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If you were to leave Primark, what would be the reason?

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  • Majority of the Managers are so rude, they treat the people below them like dirt and have no respect, please and thank yous do not exist in their vocabulary and have a power trip when giving tasks out, if you value your mental health do not work here , its like a mafia

  • The management and high school mentality from the staff - very uncomfortable environment

  • The answer is simple; bad management. Favourtisim is a serious problem here; chatty, ‘charming’ but lazy ones are loved the most. Not being appreciated can make you feel unworthy especially if you have to work with managers who are unfriendly, egoistic can make you miserable most the time.

  • Management
    Unfair system with days off

    Bad with communication during situations or the pandemic


  • The problem starts with the store manager. They haven’t done a hard days graft ever. They’ve lied, cheated, stabbed everyone in the back or Whatever they need to do to get to the top. They can’t handle the pressure of job because they can’t do the job which dramatically filters though the management structure to even the 4hr contract staff. your given a section to “run/ look after” and it all down to you. Your on day off no body does your section, take holiday when your back you’ve gotta catch up on what ever time you was entitled to have off. Management is constantly stressed due to store manager or assistant manager! Your constantly chasing your own tail and staff budgets are run on a shoe string even the stores will take more money per day/week,month & year then most other retailer! It’s all about the store manager & Assistant manager getting there bonuses at the cost of their own management team and staff. Over time comes about when area, regional & directors are due to do store visits and the stores are bodged with extra staff & stock to look like the store is immaculate everyday of the week which there not , management constantly order far far to much stock creating endless amounts of paper work which adds more pressure to staff & supervisor daily stresses & strains!

  • Customer's in central london anyway are very obnoxious,argumentative,rude.Absolutely no respect,chuck anything and everything in the floor.
    Defecate in the fitting room's and the list goes on.

    Without a doubt the customers are the worst part

  • Management ridiculing you, treating you with no respect. Asking you to do extra jobs that they could easily do themselves in a couple of seconds, but they do it to add to your load and so they have something to pick on with you. Management literally doing little to no work but piling it on their employees which ultimately creates the hectic environment they apparently do not want.

  • Management is awful, they do nothing to help out when the store is heavily trashed and they expect you to tidy up within their unrealistic time limits. They also hate it when they see you having a chat with your colleagues (even though you are working simultaneously!) Hypocritical managers stand in the middle of the shop floor having a laugh and a joke while you struggle.
    There is a clear hierarchy in the company and anyone with a title makes it known that they are 'above you'. You are not allowed your phone in your pocket, however management are constantly hiding behind mannequins on their phones and texting in the back of the fitting rooms.

  • Sometimes the work isn't challenging and you are stuck doing the same thing in the same department everyday. You can be an expert in one or two departments but have no clue in other departments and customers get funny about this. So it can be hard to help customers in a department you don't know as well.

  • Low income

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