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About Local Care Force

Founded in 2004, Local Care Force is a friendly, busy and supportive agency. We specialise in the Nursing, Social and Healthcare industries – offering ongoing, specialist training & development to our experienced team of Nurses, Support, Health & Care Workers. Our passionate team have a wealth of experience, across many sectors in Health, Nursing & – 

NEW! Video Training Support Now Available

In response to the current climate, we are extremely proud to now be providing our specialist training service via one to one video calls. The launch of this service will not only secure the roles of our incredibly skilled trainers without having to resort to furlough, it will provide much needed support for our nurses, support, health and care workers – especially those who have bravely answered the governments call to action and are returning to the front line after some time away. We are still looking to recruit a further 300 workers and for those who have been out of the industry for some time, rest assured, we will make it as easy as possible for you to feel confident and competent again, as quickly as possible. Thank you all for fulfilling such vital roles at this time and for proudly being part of the front line that is fighting for the health and wellness of our country. http://www.localcareforce.co.uk/video-training-support-now-available/

#CoronavirusKindness – How can you help?

#CoronavirusKindness – How can you help? Empty supermarket shelves have painted a bleak picture in recent days, however, many acts of #CoronavirusKindness are inspiring people across the country to bring back community spirit and combat the effects of impending social isolation, especially on those who are elderly or in the high risk categories. So how can we all safely get involved? Join a social support network Since the corona outbreak, more than 200,000 people in the UK are now members of more than 300 local support groups set up to help those in isolation. Search for COVID-19 aid to find a group in your area and get involved. Remember that a little bit of kindness can go a really long way, so be part of your online community and join the conversation. Be a neighbourly neighbour Reconnect or even connect for the first time. There are many templates being circulated online, so pop a note or a postcard through a neighbour’s letterbox and offer to help with shopping, supply or errands. For the older generation, social media may not be on the radar and so why not offer to call them or ask them to call you if they fancy a chat. Never underestimate the power of hearing a friendly voice to combat loneliness. Fuel your local food bank As the virus spreads and supermarket shelves are being emptied, food banks face additional pressures, as fewer donations are being made. More people than ever need help, and so spare a thought for others and check with your local foodbank online or give them a call. Support local shops It has been well publicised that small businesses will be hit hard by the effects of the pandemic but there are ways we can all help. Try to still shop local where possible. Many local shops, restaurants and takeaways are providing local delivery services for free and so use them where possible and help to keep their businesses afloat. Or even consider buying a voucher to use at a later date. Perhaps order some flowers to be delivered to a family member or friend once restrictions are lifted. Family and Friends Whilst we are all moving towards social isolation this doesn’t mean we can’t stay in touch online and still ‘see’ those we care about regularly thanks to a plethora of technology. Organise virtual ‘get togethers’ using FaceTime or WhatsApp video. Catch up daily with photos, videos and calls. This will help to provide support in terms of positive mental health and well-being and will help to reduce feelings of isolation. Give back by giving blood Whilst we are all very much focused on self isolation to combat Covid-19, hospitals are still crying out for blood donations and so register and donate as soon as you are able. You can register to become a donor at www.blood.co.uk Donate Beauty Buys The ‘Beauty Banks’ charity supports people living in hygiene poverty in the UK by providing essential toiletries to people in poverty. On Sunday it launched an emergency virus appeal asking people to donate online to help support people in the UK who can’t afford essentials like hand wash, soap and hand sanitiser. So try and remember that even when we feel helpless we can always help someone else with a kind word, or a kind act. These simple steps can really make a difference for someone who is lonely, unwell or struggling with poor mental health, and community spirit will go a very long way in helping us all through the months ahead.

Adult Social Care Needs You!

COVID-19 is putting huge additional demands on our NHS, nursing homes and community support services as well as our fellow citizens. By returning to the care sector now, you will be able to make more of a difference than ever before, not just to residents, but to colleagues and the wider community. This isn’t only about clinically treating patients – there is also a need to provide a calm and stoic presence whose ripple effect is felt way beyond any health or social care setting. Many members of the general public are anxious and need reassurance. Your experience can help in so many ways. This call-out for help has recently been highlighted by the press, including the “Adult Social Care Needs You” campaign and the prime example of Nadia Whittome, the UK’s youngest MP, who recently returned to care work to help with the COVID19 outbreak. We massively appreciate the time and effort that you’ve already given to caring so we’ve put everything in place to ensure joining us is easy and safe for you. For that reason we’re offering: – A simple remote recruitment process – Online training to refresh your skills – Skills and knowledge discussions with our training team, who have a wealth of experience in the adult social care – Two clinical lead nurses to offer support every step of your journey back into adult social care – Practical inductions in the care services you’ll be working in to help refresh your skills – 24 hour on-call support from our team – Working hours to suit you – Ability to design your own rota Your past experience and skills have never been in such demand and are desperately needed by the nursing and residential homes in your community. So, if you’re able to help, we’re here to help you! If you’re interested in putting your incredible skills to vital use, then we’d love to speak to you. Please contact your nearest Local Care Force office using the below numbers. Leeds: 0113 2444 644 Sheffield: 0114 478 5888 Manchester: 0161 507 3777

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