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About Newsteam Group Ltd

News Team Group delivers newspapers and magazines to homes and businesses across the UK. We are a rapidly expanding enterprise, currently providing a dedicated service to over 55,000 customers. We use self employed contract drivers to carry out our deliveries. This is on a contract for services basis. This gives our deliverers the freedom to – 

Earn extra money in the early mornings

Most of our contract drivers have other jobs or businesses and do their round as extra income or as their own business. Because our deliveries are carried out early in the morning our contract drivers can use this as supplemental income.

Local routes: Good for our customers and good for our drivers

Because of how our business works we only recruit from areas local to our delivery routes. This keeps the mileage costs and time to complete rounds down to an absolute minimum and means more profit for our contract drivers and a better, earlier service for our customers.

Progression either within NewsTeam, to build your own company or just take on extra deliveries and earn more.

Our ongoing expansion into new areas means there are often opportunities at supervisory and management levels within NewsTeam Group for those that show promise. Or if you prefer and provided you can still deliver to our service levels we will provide you with more deliveries and rounds to sub contract to your own network, increasing your income.

Easy to use delivery app

All of our deliveries are issued to our drivers through an app on their smart phone (iphone or android only). The app has a built in sat nav that takes you to each delivery point which makes it very easy to complete rounds quickly.