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Why did you leave your job at Marstons Plc?

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  • Great place to work. Where I was there was very few bad days, weather that be due to other staff, the weather, etc. Unfortunately when job cuts started to happen due to the state of this year I was one of the unlucky ones to be cut along with my partner at the same time. Would love to go back to working where I was if I had the chance

  • Not a nice place to work if your not in the click,managers shaving hours of you to meet there wage budget,illegal hours but they say you waver that in your contract,manager dont comunicate with staff then tell them of for not doing it ????.managers that bost that there doing 80-90 hours a week when they do half that if best.managers that crying to area managers blaming the staff of there not doing there jobs but infact the managers aren't doing it themselves.area managers sum are arrogant,self important talk to staff like rubbish that not the word wanted to if its mot the area managers and managers.marstons it self where do i start..wages they mess them up all the time not paying you when you confront them they pass the book,as I seid before little communication to the staff leaving thing to the last minute,menu planning theres always issues with mis spelt of the menu dont make sence (proof reading plz).keep changing goal posts,adjusting there wording of documents to soot themselves.its all about the guests but the employees that serve these guests dont get much reward or job satisfaction.

  • People I had worked with for 2 years were turned down promotions for someone who had worked there for 2 months, all because the newest person wanted to leave. Managers don't sign off on your relevant training so you stay at minimum wage for as long as they can keep you until Head Office flags it on their system. Managers slag you off as soon as your back is turned and take no responsibility for failing inspections, blaming staff that haven't even worked in the building for more than 5 minutes. The staff turn over is shocking. You meet about 10 new people a month and then never see them again.

  • Because of poor management and even worse standards. Being threatened with disciplinary action for throwing away out of date stock. Being expected to deep clean the kitchen during busy service while working alone. Had no pride in the food I was expected to cook and serve. A massive step back in career development

  • The management test gang up and bully staff.
    They only hire 17 and 16 year olds so they don’t have to pay as much.

    You’re put on a zero hour contract and if you ask for any time off (you must give 8 week notice) they will cut all your shifts down until you leave. Also only 1 person allowed off at a time and you can’t take more than 14 days at one time.

    Zero training and are expected to know everything but the end of your trial shift.

    You don’t get ANYTHING for free!! Only water!

    You’re expected to bend over backwards for them but they will drop you in a heart beat. They send you home after 1 and 1/2 hour hours work because it’s quiet or make you take 2+ hour breaks.

    Honestly it isn’t worth it they make you feel so little about your self. No job is far better than working for marsdons

  • The managament is very rude and aggressive.
    They make fake promises during the interview stage; promise you training but you will be thrown into it and then be called stupid for not knowing.

    You are forced to work for absurd hours, and get punished if you did not want or could not do them.

  • Don’t go near this employer ,
    Bad management, favouritism is so rife

    Corruption is the norm throughout the Buisness

    I must warn you,

  • Manager was a complete idiot, all his staff feared for there jobs if they spoke out of turn, I was the lucky one I got out. So any one out there thinks Marston is the way to go RUN FOR THE HILLS

  • A manager was rude, aggressive and a bully. After knowing I wanted some time off he stripped my hours back. Goes through staff like no tomorrow. Got no respect for anyone regardless of how long you have been there. “Everyone is replaceable” I quote. Rubbish pay even though it was advertised to me as higher in my interview. Understaffed half the time, with rotas being done the day before the start of the week. Had to book every single day off a month in advance, even if it was for an emergency appointment. No way of organising your own life. The only reason he still has the job is because he makes enough money for the company regardless of who he bulldozes through in the process.

  • I had 2 weeks holiday and then they stopped giving me shifts after that

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Marstons Plc?