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What is the organisational culture at MITIE?

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  • Horrifying culture of enabling the worst people to abuse the best people. By worst people I mean those with narcissistic traits that compel them to bully anyone they can. They have to bully someone to feel ok, Mitie is a perfect environment for them. Mitie will bend over backwards to accommodate these people even to the extent of letting them abuse their colleagues, indeed the managers get stuck in with the abuse too! It is all rather pathetic and gruesome how these people are allowed to infest the place for year after year doing nothing good and everything bad that they can but there it is. Mitie organisational culture is to sweep anything nasty under the rug and have everyone trip over it constantly.
    Then they cannot see that they are not perfect and that they do not know everything. This means that they refuse to learn how to do their work and will do what they are convinced is their job but in reality their output is worse than useless because they are only interested in deceiving everyone so what they have done has to be undone and then done correctly . Mitie is a perfect environment for this too, the managers will bully everyone else to sort out the mess if they even notice it in the first place, the last thing they will do is confront the person that is making the mess.

  • Bullying???

  • Bullying, fraud, lies!!!
    Don’t do it.

  • When standards are allowed to decline for a long time then you get people who see that and realise that they can get away with pretending to do their work, so they do that and chaos ensues. Nobody does anything about it for a long time and when it gets so bad that even Mitie can't ignore it any more then the response is to pretend to correct the damage by writing off the pesky money that has built up for so long.
    I saw that happen many times.

  • Well I find it very good, for example I approve payments and that is in some places a real hassle, insisting on separation of duties and reconciliations etc. But Mite is very relaxed with corporate governance and compliance and all of the rest of that. Compliance is important obviously, I find it very useful when i need to get the person I want to do something to do it.

  • Managers that are only there to collect a salary are allowed to thrive while they do no more than pretend to do their tasks. This is because they are highly confident their failures will either be corrected by any poor sap they target to abuse. Failing that they can always resort to blaming any other team and likely get away with it. Bad people get paid to be worse than useless and Mitie culture enables them. No wonder these awful people apply to work there and once in settle down for an easy pay cheque while they wreak havoc.

  • Like a medicaly induced coma ,it's all there but not realy engaged

  • Blame someone else

  • Never able to reach managers properly and organisation well lets not go there.

  • Savings the planets interests
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