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About LanguageLine Solutions

Our mission is to enhance communication and empower relationships. LanguageLine Solutions offers Interpreting, Translation, Localization, Testing & Training. Join the largest and best trained team of interpreters and translators in the language services industry. Our language solutions include over-the-phone, over media, and on-site interpretation, – 

What We Do

Exciting career opportunities in the language access industry are waiting for you at LanguageLine Solutions. Whether you work in the corporate office, in one of our satellite offices, at our Interpreting Call Centers, or work from home, you can help make a difference in someone’s life every second of every day.

About Us

Words contain worlds Today in the United States, one out of every five of our neighbors speaks a language other than English at home – that’s more than 64 million people. Another 10 million are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. Many struggle to communicate as they navigate their everyday lives. A doctor’s visit, traffic stop, parent-teacher conference, or trip to the bank — things we take for granted — are often challenging for these individuals. As most of us would, they may feel frustrated or excluded. Just as a lack of understanding can be disconcerting, the experience of being understood is empowering. The smiles that come with this empowerment are the moments for which we live. Simply put: We at LanguageLine Solutions imagine a world in which language and cultural barriers no longer exist. A new mutual understanding every second North America is entering a period of unprecedented diversity. Immigration will make up nearly 90 percent of population growth over the next 40 years. By 2045, ethnic minorities will be the majority in the U.S. This means that having a savvy language access partner is essential to managing and growing a modern organization. LanguageLine created the language access industry in 1982. As the need for language access has grown, so have we. Today we are proud to be the world’s foremost provider of language services. We handled 40 million interactions last year – that’s more than one new mutual understanding created every second of every day. These interactions help to ensure justice, save lives, welcome newborns, and shape futures. This is what we offer.. 360 Degrees of language coverage Today we expertly blend leading edge technology with emotional intelligence to provide our partners with 360 degrees of language coverage. We are able to get you connected to our team of 11,000 professional, on-demand interpreters via audio or video in 30 seconds or less. We can schedule an interpreter to meet in person at your location, and we can translate and localize the written word. We do this in more than 240 languages, and we do it 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Our Mission & Vision

OUR MISSION We provide language access that faithfully drives higher-value experiences at the moment of need. OUR VISION We are an essential partner in managing and growing a modern organization that welcomes all people, regardless of language, culture, or ability.

Great Place to Work

LanguageLine awarded Great Place to Work® Certification™ It's official. LanguageLine is a Great Place to Work. Our team is the beating heart and lifeblood of LanguageLine. For this reason, we are extremely proud to have earned Great Place to Work® Certification™. The Great Place To Work certification is based on an employee survey, which happens to be the most widely taken employee survey worldwide. LanguageLine employees start the workday with a profound sense of purpose. This is evident in the survey results.

World-Class Culture

Our employees have spoken. See how they rate working at LanguageLine - 93% - I am passionate about my work and believe in the company’s mission. - 89% - I am given the resources and equipment to do my job. - 87% - I feel good about the ways we contribute to the community. - 86% - Our customers would rate the service we deliver as "excellent." - 82% - When I look at what we accomplish, I feel a sense of pride. - 82% - When you join the company, you are made to feel welcome. Our company culture is world-class. These words are drawn from real employee comments on the Trust Index™ survey when asked, "What makes LanguageLine Solutions a great workplace?"

Our Values

1. Acceptance We value diversity in all its forms and accept all people, regardless of race, gender, orientation, system of belief, ability, or background. We are better together and tolerate points of view that diverge from our own. Respect is the lifeblood of our organization. 2. Integrity We are trustworthy. We honor each and every commitment. We are transparent in all we say and do. 3. Innovation We are restless, curious, bold, and forward-leaning. We view our position as the industry leader as a privilege and mandate to pioneer. We believe in the power of language access to be transformative and strive to build new pathways to access. 4. Excellence Good enough is not enough. We exceed expectations. Our commitment to the empowerment of all people is unsurpassed. Our manifesto We are fanatical about people understanding people. We strive to improve the world and empower relationships one word at a time. We are inspired by our clients, colleagues, and the communities we collectively serve. We are united in our differences. We learn from each other and are enriched by a diversity of people, thought, and culture.We are passionate about seeing people smile when they are understood. We are committed to innovation that leads to more of these smiles. We make a difference in people’s lives every day. We help to ensure justice, save lives, welcome newborns, and build futures. These are the experiences for which we live.