice students. I loved this job at first, I was doing 25 minute lessons and was earning £14-£16 per hour. I did do some 45 minute sessions too, with mainly adults and again I did enjoy these, even though the pay was significantly lower; I was paid a base rate of £7 with the potential to earn more if the students gave you a good rating, however most students don’t rate you, so you end up just getting the base rate or a little higher. The pay structure makes no sense at all. I then got put on the demo sessions after about 1 month and this is where it all started going downhill. The demos paid me a base rate of £6.92 per hour but if a client signed up I got an additional bonus of £27, the problem was that I was barley getting sign ups, even though nearly all of my demo ratings were 10’s, but it is obvious something wasn’t working. At the time I enjoyed having the balance of demos and lessons as demos require no planning and I did like doing them. As time went on my schedule became filled with more demos, to the point that my whole schedule (10 hours per week) consisted of them, with no regular lessons. Even if I picked up extra hours, they would usually be demos, so as a qualified teacher I was pretty much working for £6.92 per hour and at times these demos were non-stop. I averaged about 4 sign ups a month so made a bonus of just over £100 on average, but this still works out at a shocking wage, which is way below the minimum - 
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They lie about the pay in the advertisements

It says you will earn from 16£-18£ in the UK. I earn about 9-10£ per hr and have a Masters level qualification. No job security, alleged Ivy league training is conducted by the people who are not English teachers. One of the trainers is for example ex bartender. Not enough work offered, teachers forced to work for pay less than national minimum wage because you are booked only for Demos which pay very little.
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