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What questions did they ask during your interview at McDonald's?

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  • If I was able to cope with a fast food production

  • Asked about how I’d get to work and availability and asked if I had eligibility to work documents.
    Then asked me 10 questions off a sheet.

    .what does respect mean to you?

    .how would you show respect in the workplace?

    .why choose McDonald’s?

    .how would you greet a customer?

    .what’s more important?fast/friendly service?

    .who inspires you?

    .how would your teachers describe you?

    What’s a difficult task you’ve been faced with and how did you overcome it?

    .is it important to be happy at work?

    .tell me about yourself.

    Lasted about 20 minutes and manager was really friendly. Got an email a few hours later telling me I’d got the job.

  • Why McDonald's?
    Tell me about yourself.

    What is respect in the workplace?

    What's more important, fast service or friendly service?

    Is personal appearance important?

    Tell me about a difficult situation you overcame.

    How would your last manager describe you?

    Is it important to be happy at work?

  • I was interviewed by lovely management at McDonald's and all staff were friendly. A lengthy interview (must of been me) but lovely overall.
    I find out in no more than a weeks time.

    All interviews are positive and each one you attend you get better at relaxing regardless of outcome.

  • My name followed up by when I can work.

  • What skills do you think you will need to provide in working here?
    what does respect mean to you?

    questions about length of time to arrive and how in terms of transport

    role model

    a woman arrives with a pram and lots of naughty children, how would you approach the situation?

    a situation involving helping out - or was it team work -- I dont know, its any of the two

  • If you’re worried about the interview/OJE - dont! it’s very chilled. i first went to the counter and said i was here for the interview and the crew member told me to take a seat and the manager came over; we were sat in the restaurant and it wasn’t too busy, so it was chill - im 16.

    he basically just asked about my availability, current situation (at school etc.), and why i’d like to work at mcdonalds.

    1. why do you want to work here? i just said i liked how they try to maintain a diverse workplace and i heard positive things from people who work here.

    2. just asked about availability. i said i was available the whole time they would allow me to work because i have nothing else better to do in my life. :)

    3. what do you want to do in sixth form?

    didn’t ask about experience since this is my first job.

    the OJE was chill. the manager beckoned me around the kitchen to show me how orders worked, he did all the gathering of the food, and just explained how some things worked. he made me go and serve the food though, it’s easy!

    i was hired right away.

    good luck!!

  • Went for my interview a few days ago and got the job straight away. Firstly, they sat me down and asked to see ID. I don't have an updated passport so I took my birth certificate and national insurance number and also my provisional driving license just in case. Then they just asked about my college, and what I was studying and what I plan on doing which I told them I plan to become a veterinary nurse but need the part time job to support my university course next year. Then they asked me what I would do in certain situations which were logical answers, just think before saying.

    Then they asked me questions off a sheet...

    1) what does respect mean to you?

    2) When have you been faced with a difficult task and how did you overcome it?

    3) If I was a brand, what would I be and why?

    4) Who's my role model and why?

    After the questions were asked and answered, they asked me to go around delivering food to tables, which I enjoyed very much. Just make sure when you do the OJE you smile and be as polite as you can but also have clear voice to customers.

    Hope this helps anyone with their interview and good luck!

  • For GDPR reasons you no longer need to bring a passport. It was the opening week for our store so was very busy. The manager asked me questions from a sheet and recorded my answers. The only weird question was "If you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be and why?". Then I had to serve drinks for 10-15 mins, which was great fun really :)

  • I thought id just help anyone who's nervous for their McDonald's interview, I had mine last week and I feel like it went pretty well!

    First we went into the back room and I had to show some sort of ID, I took my passport (remember to take this or else they cant interview you!)

    Then I was asked 'tell me a bit about yourself' - I just talked about what I was currently doing education wise and what I planned to do in the future, then I talked about why I'm looking for a part time job.

    Then she asked if I had any hobbies - I listed mine which were the gym, horse riding, babysitting and socialising with friends.

    Then we spoke about my availability- The more availability you say you have the better, lie if you need to! Reality is you aren't going to be made to work in every single hour your available!

    Then she asked me two questions from the booklet which were 'Who's your role model' and 'If you were a brand what would you be' - I wasn't prepared for this so make sure you have a answer planned, try and link it back to the role.

    Then after this I was put on the drive thru, giving people their orders. This sounds stressful but it wasn't too bad. Just make sure your polite to the customers: Greet them, thank them and end with 'have a nice day'. Also speak to the other workers.

    Then I was taken back with my interviewer, she took uniform sizes. Etc.

    After the Interview:

    She told me id find out if I had the job in 1-2 days. I still haven't had an answer so fingers crossed! If you do get the job your are invited to a welcome meet, which is basically a training session. Then your given your uniform and start immediately.

    It'll be fine as long as your acting relaxed, making eye contact, smiling and crack a few jokes now and then. Also if you do some research on your McDonalds specifically, this will leave a great impression. For example, I knew my McDonalds was the busiest one in Northern England and Scotland : I Brought this up in the interview.

    Good Luck!!

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