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  • Horrifying culture of enabling the worst people to abuse the best people. By worst people I mean those with narcissistic traits that compel them to bully anyone they can. They have to bully someone to feel ok, Mitie is a perfect environment for them. Mitie will bend over backwards to accommodate these people even to the extent of letting them abuse their colleagues, indeed the managers get stuck in with the abuse too! It is all rather pathetic and gruesome how these people are allowed to infest the place for year after year doing nothing good and everything bad that they can but there it is. Mitie organisational culture is to sweep anything nasty under the rug and have everyone trip over it constantly. Then they cannot see that they are not perfect and that they do not know everything. This means that they refuse to learn how to do their work and will do what they are convinced is their job but in reality their output is worse than useless because they are only interested in deceiving everyone so what they have done has to be undone and then done correctly . Mitie is a perfect environment for this too, the managers will bully everyone else to sort out the mess if they even notice it in the first place, the last thing they will do is confront the person that is making the mess.

    Answered 11 October 2020
  • If you are not careful you can end up having to do work at home but if like me you are strategic then that can be avoided. The culture at Mitie enables me to delegate a lot which is great, even to people that in other places I could not consider using because of rules about corporate governance etc. But Mitie enables me in so many ways, it really is refreshing! In other places being enabled to get what I need in others, including my need to keep myself feeling ok and keeping anyone that threatens that down.

    Answered 25 July 2020
  • Management and their blame culture. Seems this is a common theme across contracts and sites. Some people get away with fraud, Incompetence, bullying etc. Yet others can’t breathe in the wrong direction.

    Answered 13 September 2020
  • It can be stressful to be challenged by colleagues that say you do not understand your own job and cannot do it and I am worse than useless. It made me very angry when I have all by myself come up with a system which is very efficient in reconciling things, it is a much better system that the one that I was taught when I started. If I have a credit that I cannot match off then that is an "excess payroll deduction" and needs to be written off ASAP. If there is debit then that is an "excess bank payment" and that needs to be written off ASAP. This colleague kept saying that these thinngs should not be written off but investigated by me and my team but that is not the procedure anymore and has not been for a long time!Thankfully I have a manager that can see my worth, I am the most capable one in the team by far because I can make problems disappear or point out another team to blame, I have a natural talent for these things.So there can be problematic colleagues that try to tell you that you are worse than useless. But eventually they leave and I have stayed.

    Answered 11 October 2020
  • Chaos, absolutely no organisation and a lot of mistakes on daily bases. Constantly repeat the same mistakes even when they see something is not working and create problems. The answer is always the same "We are Mitie and we know better"

    Answered 22 March 2021
  • I tell people I loved it until little by little it changed to a Company I didn't recognise.

    Answered 5 October 2018
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