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If you were in charge, what would you do to make MITIE a better place to work?

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  • I would care more about the employees, not mess them around or lie to them like the manager above me at castle donnington. Furthermore, the use of phycological bullying in the workplace is unacceptable at any time & I would not consider carrying it on.

  • Care more about employees and don't punish them for being ill. Improve communication between line managers and employees as this is practically none existing

  • If I was in charge I would ensure that employees could report bad managers and have their concerns listened to and investigated. As it is when I made two complaints about a manager I received no reply at all. They were by email to my line manager so it could be that this was not the correct process but then why was I not informed of the correct process? Why was it that my complaints and i were ignored? It really is no surprise at all that Mitie is infested with teams that produce work that is worse than useless. Useless would be nothing done at all but with Mitie you get to see work that is masquerading as something useful but is actually harmful to Mitie. So to get things done correctly you have to unpick their offerings as well as do their work for them, as I said it is worse than useless. For an added insult the work is peppered with comments meant to imply blame for things not getting done on anyone or any team that the manager thinks may be plausible, no doubt the manager concerned thinks this is very clever of her. When I tried to call this out, I was mocked and then ignored and fobbed off. It came out towards the end of my time there that this manager's rationalisation for her decisions was that she decided I could do this cleaning up for her in my own time because I don't have any children and I can do it after work in my own time. I do not know how it is acceptable for a manager to decide that they can use a subordinate in this way rather than do their job and ensure that the team they manage can do the work that they are paid to do.

  • If I was in charge I would be for enhancing the refreshing attitude at Mitie that enables cutting through the rules to get things done! It is already pretty good in that respect, i have found my job much easier because I have not had to worry myself with pesky "red tape". I say if there is someone that can do something get them doing it! That's what I do and it's been great, All this fuss about "compliance" just gets in the way of me getting what I need done actually done. Luckily for me Mitie culture is with me on this but I think we need to make sure that doesn't change any time soon. It would be a nightmare for me if that happened, me a person who has been producing work that passes as work for a long time.

  • I would stop letting applicants mothers tell them what to answer .If your Mother wants a job she can apply and perhaps the failure to lanch workforce can be taught to dress them self and get to site on time even when mummy is away on holliday !!! .I would produce a booklet .Mommy isn't here to clean up your mess What;s expected of any human being in the work place .Introduce a manditory note book .The first task taking ownership of your own commitment .Did you get you self up for shift .make your own bed and prepair your uniform and food for your shift ? Can you tie those boot laces without requesting help from control (Yes trainning will be provided) By making a clear expectation of the minimum life skills needed to make a better place to work and reduce the burdon on the security nanny.

  • Well relationship between operations are important so operations manager to be seen at least once a month on sites' and go to them all build that relationship between employer and employee, find out what people want but most of all communicate.

  • You get what you pay for so therefore if you want to attract a decent qaulity of staff you must be prepared to pay a decent salary.
    Consequently if you pay minimal amounts you get minimal loyalty and the company is seen just as a go between just somethimg to fill a gap until something better comes along.

  • Fire all the top managers

  • Care about employees, engage more and value people and reward them accordingly

  • MITIE need to stop putting in writing Policy & Procedure until they actually mean what they write. If they did follow all the Policies & Procedures, honestly and above board investigated allegations it would be the perfect place to work. Unfortunately management fabricate, lie and bully and HR supports the management instead of being unbiased. Decisions are made regarding disciplinary prior to hearings based on the result the manager wants. It's a great shame!

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  1. If you were in charge, what would you do to make MITIE a better place to work?